Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Secularization Of America

(I am not there yet but....) I am starting to see that there is no "Right and Left".

A better model is that there is a "Prevailing Power" that controls -
  1. Economics
  2. Cultural and Social Norms
  3. Academic and Intellectual Narratives
Then there is the opposition force that seeks to change the prevailing order.

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The point that this understanding provides is that neither side should be seen as intrinsically oppressive or charitable.  When either grabs power they exhibit the same desire to enforce and retain their controls.  Oppression of dissent is appears to be a common attribute of either.

One must appraise the ultimate value of the respective positions based on their attributes and their respective priorities.
  • Does it produce the desired outcomes for society - Prosperity and Freedom
  • Can it endure as a body of thought?
  • Is it comprehensive enough to scale across the masses of people?
Those who point to their "base hits" as evidence of their advancement and superiority of their position are often mistaking these incremental movements as they are still under the tutelage of the system that they stand against as proof of their ability to govern a society once the balance is tipped.

The Use Of Societal Inducement

John McWhorter: Decades From Now Opposition To Gay Marriage Will Seem Bigoted

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The notion of deducing "correctness" of a principle based on the popular sentiment around it is flawed. As the video shows the intent is for the force of challenge to take control over the societal vernacular on the subject and shame those who do not follow. Mr McWhorter never bothers to establish the baseline of "functionality" of such a change. Too often the notion of RIGHTS are used as the justification. Those who don't know the proper dimensions of our society and the collective goals that the society desires to meet and them draw out the steps by which this attainment is "operationalized" will find themselves being lulled into the "right-ification" of things that our society would have never though of accepting in the past. Now they accept it under the meme of "progressivism".

It is as true to say: "60 years ago a young girl having a child out of wedlock was frowed upon by the society.  In Black and White communities alike she would 'go away' to an auntie's house, have the child and then return as the extended family looked after the child.  TODAY unwed pregnancy is not "frowned upon".   Pointing out CHANGES in acceptance without connecting it to some broader societial goal and then proving that our condition has improved because of it ushers in the notion of 'Progressivism for Progressive sake".   As such once you render an argument into "civil rights" - those who stand opposed are seen as bigots.
There is a massive amount of DISCONNECT in our present society.  Those who proclaim themselves to be "Intellectuals" know how to use their intellectual gifts to slice and dice any TRANSACTIONAL situation, putting enough pressure on their special interest to allow any particular point of discrimination to buckle.   These same people are also among the worst violators of the grand social order that is necessary for them to achieve the vaulted "social justice" that they aspire for.

The pre- and post-Father's Day talk shows that I listened to on the local Black talk radio shows took the cover off of the great amount of pain that exists between the father and every other element of his (would be) family.   The main weakness of those who seek base hits in the name of "Progressivism" is that their tool is incompetent in its ability to address the large gaping wound through which so much of our community's sting and "blood loss" is attributed to.

I do not argue that certain societal choices in and of themselves are going to cause this society to "blow up" as 'God' shoots fire from the sky.   I do believe that society will be forced to rebalance itself once those forces that had been thought of as oppressive are now needed to restore the net forward motion that has been lost due to the lateral friction of those who now promote hedonism.

For so long they have "struggled" AGAINST the system of power that they have failed to prepare themselves to be "the power" when the balance tips and what was once radical is now the reference standard.

One should be on the lookout for those who base their arguments not on the functional benefit and evidence of precedence but instead on catch all phrases such as "individual RIGHTS" and/or "Social Justice".   Ironically their forward motion is an assault upon the very ORDER that insures one's individual rights and the agreement that allows someone acting with interests beyond his own to "share" with others.

What we see is a perceived increase in "individual rights" while a strengthening of GOVERNMENT power to provide the protections that the previous loosening of cultural confinements had exposed the individual to.  As the first video shows - we merely have a situation where the state is now the 'relgious order'.  As the investment in the individual is threatened (ie: higher health care costs due to reckless behavior then it is the state, having subsumed the role of religion that bans this behavior - thus saving itself money).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Thefts Of HVAC Units From Black Churches. A Sign From God To The Black Community To Exit From The Air Conditioning And Manage The Community

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The statement that "the people who actually need to be inside of the church or at the 'Megafest Convention' are not present" is an oft heard saying within the Black community. I have stated metaphorically that "the churches air conditioning does not blow cold enough through the community, never leaving the insulation that the churches have installed for energy efficiency.

With the rash of HVAC unit thefts for the 3 year running in Metro Atlanta I would like to submit a big picture linkage for all to consider.

The frequent reporting of the theft of large, industrial-class HVAC units which cost $10,000 to $50,000 each by Street Pirates who are seeking to raid the units for a few hundred dollars of copper for resale is a sign of the benign neglect that is taking place within the Black community. The young people who should have been honed into becoming "pillars of the community" have instead been culturally and consciously neglected by the "Human Resource Managers" who involved themselves in the ways of the Pharisees.

