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The Need For Organic Competency Development - A Case Study

From the article: "Improving Care For Detroit's Poor" - Kaiser Health News Service 

James McCune Smith - America's First Black Doctor. Racism Did Not Stop Him From This Goal

Video: Dr Yvonne Thornton - With The Indoctrination of Her Father That Her Only Option Was To Become A Physician She Did What Was Expected Of Her

Supposition:  In the debate over nationalized health care I saw several news organization that went around the world to index how other nations are handling the issue.   Several reported favorably on the nation of Chile.
They noted that Chile which has limited resources chose to invest in training up people to become physicians instead of investing in "high tech medicine" and the pills, advanced procedures and health care technology that comes along with it.

With this as the case I submit that it is fair to assess the strategy taken by the Black Community in pursuit of health care using this same construct.

Whereas most people who disagree with my analysis will rebut my statement as they note "America is the wealthiest nation in the world, why should we use Chile as the reference?" - I will push back upon them and ask:

  • Was your STRUGGLE to gain more power over the institutions of your community merely for political purposes or did you expect to utilize them in the process of developing our people into the "Professional Service Agents" that our community needs to life up to the desired high standard of living?

Lowering Health Care Costs By Having More General Practitioner Physicians Available In The Community
The report above from Kaiser Health notes that the mass exodus of physicians from Detroit triggered an increase in the costs for providing health care.   One can imagine that longer lines at fewer facilities, the transportation costs borne by patients and facilities.  The stress placed upon facilities that were not designed to treat so many patients.   All of these facts likely lead into the reasons for the increases in cost.

As we look at how a young person matriculates through to become a practicing physician in the community which is in need of such services - there are many resources and trusted advisers needed to bring them to their desired goal.

  1. A family environment that is conducive toward academic success and connectivity with the community
  2. A school environment that has a sufficient amount of discipline and academic rigor to sculpt the young minds that pass through its front doors into "pillars of the community"
  3. A collection of adults in the community who are watching out over both the households in their community and the key "human resource development" institutions -ensuring that both are doing what is needed to achieve a "functional community" and aggressively addressing the exceptions so they do not become the norm due to "benign neglect"
  4. A collaboration of community supporters that see the need for certain "professional service agents" who will provide needed services for the community.  Providing the funding and the guidance therein
    1. When there is a need for "10" of these agents - they will invest in 30 candidates as they factor for those who:
      1. Fall by the wayside
      2. Choose not to practice in the community as promised
      3. On their way to uncovering the "diamond in the rough" through all of the materials discarded in the refining process
  5. Provide continuing support for these candidates during their studies.
    1. Develop an internship in which they spend their summers working along side existing "professional service agents within the community"
    2. Upon graduation they will merely be certified to do independently what they were already inculcated into doing
      1. The patients that they assisted along the way being their biggest cheerleaders of their success
      2. As they pass the medical boards, the bar, the CPA exam - they can think about all of the people who are both counting on them and cheering them on

I am not opposed to "government help" in setting up the basic framework of this program.
The problem has traditionally been that what is clearly a "grassroots", community based thrust to lift our people up to our desired standard of living has too often turned into an indictment against the government and the wealthy in society who have not provided us with the sufficient resources to build up such a problem.  Due to visionless leadership and those who have ulterior motives - the "struggle motion" that has been installed was about seeking the RESPECT of these adversaries - putting forth the notion that they show their "equal regard" for the Black community by treating us like they would treat their own - with money.

I maintain that the far superior notion is that the Black community needs to show that we are indeed of "equal worth" by fielding a SYSTEM by which our "equal human resources" can be sculpted into the "professional service agents" that we need to service our community.   Once such a system is developed in America - it can be replicated in other areas within the diaspora that do not have the fortune of a wealthy government upon which INDICTMENTS can be cast, demanding that they fund the program in the name of "Social Justice".

There is no "social justice system" in Haiti and South Sudan.  It must be built up organically.

(To be continued)
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