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Homosexual Politics And Political Discourse In Huffington Post

When the Centers For Disease Control released the report which noted that "gay kids" are more prone to smoke, take drugs and perform other "risky behavior" The Huffington Post, seeing this as a threat to its agenda at "normalizing" homosexual behavior was intent on shifting the reports of this behavior over to an indictment of society.  It seems that these risky behaviors are a defensive response to the societal pressures that "homophobes" place upon gay people - according to Huffington Post.

The agenda of HuffPo is to argue that the present "conservative" stance by the American society against homosexual behavior and acceptance of such relationships causes stress upon those who "were born this way".   In short - "there is blood on the hands of the homophobes".  If society expressed love and acceptance they would surely alter their destructive behavior.

From the article
But gay, lesbian and bisexual students deal with stigma, disapproval and social rejection. "Many risk behaviors are related to how people feel about themselves and the environment they're in," noted the study's lead author, Laura Kann of the CDC's division of adolescent and school health.

The surveys are from 2001 through 2009. Some results, which vary by survey site:

_About 8 percent to 19 percent of heterosexual students said they currently smoke cigarettes; 20 percent to 48 percent of gay and lesbian students smoked.

_About 4 to 10 percent of heterosexual students said they attempted suicide in the previous year. For gay and lesbian students: 15 percent to 34 percent. For bisexual students: 21 percent to 32 percent.

_About 3 percent to 6 percent of heterosexual students said they threw up or used laxatives to lose weight or stay thin. For gay and lesbian students: 13 percent to 20 percent. For bisexual students: 12 percent to 17.5 percent.

The Huffington Post follows with an article proclaiming that "Marriage Equality" - the ability of same sex couples to have their relationships "respected" in the same way that heterosexuals are able to do so is the key to the "Restoration Of The Black Family".

My position remains - The very same people who attempt to propagandize the benefits of marriage for society and thus argue that the denial of homosexuals of this same 'benefit' is a violation of social justice are also the same people who can't seem to field a cultural construct which has the far, far, far larger number of Black heterosexual couples who perform actions like those of a married couple but never commit to marriage to do so and thus eat the fruitful benefits as such.

Hufftington Post, in their bit of advocacy is guilty of obfuscation by violating the "Proportionality Filter".   The best way to "Restore The Black Family" is by socially regulating the larger and popular methodology by which Black Families are constructed and human beings are born.   Ironically Huffington Post and other secular progressive oracles would see any reformation movement that cleaves to the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman committing to raising a family with society norms providing the necessary social pressure to compel them to stick together) as a retrogressive movement back to the Dark Ages.

My position has been forged out of the careful observation of what has worked best for our people over the long run and my knowledge of the clandestine agenda used by those who are expert at "expanding liberties" to those who seek freedom but are failures at  compelling those who need to follow a prescriptive path so that more optimal societal results can be had -  are ultimately seeking to reengineer the society per their preferences without accountability for the unintended consequences.

To here them market the benefits of the "Restored Black Family" through gay marriage (using the guise of "equality") while failing to define the proportionality of the two domains:

Taken together, these discussions threaten to reignite the damaging dialogue that the needs of the black community and the needs of the LGBT community are inherently at odds. A narrative that tells us that working to advance marriage equality automatically undermines the strength and security of the black family.
Not only is it a damaging narrative, but, as it turns out, it is also completely untrue. In fact, the fight for marriage equality works in tandem with the movement to strengthen the black family. Achieving marriage equality will actually help save the black family.

"Marriage Equality" is another one of those "hide your wallet" terms such as:

  • Social Justice
  • Food Deserts
  • Economic Injustice 
  • Quality Education

All are left-wing talking points meant to either hide their failings to bring forth desired results after their takeover of key societal institutions or means by which they can continue their struggle by "expanding the police tape from around the crime scene outward toward the neck of the greater society".

Maya Rupert argues that the bulk of the action in the Black community has been in repelling gay marriage.

I argue that the failure in the Black community is that it has not REGULATED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR - developing and maintaining the social constructs which attempt to:

  • Promote sexual relationships as a function of a married, long term committed relationship
  • Promote stable relationships between the mother and father of a child as the primary foundation of a fruitful childhood for Black children
  • Promote the notion that education and the existence of a healthy local economy in the Black community is vital in the process of perpetuating our people
Maya Rupert and other special interests activists realize that the ONLY chance that they have to advocate their marginal "freedoms" is when the notion of Traditional Black Marriage is at its weakest point.

Thus the truth is that the Black Family will be restored when a new consciousness about the FUNCTION of traditional marriage has in correcting the multitudes of other problems that are seen within our community.

Ms Rupert simply cannot justify her special interest advocacy in relation to the far larger challenge of failed heterosexual marriage tendencies. 


Anonymous said...