As they conduct themselves in the process of Politics, Religiosity and Community Activism - it is clear that they have forgotten how to manage the people who they purport to be working on behalf of.

With the air conditioning units immobilized, the once comfortable church which hovered at a cool 72 degrees, allowing all of its patrons to retire their hand fans with funeral parlor advertising to go by the wayside. Each of these funeral parlors now have a web site and are on FaceBook and MySpace, having adapted their marketing in response to to the cool temperatures in the house of "Jesus" is now blessed to have.

I predict that the assault on the church property by these Street Pirates and the resulting discomfort felt by the old ladies with wisdom in the church will have a similar effect that my wife had on me about a month ago as our residential HVAC unit ran out of Freon. I suspect that these ladies who are the backbone of these churches that are under assault will make it clear to all of the church leaders - regardless of their gender - that the conditions within the church building are intolerable and that 'SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TO CORRECT IT!!! NOW!!!'.

The church shown in the video above was hit three times by thieves that bypassed their security systems and made away with the valuable commodity. That metal which serves a PURPOSE inside of the HVAC system has been expertly engineered into a certain form. As the Freon is pumped into the church's internal air compressor where the hot air from the church is instantly cooled by the cold Freon - it sucking the heat out of the air and letting out a quenching blast of cold air to the people's delight. The Freon that has now expanded due to the heat that it now carries is pumped outside to these external heat exchangers that are so attractive to the copper thieves.

The metallurgic properties of the copper and aluminum inside of the external HVAC unit makes it the choice material to allow the heat from the Freon to transfer through the metal tubing and outward into the atmosphere as the compressor squeezes it, radiating its heat and making it cold once again for the round trip to be executed again.

To the Street Pirate - he DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about the expert engineering of the HVAC system or the properties of the metal that was used. He knows the price that copper and aluminum fetches at the local scrap yard and he understands how many HVAC units he has to destroy in order to make his monetary quota.

The community has failed to sculpt the knowledge of those who matriculated through the institutions and governance system which it had erected. Despite the Black Church having been used as the centerpiece of our "Civil Rights" and "Social Justice" Struggle in America - it has not adapted to the new reality that we face around us today.

The truth is that the THREAT of the internal human resource who has had his consciousness formed inside of the void that is abundant within large portions of our community are a bigger threat than the POPULARLY noted threats. This for no other reason than these external threats are CHECKED AND COUNTERED by the watchful eyes of those who tell us that they "know how the enemy thinks" per their past struggles with him.

In their blindness and commitment to rituals they fail to see that the enemy of Black people HAS NO PHYSICAL FORM and thus on skin color or political party affiliation to give himself away to those who are on the look out.

The enemy of Black people IS and has ALWAYS BEEN:

  • The Spirit Of Hatred
  • The Spirit Of Ignorance
  • And All Who Stood In Complicit Silence As "Hatred And Ignorance" Executed Their Attacks Upon Innocent People
The Spirits of Hatred and Ignorance is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY DEMON. They care not which physical form they possess. Their goal is to destroy men.

Both of these spirits realize that they will always have a large portion of the community who function as their enablers. Too interested in retaining the tenuous gains that they have in their position that they don't dare risk speaking out and thus risk being struck in the mouth by the backhand from "hatred" and he closed fist of ignorance".

The Black Churches Under Attack Have Been Given Their Mission - The Only Question Is "Will Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Elohim, and the Holy Spirit Help Their Disciples To See It

As far as I am concerned, the greatest unsung hero in the defense of the interests of the Black Community - was the great AME Bishop Henry McNeal Turner.

When the Black Community was under the assault of "Hatred, Ignorance" and the complicity that enabled them, Bishop Turner saw that God did not intend for the Black community to cower in their homes and churches as their attackers came in the middle of the night to have their way with their people and property.

He turned to the equal strength that God had given the Black man - and organized the community to FIGHT for their community by erecting the necessary defenses.

In his clarity in leadership - he continued to profess the biblical scripture "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thine Neighbor's Property". Instead he chose to READ THESE WORDS ALOUD TO THE "MARAUDERS WHO WERE CHRISTIANS", that were cloaked in their "Night Rider Uniforms" - with the hopes that they would hear THEIR GOD speaking to them in the initial warnings that Bishop Turner had vocalized to them.

Bishop Turner did not wait for God to tender protection upon the Black community - exorcising the demons out of those who claimed to be Christian men. Instead he chose to advise all of the homes in his community to take up arms and defend themselves as the primary deterrent to those who also "Didn't Give A Damn" in their day.

Today's Challenge For The Black Community Is Different But Fundamentally The Same
As agents from within the Black community feign offense over the words said by a right wing radio host who suggested that his listeners take up arms to defend their life and property against assailants - we see continued attacks upon Black people as well and the 'Black woman crying on the television news' in response tot he attack that she or a loved one has suffered.

While I am a supporter of fire arms as a means of protection - the INTRAracial dynamic of the situation and the evolved state of our nation's institutions calls for a more comprehensive response to this present crisis.

