Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Civic Responsibility Movement - Beyond "Intentions" And Toward "Actual Delivery Quality Results"

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The term "Quality Education" has been the stated goal of many in the "Civil Rights Movement".
To acquire this end they have:

  • Picketed for Access to Institutions 
  • Filed for Lawsuits for changes in Funding and Policies
  • Leveraged the power of the Expose' in the News Media to blow the cover off of the conditions in schools of Black and other 'Least Of These' Americans
  • Relied on partnerships with Educational Activists who write books from the inside (Jonathan Kozol, etc) 

As I read the views of Young Philly Politics blog I could not help but note that their frustrations with the School District Of Philadelphia today echo the frustrations of those heard from educational activists some 25 years ago when I was a student there.  The point that these young bloggers today fail to realize is that TODAY'S state of affairs in the schools are the "Mission Accomplished" state from this past struggle.

In the context of one's existence and exposure to awareness of the world we often key upon how the world is as we have received it without knowledge of the cycles of development (or erosion) that has transpired in the immediate past.

The truth is that the condition of the schools in Philadelphia and most other problem plagued districts is the result of those who had the "best interests of the children in mind" - prior to assuming the controls of power - only to find out that the task of compelling otherwise independent students and parents to work toward the same accord was far more difficult than it looked from the outside, holding a protest sign and a court order.

The qualifier "quality" - as in "Quality Education" is not something that the government can bring into fruition.  This is the fundamental flaw of understanding by activists and policy makers.   "Quality Education" is the evidence of a properly functioning school ecosystem where all of the human beings involved in the process interact in a manner that is synergistic.

  • The Student who are disciplined and have a mindset that is accommodative toward learning
  • The Parents who are the managers of their children's education
  • The Teacher who is prepared both technically and sociologically at human resource development
  • The Administration who's primary goal is to maximize the use of limited resources for the best academic outcomes
  • The Politicians who must see education as a critical element in their attempts to retain the strategic advantage of the zone that they are charged with managing
  • The Adults In The Community - who must do their part to retain the immediate institutions which allows the community to enrich all of the young people and identify the exceptions before they fall through the cracks
The Civic Responsibility Movement Is The Only Gateway To Quality Education

Since "Quality Education" is not a right but a "directed outcome" it is also rationale to look at the actions and assumptions that exist as executed by those who desire to achieve this end.  

The primary attribute that should be looked for is the level of involvement that the PARENT has in the management of their child's education.   The parent provides an invaluable measure of support and direction in channeling the human resource know as their child though the educational process.   On the front end they prepare the child's consciousness and emotional bearings.  Through the process they read the feedback from the teacher, make note of exceptions and respond accordingly.  Exceptionally good effort is rewarded.  Exceptions in academics and behavior that are below the standard require further parental engagement.

In the famous battles over education MONEY and LABOR POLICY often are put forth as the primary issues of debate.  The issues involving the adults in the educational system often are allowed to over-shadow the interests of the children.   Some seek to protect the present standing of the SYSTEM even if this same entity has proved a failure to the interests of the children.   In their rebuttal - they point to a denial of adequate financial resources to enable them to produce better results.  

Unfortunately such a battle creates a perverted struggle.  A functional "money chase" ensues where those on the hook for performance will make the case that their monetary requirements have not been met.  They opt to elect more favorable people into power who will accommodate their point of view.  Those seeking to drive accountability stand opposed - claiming that labor's interest in power overshadows their interests in educating children.

All the while the adults in the community are overlooked for their failure to do their part in academic management and support outside of the school house.

The aggregate lack of focus and promotion of provincial interests are the key ingredients in the failed outcomes that we presently see.  

Simply put - no "social justice" mandate from the government and educational activists can EVER produce the "Quality Outcomes" - absent the buy in of the individuals that are most proximate to the situation in the school house.

RESPONSIBILITY is the "Dark Matter" that accompanies all of our RIGHTS.  It defines what we as "equal human beings" are charged with performing so that our goal of a high standard of living can be achieved.

Conversely - failing to do these necessary tasks, or even worse - not being conscious that these tasks need to be performed as a necessary condition of high order living - ensures that the grievances that prompt the advocates will remain to be aggrieved about.

In Christianity one can only be "saved" by his own transformation.  It takes a change in thought known as faith.  The successful change on the inside will be shown by a new set of expressions to others on the outside world.   

In the case of the evidence that a community intents to achieve "Quality Education" there too must be evidence that they see this as a critical step in developing the "human resource support system" necessary to allow their own people to be the "professional service agents" that deliver the professional services that bear witness to a society with a "High Standard Of Living".

The challenge of their thought leaders is to reverse engineer the requirements of this end state.   Develop the human resource requirements.  Make note that the schools are the centerpiece in their resources being honed into what they need to be for the benefit of the community and its high order living.

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