I argue that the failure in the Black community is that it has not REGULATED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR

We are talking about the least intelligent of Africans, not the civilized and bright ones, because like every ethnic group there is a genetic feral underclass, but the bell curve of intelligence is very hard to every bloodline where everything grew and you just had to plant your seed and could walk away. You are therefore just lucky to be born intelligent, but unlucky if you have got proportionally the highest number of imbeciles on the planet to grow up with and attend your school. Over tens of thousands of years the Black male did not have to evolve wit by just being sex-selected for their loins over brains. I get it. Every Jew once wanted to marry a rabbi's daughter, a man who could argue and win over a tooth pick to his side, to get brains into their family. And the European White males, killed off in two world wars left their backroom appeasing mummy's boys and resentful homosexual inverts to be ruled by the non-combatant feminist promoting Socialism whilst the boys who could misdirect them, became angry Communists and will eventually take over this world to be Equal or Dead. I get it.

But I don't get "REGULATED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR" as the savior of the large percentage of Black women who scorn Black men, so their children would grow up 'better'.

You would have to start with the resentment in the community. The envy, the malice, the addiction to judging, the promiscuity. Or else you'd have an Islam of "do this/don't do this" all looking fine on the surface but violence in every home. Complete opposite of protecting the child to become enlightened.

A White Man can have a dumb blond, a Black Woman can have a dumb black to pass on their exceptionally healthy good looks.

But both will have problems with them sleeping around when their back is turned, if they did not court them properly, because their conscience is nearer to that of an animal.

A society should then, be led by its finest, not applauding its basest people.

The Gay Agenda, behind which is the Marxist Agenda for a Cultural Revolution - and will wipe them out once their use is finished - thinks by reducing the standard for marriage, Blacks will entertain it. Nope. Only if there's a pay check in it. A government that pays cash to any female for having a child born into slavery, gets their vote.

Simply make marriage pay. As they once did. But back then, they were not made up of the devolution of the diversely selected stupid.

CNu said...


What's up with the kneegrow conservative knuckle-draggers set'n they mouf to talk about IQ, genetics, and a host of variables they are almost uniquely unqualified to comprehend?

Dangerous rhetoric percolating up out the hive.

Decidedly not.a.good.look....,

Anonymous said...

Hi CNu,

I appologise for not quoting my sources.
The Bell Curve was written in 1994 by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray and indicated genetics played a part in intelligence. I conclude from Darwinism that environmental-selection, social-selection, and sex-selection played a fundamental role in what genes would and would not be passed onto the next generation.
In hot climes if women rule the social and finacial life while the male is on the road hunting a crocodile, the best bet for his family's survival is a smart wife and strong husband. If the cold mountainous forest requires diligence and loyalty to look after a dependent nursing wife, then she will develop the soft features of a puppy and he the independent pioneering spirit.

Again, if I said Muslim-Pakistanis were known for in-breeding with their first cousins and had a higher proportion of disabled children, and these children had a lower IQ, would my discussion fall flat to how marriage could be arranged for them?

So I'm trying to work out this 'Black Community' that must contain only the lower half of the bell curve because the upper half are doing fine and don't need your help.

The Bell Curve stated the Black ethnic origin community were not passing on as much IQ genes as the rest of their Americans. If poor education leads to poverty and unrest, how much more low IQ?

Discipline in the form of strong regulating headship and juju myths guided such people in Africa. White Liberal America does not provide this support. Jesus is not going to cut it. Buddha is certainly going to completely fail having not been endowed with any magic powers.

So, having touched on IQ, genes, on cultural influence and I wanted to explore "I argue that the failure in the Black community is that it has not REGULATED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR

I suggested payment to make marriage ecconomically advantageous.

But you've put me off that idea.
A ho is just another ho.

CNu said...


save the bell curve prattle (and all your other preposterous chindribble) for the essentialist fuktard coterie gathered about your "invitation only" skidmark in blogger's indiscriminate digital drawls...,

Anonymous said...

Oh, a male behaving like he has the nature of a female within. No wonder homosexuals set them off with a flash of recognition.

This would have been my second line of enquiry that masculinity had become such a caricature in the community, that teaching of manhood and fatherhood was sorely remiss.

CNu said...


chitterling's got jokes (aside from her worldview)

Anonymous said...

Many more CNu :)

A human being can be programmed. The lower the IQ the more obvious and crude the programmer can be. A lion behaves as a lion and can be enraged by a weakness and made docile by an intimidation.

Honorable James Manning points to a creed of origin from the sons of Ham - the "curly-haired" people; while Reverend Jemeriah Wight just points to the White Devils for a sense of superiority. Elijah Mohammad was more prosaic.

Birthrighted to need no one else, with a sense of being birthwronged from others made birthrighted.

Minds imprinted with a sense of An Identity... a reverse-identity. Socialism.

Here's an example of a fine mind "studying human nature":

I argue that the failure in the Black community is that it has not REGULATED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR

I've argued you have to understand a person to "authentically represent what they do" and reward good practice.

You can jibe and curse again or discuss.

CNu said...

4:20 in the mownin and my little chitterling is moved to seek out the one and only CNu. (^;

As much as I would love to hang out and chat with you in Feed's basement, I've got a blog of my own to attend to. You are more than welcome to come and pay me a visit anytime to discuss any subject near and dear to your heart.

Matter fact, we rather enjoy perspectives from the liminal reaches of consensus reality.

Don't be shy now, y'hear.

kendrick Morris said...
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CNu said...


oopsie Kendrick, guess you commented from the wrong google account....,