The "Church Doctrine" That Got Our Community Though The Civil Rights Movement, Which The Civil Rights Pharisees Still Follow Today As They Claim To See Vivid Images Of The Past In Their Present Political And Ideological Enemies Is Due For A Re-Write. This Being In Line With The PROGRESSIVE Assumption That All Documents Of Law And Order Are "LIVING DOCUMENTS", Subject For Update

Fathers Day Is Everyday For A Resident Father

The best thing I can think to do on Father's Day is to understand my role in the lives of my children and their mother - my wife.

The job of their mother and me is to do our best to keep them directed on a productive path which supports their development:
  • spiritually
  • academically
  • socially
  • financially
  • athletically
 The time spent by me around my children can bring me joy and pride but also can work my nerves.   When they bring home report cards that show their mastery of the subject (My daughter gets straight A's, my son requires someone to make him sit down and do his homework).  When they work their way through the various belts in Tae Kwon Do these events draw the family in to their "rites of passage".

When they are asked to clean up their room but are seen watching television instead of doing what they were told  - I find myself issuing the same verbal threats that I used to hear from my mother and father.  I now see how frustrating it is to see cups or popsicle sticks around the house where they don't belong.  Instead of yelling I set limits on their behavior.   It is best to tie their good behavior to something that they would like to do over the weekend if they had a good week.

There is no doubt that the academic attainment of their mother and me flows into the academic development of our children.

Yesterday as my son came from his music lesson and his sister went in he asked to use my computer in the car - as I was reading various newspapers and magazines.  Instead of allowing him to play is "Spiderman" or "Hot Wheels game" I thought about the situation that I reported on from a few years ago as I visited South Atlanta High School.   In an 11th grade computer class I was impressed that three males where expert in researching any sports statistic that I could throw up to them.  When I asked them "Tell me what Kobe Bryant's field goal percentage was for the prior year" - one quickly found it and then the other chimed in a few seconds later after his Internet search.

When I pointed to the Cisco Ethernet switch on the desk and asked them to do research to determine what it does - they had a bit more difficulty.  
The first one went to the Cisco home page and figured that this satisfied my request.  I pointed to the model number and asked him to search on that.  He pulled up the product page and figured that he had answered my question.  I said "No.  I asked you to tell me what it does.".   Then I assisted both of them in going to the proper page where the information was contained.   Then we went to a another site that talked about the function of an 'Ethernet switch'.

The point was that they should learn about the process of research and the tools that they have available to them.   If they have this skill then it matters not that the subject has change from sports to computer technology.   The process for research remains the same.

I decided to put my 9 year old son to the test instead of handing him over the computer.

"What do deer eat?", I asked.

"I don't know." He said.
"I want you to look it up on the computer and tell me".
He pulled up the deer page on Wikipedia and figured that he was done.  He told me he did not know where to look.
Then I thought to add more questions because he wanted to quickly get past the exercise and move on to his games.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Need For Organic Competency Development - A Case Study

From the article: "Improving Care For Detroit's Poor" - Kaiser Health News Service 

James McCune Smith - America's First Black Doctor. Racism Did Not Stop Him From This Goal

Video: Dr Yvonne Thornton - With The Indoctrination of Her Father That Her Only Option Was To Become A Physician She Did What Was Expected Of Her

Supposition:  In the debate over nationalized health care I saw several news organization that went around the world to index how other nations are handling the issue.   Several reported favorably on the nation of Chile.
They noted that Chile which has limited resources chose to invest in training up people to become physicians instead of investing in "high tech medicine" and the pills, advanced procedures and health care technology that comes along with it.

With this as the case I submit that it is fair to assess the strategy taken by the Black Community in pursuit of health care using this same construct.

Whereas most people who disagree with my analysis will rebut my statement as they note "America is the wealthiest nation in the world, why should we use Chile as the reference?" - I will push back upon them and ask:

  • Was your STRUGGLE to gain more power over the institutions of your community merely for political purposes or did you expect to utilize them in the process of developing our people into the "Professional Service Agents" that our community needs to life up to the desired high standard of living?

Lowering Health Care Costs By Having More General Practitioner Physicians Available In The Community
The report above from Kaiser Health notes that the mass exodus of physicians from Detroit triggered an increase in the costs for providing health care.   One can imagine that longer lines at fewer facilities, the transportation costs borne by patients and facilities.  The stress placed upon facilities that were not designed to treat so many patients.   All of these facts likely lead into the reasons for the increases in cost.

As we look at how a young person matriculates through to become a practicing physician in the community which is in need of such services - there are many resources and trusted advisers needed to bring them to their desired goal.

