Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Black People Are Being Conditioned Into Inferiority By Television" - What Your Ideological Friends, Enemies and YOU Are Doing To Shape The Media Future

On the Warren Ballentine Show this morning the show host and Dr Francis Cress Welsing noted that Black people are watching television where the images shown on the screen are indoctrinating them to believe that "brown skin" is inferior to white skin.  It is part of a systematic effort to up-end the interests of Black people by having us believe that we are inferior.

Once this seed is planted - they don't have any worries about having to compete with us.  We'll go right to the back of the bus on our own.

Upon hearing this I was motivated to wonder - "IF there is a known agent of conscious destruction for our people - would Black people who are aware of what is going on willing to tell Black people to "Sell Their Television" and seek out alternative means of education for our children?

What Your Ideologically Progressive Friends Are Doing What Your Ideological Enemy Republicans Are Doing What Are YOU Doing?
Keith Olberman
Glenn Beck
What Are They Doing? Al Gores "Current TV" signs former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann to a $50 Million, 5 year deal.

Glenn Beck TV Launches
Pay Per View for $50 Per Year
The Importance Of This New Channel After parting ways with MSNBC (The Black Progressive Agenda Network) because their new ownership, Comcast, had a shorter leash than did General Electric - Mr Olbermann chose to take a short retirement from spewing hard-left acerbic news.  With this new platform he is freed from "corporate tentacles" and is able to make his leftist attacks without worries about institutional limits With the firestorm around this Fox News right-wing host - Glenn Beck has decided to take his show to the non-traditional Internet based media distribution channels.

Those who chose to go after Fox News advertisers in order to silence Beck will now have to deal with the fact that those who watch Beck have paid for the experience. 
It appearsthat,despite the claims that television is implanting destructive messages into the Black community - the medium of choice for Black people remains as this source that is claimed to be "hurting us"

My solution - A Roku Box

 Create your own IPTV channels to broadcast any content you choose to anyone around the world with access to the Internet.

Roku Channel Software Development Kit.

The choice is to either:
  1. Keep doing what you are doing and have your people indoctrinated with negative images - PASSIVE
  2. Have people to turn off the television and find alternative means to inculcate them - ACTIVE But Does Not Scale
  3. Make use of the increasing number of mass market video and audio streaming devices to provide enriching content while bypassing the network and cable system gatekeepers - Perfect Balance Of ACTIVE and WIDE SCALE

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