  1. A family environment that is conducive toward academic success and connectivity with the community
  2. A school environment that has a sufficient amount of discipline and academic rigor to sculpt the young minds that pass through its front doors into "pillars of the community"
  3. A collection of adults in the community who are watching out over both the households in their community and the key "human resource development" institutions -ensuring that both are doing what is needed to achieve a "functional community" and aggressively addressing the exceptions so they do not become the norm due to "benign neglect"
  4. A collaboration of community supporters that see the need for certain "professional service agents" who will provide needed services for the community.  Providing the funding and the guidance therein
    1. When there is a need for "10" of these agents - they will invest in 30 candidates as they factor for those who:
      1. Fall by the wayside
      2. Choose not to practice in the community as promised
      3. On their way to uncovering the "diamond in the rough" through all of the materials discarded in the refining process
  5. Provide continuing support for these candidates during their studies.
    1. Develop an internship in which they spend their summers working along side existing "professional service agents within the community"
    2. Upon graduation they will merely be certified to do independently what they were already inculcated into doing
      1. The patients that they assisted along the way being their biggest cheerleaders of their success
      2. As they pass the medical boards, the bar, the CPA exam - they can think about all of the people who are both counting on them and cheering them on

I am not opposed to "government help" in setting up the basic framework of this program.
The problem has traditionally been that what is clearly a "grassroots", community based thrust to lift our people up to our desired standard of living has too often turned into an indictment against the government and the wealthy in society who have not provided us with the sufficient resources to build up such a problem.  Due to visionless leadership and those who have ulterior motives - the "struggle motion" that has been installed was about seeking the RESPECT of these adversaries - putting forth the notion that they show their "equal regard" for the Black community by treating us like they would treat their own - with money.

I maintain that the far superior notion is that the Black community needs to show that we are indeed of "equal worth" by fielding a SYSTEM by which our "equal human resources" can be sculpted into the "professional service agents" that we need to service our community.   Once such a system is developed in America - it can be replicated in other areas within the diaspora that do not have the fortune of a wealthy government upon which INDICTMENTS can be cast, demanding that they fund the program in the name of "Social Justice".

There is no "social justice system" in Haiti and South Sudan.  It must be built up organically.

(To be continued)
The Community Need
The Precipitating
The Proposed Solution
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Table Cell
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Table Cell

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Black People Are Being Conditioned Into Inferiority By Television" - What Your Ideological Friends, Enemies and YOU Are Doing To Shape The Media Future

On the Warren Ballentine Show this morning the show host and Dr Francis Cress Welsing noted that Black people are watching television where the images shown on the screen are indoctrinating them to believe that "brown skin" is inferior to white skin.  It is part of a systematic effort to up-end the interests of Black people by having us believe that we are inferior.

Once this seed is planted - they don't have any worries about having to compete with us.  We'll go right to the back of the bus on our own.

Upon hearing this I was motivated to wonder - "IF there is a known agent of conscious destruction for our people - would Black people who are aware of what is going on willing to tell Black people to "Sell Their Television" and seek out alternative means of education for our children?

What Your Ideologically Progressive Friends Are Doing What Your Ideological Enemy Republicans Are Doing What Are YOU Doing?
Keith Olberman
Glenn Beck
What Are They Doing? Al Gores "Current TV" signs former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann to a $50 Million, 5 year deal.

Glenn Beck TV Launches
Pay Per View for $50 Per Year
The Importance Of This New Channel After parting ways with MSNBC (The Black Progressive Agenda Network) because their new ownership, Comcast, had a shorter leash than did General Electric - Mr Olbermann chose to take a short retirement from spewing hard-left acerbic news.  With this new platform he is freed from "corporate tentacles" and is able to make his leftist attacks without worries about institutional limits With the firestorm around this Fox News right-wing host - Glenn Beck has decided to take his show to the non-traditional Internet based media distribution channels.

Those who chose to go after Fox News advertisers in order to silence Beck will now have to deal with the fact that those who watch Beck have paid for the experience. 
It appearsthat,despite the claims that television is implanting destructive messages into the Black community - the medium of choice for Black people remains as this source that is claimed to be "hurting us"

My solution - A Roku Box

 Create your own IPTV channels to broadcast any content you choose to anyone around the world with access to the Internet.

Roku Channel Software Development Kit.

The choice is to either:
  1. Keep doing what you are doing and have your people indoctrinated with negative images - PASSIVE
  2. Have people to turn off the television and find alternative means to inculcate them - ACTIVE But Does Not Scale
  3. Make use of the increasing number of mass market video and audio streaming devices to provide enriching content while bypassing the network and cable system gatekeepers - Perfect Balance Of ACTIVE and WIDE SCALE

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will Black Comedians & Rappers Be Compelled To Do A Mea Culpa Tour To Apologize To Black America For Their Anti-Black Comments?

The Grio: Comedian Tracy Morgan On A Mea Culpa Tour For Anti-Gay Comedy

I have little doubt that arch-villain Dr Laura Schlessinger is watching what has recently transpired with Black comedian and television star Tracy Morgan and making notes about the RULES of the game.

  • You can't say certain things about "Protected Classes" of people
  • Only people within those classes are allowed to say bigoted things or hateful slang about their own kind.

This Post Ain't About Tracy Morgan Or Dr Laura Schlessinger 

It is clear that no one can force an interest group (a people) to expand the regulation of public images and stereotypes about them INWARD to their own people who are the initiation source into the public domain.

Overtime the hypocrisy, double standards and selectiveness of their indictments will prove to the rest of the world how arbitrary their outrage is.

The word "Nigger"  (The N-word) is said to be "the most offensive word in the English language".  Despite this claim we see:

  • Popular Black entertainers and rappers making prevalent use of this word with impunity
  • Popular or Faceless Ideological and Political Adversaries of the prevailing position Black Americans making even the slighting "RACIST" reference, some requiring a vivid imagination to see it - and yet this is cause for mass indictment
The truth of the matter is that such reactions are often amplified when there is an ulterior motive that accompanies both the "insult" and the "feigned response".  In this perpetual shooting war the main victim is the void that is left inside of the institutions of the Black community which see the strategic advantage of regulating the words and actions of favorable people as a necessary condition of demanding that others RESPECT the hurtfulness of certain words.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

300,000 Displaced People After Ivory Coast Conflict

300,000 still displaced in Ivory Coast

The Civic Responsibility Movement - Beyond "Intentions" And Toward "Actual Delivery Quality Results"

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The term "Quality Education" has been the stated goal of many in the "Civil Rights Movement".
To acquire this end they have:

  • Picketed for Access to Institutions 
  • Filed for Lawsuits for changes in Funding and Policies
  • Leveraged the power of the Expose' in the News Media to blow the cover off of the conditions in schools of Black and other 'Least Of These' Americans
  • Relied on partnerships with Educational Activists who write books from the inside (Jonathan Kozol, etc) 

As I read the views of Young Philly Politics blog I could not help but note that their frustrations with the School District Of Philadelphia today echo the frustrations of those heard from educational activists some 25 years ago when I was a student there.  The point that these young bloggers today fail to realize is that TODAY'S state of affairs in the schools are the "Mission Accomplished" state from this past struggle.

In the context of one's existence and exposure to awareness of the world we often key upon how the world is as we have received it without knowledge of the cycles of development (or erosion) that has transpired in the immediate past.

The truth is that the condition of the schools in Philadelphia and most other problem plagued districts is the result of those who had the "best interests of the children in mind" - prior to assuming the controls of power - only to find out that the task of compelling otherwise independent students and parents to work toward the same accord was far more difficult than it looked from the outside, holding a protest sign and a court order.

The qualifier "quality" - as in "Quality Education" is not something that the government can bring into fruition.  This is the fundamental flaw of understanding by activists and policy makers.   "Quality Education" is the evidence of a properly functioning school ecosystem where all of the human beings involved in the process interact in a manner that is synergistic.

  • The Student who are disciplined and have a mindset that is accommodative toward learning
  • The Parents who are the managers of their children's education
  • The Teacher who is prepared both technically and sociologically at human resource development
  • The Administration who's primary goal is to maximize the use of limited resources for the best academic outcomes
  • The Politicians who must see education as a critical element in their attempts to retain the strategic advantage of the zone that they are charged with managing
  • The Adults In The Community - who must do their part to retain the immediate institutions which allows the community to enrich all of the young people and identify the exceptions before they fall through the cracks
The Civic Responsibility Movement Is The Only Gateway To Quality Education

Since "Quality Education" is not a right but a "directed outcome" it is also rationale to look at the actions and assumptions that exist as executed by those who desire to achieve this end.  

The primary attribute that should be looked for is the level of involvement that the PARENT has in the management of their child's education.   The parent provides an invaluable measure of support and direction in channeling the human resource know as their child though the educational process.   On the front end they prepare the child's consciousness and emotional bearings.  Through the process they read the feedback from the teacher, make note of exceptions and respond accordingly.  Exceptionally good effort is rewarded.  Exceptions in academics and behavior that are below the standard require further parental engagement.

In the famous battles over education MONEY and LABOR POLICY often are put forth as the primary issues of debate.  The issues involving the adults in the educational system often are allowed to over-shadow the interests of the children.   Some seek to protect the present standing of the SYSTEM even if this same entity has proved a failure to the interests of the children.   In their rebuttal - they point to a denial of adequate financial resources to enable them to produce better results.  

Unfortunately such a battle creates a perverted struggle.  A functional "money chase" ensues where those on the hook for performance will make the case that their monetary requirements have not been met.  They opt to elect more favorable people into power who will accommodate their point of view.  Those seeking to drive accountability stand opposed - claiming that labor's interest in power overshadows their interests in educating children.

All the while the adults in the community are overlooked for their failure to do their part in academic management and support outside of the school house.

The aggregate lack of focus and promotion of provincial interests are the key ingredients in the failed outcomes that we presently see.  

Simply put - no "social justice" mandate from the government and educational activists can EVER produce the "Quality Outcomes" - absent the buy in of the individuals that are most proximate to the situation in the school house.

RESPONSIBILITY is the "Dark Matter" that accompanies all of our RIGHTS.  It defines what we as "equal human beings" are charged with performing so that our goal of a high standard of living can be achieved.

Conversely - failing to do these necessary tasks, or even worse - not being conscious that these tasks need to be performed as a necessary condition of high order living - ensures that the grievances that prompt the advocates will remain to be aggrieved about.

In Christianity one can only be "saved" by his own transformation.  It takes a change in thought known as faith.  The successful change on the inside will be shown by a new set of expressions to others on the outside world.   

In the case of the evidence that a community intents to achieve "Quality Education" there too must be evidence that they see this as a critical step in developing the "human resource support system" necessary to allow their own people to be the "professional service agents" that deliver the professional services that bear witness to a society with a "High Standard Of Living".

The challenge of their thought leaders is to reverse engineer the requirements of this end state.   Develop the human resource requirements.  Make note that the schools are the centerpiece in their resources being honed into what they need to be for the benefit of the community and its high order living.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nigerian Woman Convicted Of Modern Day Slavery In The USA

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The real crime here is a grave indifference to humanity and the inability to connect with another person who lives under one's roof absent the hand of violence to keep them in check.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Homosexual Politics And Political Discourse In Huffington Post

When the Centers For Disease Control released the report which noted that "gay kids" are more prone to smoke, take drugs and perform other "risky behavior" The Huffington Post, seeing this as a threat to its agenda at "normalizing" homosexual behavior was intent on shifting the reports of this behavior over to an indictment of society.  It seems that these risky behaviors are a defensive response to the societal pressures that "homophobes" place upon gay people - according to Huffington Post.

The agenda of HuffPo is to argue that the present "conservative" stance by the American society against homosexual behavior and acceptance of such relationships causes stress upon those who "were born this way".   In short - "there is blood on the hands of the homophobes".  If society expressed love and acceptance they would surely alter their destructive behavior.

From the article
But gay, lesbian and bisexual students deal with stigma, disapproval and social rejection. "Many risk behaviors are related to how people feel about themselves and the environment they're in," noted the study's lead author, Laura Kann of the CDC's division of adolescent and school health.

The surveys are from 2001 through 2009. Some results, which vary by survey site:

_About 8 percent to 19 percent of heterosexual students said they currently smoke cigarettes; 20 percent to 48 percent of gay and lesbian students smoked.

_About 4 to 10 percent of heterosexual students said they attempted suicide in the previous year. For gay and lesbian students: 15 percent to 34 percent. For bisexual students: 21 percent to 32 percent.

_About 3 percent to 6 percent of heterosexual students said they threw up or used laxatives to lose weight or stay thin. For gay and lesbian students: 13 percent to 20 percent. For bisexual students: 12 percent to 17.5 percent.

The Huffington Post follows with an article proclaiming that "Marriage Equality" - the ability of same sex couples to have their relationships "respected" in the same way that heterosexuals are able to do so is the key to the "Restoration Of The Black Family".

My position remains - The very same people who attempt to propagandize the benefits of marriage for society and thus argue that the denial of homosexuals of this same 'benefit' is a violation of social justice are also the same people who can't seem to field a cultural construct which has the far, far, far larger number of Black heterosexual couples who perform actions like those of a married couple but never commit to marriage to do so and thus eat the fruitful benefits as such.

Hufftington Post, in their bit of advocacy is guilty of obfuscation by violating the "Proportionality Filter".   The best way to "Restore The Black Family" is by socially regulating the larger and popular methodology by which Black Families are constructed and human beings are born.   Ironically Huffington Post and other secular progressive oracles would see any reformation movement that cleaves to the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman committing to raising a family with society norms providing the necessary social pressure to compel them to stick together) as a retrogressive movement back to the Dark Ages.

My position has been forged out of the careful observation of what has worked best for our people over the long run and my knowledge of the clandestine agenda used by those who are expert at "expanding liberties" to those who seek freedom but are failures at  compelling those who need to follow a prescriptive path so that more optimal societal results can be had -  are ultimately seeking to reengineer the society per their preferences without accountability for the unintended consequences.

To here them market the benefits of the "Restored Black Family" through gay marriage (using the guise of "equality") while failing to define the proportionality of the two domains:

Taken together, these discussions threaten to reignite the damaging dialogue that the needs of the black community and the needs of the LGBT community are inherently at odds. A narrative that tells us that working to advance marriage equality automatically undermines the strength and security of the black family.
Not only is it a damaging narrative, but, as it turns out, it is also completely untrue. In fact, the fight for marriage equality works in tandem with the movement to strengthen the black family. Achieving marriage equality will actually help save the black family.

"Marriage Equality" is another one of those "hide your wallet" terms such as:

  • Social Justice
  • Food Deserts
  • Economic Injustice 
  • Quality Education

All are left-wing talking points meant to either hide their failings to bring forth desired results after their takeover of key societal institutions or means by which they can continue their struggle by "expanding the police tape from around the crime scene outward toward the neck of the greater society".

Maya Rupert argues that the bulk of the action in the Black community has been in repelling gay marriage.

I argue that the failure in the Black community is that it has not REGULATED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR - developing and maintaining the social constructs which attempt to:

  • Promote sexual relationships as a function of a married, long term committed relationship
  • Promote stable relationships between the mother and father of a child as the primary foundation of a fruitful childhood for Black children
  • Promote the notion that education and the existence of a healthy local economy in the Black community is vital in the process of perpetuating our people
Maya Rupert and other special interests activists realize that the ONLY chance that they have to advocate their marginal "freedoms" is when the notion of Traditional Black Marriage is at its weakest point.

Thus the truth is that the Black Family will be restored when a new consciousness about the FUNCTION of traditional marriage has in correcting the multitudes of other problems that are seen within our community.

Ms Rupert simply cannot justify her special interest advocacy in relation to the far larger challenge of failed heterosexual marriage tendencies. 

Monday, June 06, 2011

Your Historical Increase In GDP Was My Slavery

One man's plot line of the "increase in global GDP" is another man's observation that the inflection point is closely mapped to the slave trade and global pilfering by the European.

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I don't hold out hope that many other people caught the slight of hand that was containing in Stephen Johnson's graph of "Global Aggregate GDP" which some how started rising in the 1500's and then took off in the 1700's.

The Stephen Johnson focused on the advanced sailing ships that were created by the Dutch but did not detail what was carried within their hulls.

It Must Be Just A Coincidence With The Dates

"The Trading Capitals Of Europe Begin To LIGHT UP"

I hope they don't start "innovating" in the future like they did during the 1500's.

In The 1700's Holland Was Rich But Also Was Massively Involved In The "Slave Trade"

The slave trade was abolished by Britain in 1812, and subsequently by all other European countries. Portugal and France, though, continued to import slaves, although as contract labourers, which they called respectively "libertos" or "engages a` temps". Portugal had a virtual monopoly on the African slave trade to the Americas until the mid 1650s, when Holland became a major competitor. In the period 1700-1800 Britain became the leading "importer".

 Wikipedia Entry On "Netherlands"

During its colonial period the Netherlands was heavily involved in the slave trade. The Dutch planters relied heavily on African slaves to cultivate the coffee, cocoa, sugar cane and cotton plantations along the rivers. Treatment of the slaves by their owners was notoriously bad, and many slaves escaped the plantations. Slavery was abolished by the Netherlands in Dutch Guiana in 1863, but the slaves were not fully released until 1873, after a mandatory 10 year transition period during which time they were required to work on the plantations for minimal pay and without state sanctioned torture. As soon as they became truly free, the slaves largely abandoned the plantations where they had suffered for several generations in favor of the city Paramaribo. Every year this is remembered during Keti Koti, 1 July, Emancipation Day (end of slavery).
During the 19th century, the Netherlands was slow to industrialize compared to neighbouring countries, mainly because of the great complexity involved in modernizing the infrastructure, consisting largely of waterways, and the great reliance its industry had on windpower.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Single Mothers Face Stress And Financial Hardship That Triggers Physiological Impact Later In Life

MSNBC: Single moms report worse health in midlife

Is there anyone who would be so bold as to "reverse engineer" a logical read into this story?
Indeed the stress of "doing it all alone" - seeking to raise children by herself as she works to keep a roof over their collective heads causes stress upon the single mother.

Is this just cause to take a look at our societal points of indoctrination and normalization regarding male/female long term relationship?  If there was ever a case for "preventive medicine" I have never seen it before.

This will mandate that our society take another look at where we stand with regard to the unraveling of standards which dared to suggest that the man who sired children should submit himself to a higher authority which guides his behavior and in turn do all that he can to remain worthy as the head of the household - thus relieving the stress off of his female mate.

(As a frequent victim of "stress relief" from a woman - I can understand the medicinal effects of having a man around.  :-)  )
Single moms may be at risk for poor health later in life.

Of thousands of mothers who participated in a 30-year study, the ones who had delivered children outside of marriage reported being less healthy when they reached their 40s than the ones who had postponed motherhood until after marriage.
And marriage, when it occurred after motherhood, did not appear to remedy the women's health problems, said study researcher Kristi Williams, an associate professor of sociology at Ohio State University.
The findings suggest public health campaigns to promote marriage, which were started by the government in 1996 and aimed at single, low-income mothers, may not improve these women's health as once hoped, the researchers said.

Because many more women have out-of-wedlock children today than several decades ago, the researchers predicted an increasing public health problem as these women enter their midlife.
About 40 percent of newborns in the United States come from single moms, compared with 10 percent in 1960, the researchers said.

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Racism Chasing Journal: You Can't Mitigate What You Can't Measure

Again - a mentor of mine told me a valuable management axiom a while ago:

"If you can't MEASURE a force that is causing failure then you can't MITIGATE this force via the MANAGEMENT practices that you put into place.

This sage gentleman likely never thought of an occasion in which a group of people PURPOSELY sought to keep such a measure as ambiguous and amorphous as possible because it allowed them to blame this force for their problems - while never having to quantify the portion that is indeed accountable for versus that which some other force that the have control over is the culprit.

BTU - British Thermal Unit
Measures Heat Energy

The British thermal unit (symbol BTU or Btu) is a traditional unit of energy equal to about 1,055.05585 joules. It is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat 1 pound (0.454 kg) of water from 39 °F (3.9 °C) to 40 °F (4.4 °C).[1] The unit is most often used in the power, steam generation, heating and air conditioning industries.

A Heating System

You have a house of a known square footage (floor space and height of ceilings) to determine the volume of the living space that is needed to be heated.

You use this total volume to determine the proper size of the HVAC unit that is necessary to keep your family warm in the winter

If you purchase an undersized unit the consequence is that the occupants within will always be cold

A measure of food energy

The small calorie or gram calorie (symbol: cal)[approximates the energy needed to increase the temperature of 1 of by 1 .  This is about 4.2 joules.

Human beings seeking to lose weight or gain weight know that there are two sides of the equation for doing so:

  • The amount of physical exercise that you do to burn calories
  • The amount of food intake that you ingest to add calories to your system
Billions of dollars a year are spent by people who wish to lose weight or gain muscle mass.
Horse Power

The mechanical horsepower, also known as imperial horsepower, of exactly 550 foot-pounds per second is approximately equivalent to 745.7 watts.

Engines of all types are rated by their Horse Power.

Those who want sound performance of an auto or a lawn mower will purchase an engine with sufficient power meet the task.

Often the more horsepower the more fuel consumption required.  

There is often a decision to achieve the balance between power and fuel consumption.  The attempt to maximize both is called "fuel efficiency".  An engine that maximizes power output while minimizing fuel consumption is considered more efficient

The "Racial Oppressive Force Of Racism" has no known value at present.

It is a matter of "congregational consensus"

There presently exists no means of measuring the force that RACISM casts upon an "Organically Competent" Community Full Of Black People .

One would gather that the mere existence of one particle per million of RACISM is enough to thwart all Black forward progress and/or warrant our full attention toward this threat.

The "Racism Chasers Challenge"

With The Goal Of Developing A Free Standing, Organically Competent Community, That Lives At A Desired High Living Standard
On A Per Community/Neighborhood Basis

  • What Is The Ideal Population Size To Define The Community Boundary?
  • How Many Schools Are Needed Per Community - To Sufficiently Educate The People?
    • How Many Teachers Are Needed In These Schools?
    • What Technical Skills Are Needed For These Instructors?
  • How Many Job Producing Entities Are Needed Per Square Mile To Produce Enough Energy To Light The Economic Fire?
    • What Are The Key Consumer and Infrastructure Products That Are Needed To Be Produced Within?
    • What Are The Estimated Capital Investment Requirements Per Community To Make This Happen?
    • What Is The Source Of "Business Education" To Train Up The Professional Management Of These Enterprises?
  • What Are The Necessary "First Responder Services" Required To Operate A High Level Community With Safe Streets?
    • Who Will Provide The "Police Services" - To Enforce The Law And Assist People?
      • How Many People Per Square Mile Servicing This Need?
      • Who Will Training Them?
      • What Will Be The "Bible" For Their Training?
      • Who Will Command The Police Function?
    • What Is The Equipment Apparatus Requirements To Provide The First Responders With The Tools That They Need To Keep The Community Safe?
    • Is There Need For A "Community Tax" To First Purchase These Goods For An All Volunteer Force And Then Later Pay Salaries When A More Professional Force Is Needed?
  • What Are The Cultural Requirements To Ensure Healthy Relationships Are Maintained Among The People?
    • What "Male/Female Relationship" Model Will Be Appraised As The Necessary Interconnection To Build Up A Strong Community?
      • Does It Need To Be "Enforced" By A Strong Cultural Agent OR Is It Sufficient To Remind People Of The End Goal And Allow Them To Choose To Order Themselves As They Please Because "Liberty" And "Free Association" Is More Important?
      • What Does The Community Do With Those Who Are Exceptions To The Noted Standard?
        • What Should Be Done For Those Who's Children Are Made To Suffer From The Parent's Misalignment From The Doctrine That Has Thus Far Proven Successful At Producing More Favorable Results?
  • What Is The Process For Observing The Shortfall In The Previous Assumptions And Adopting New Methodologies In Order To Produce Results That Are More In Line With Our Needs?

Sadly - there is more evidence of our people investing time and though into the requirements of their home heating and cooling systems for their own personal comfort than there is any evidence of written engineering requirements to overpower the force of RACISM that is said to be the cause of so much of our present angst.