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The Thefts Of HVAC Units From Black Churches. A Sign From God To The Black Community To Exit From The Air Conditioning And Manage The Community

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The statement that "the people who actually need to be inside of the church or at the 'Megafest Convention' are not present" is an oft heard saying within the Black community. I have stated metaphorically that "the churches air conditioning does not blow cold enough through the community, never leaving the insulation that the churches have installed for energy efficiency.

With the rash of HVAC unit thefts for the 3 year running in Metro Atlanta I would like to submit a big picture linkage for all to consider.

The frequent reporting of the theft of large, industrial-class HVAC units which cost $10,000 to $50,000 each by Street Pirates who are seeking to raid the units for a few hundred dollars of copper for resale is a sign of the benign neglect that is taking place within the Black community. The young people who should have been honed into becoming "pillars of the community" have instead been culturally and consciously neglected by the "Human Resource Managers" who involved themselves in the ways of the Pharisees.

As they conduct themselves in the process of Politics, Religiosity and Community Activism - it is clear that they have forgotten how to manage the people who they purport to be working on behalf of.

With the air conditioning units immobilized, the once comfortable church which hovered at a cool 72 degrees, allowing all of its patrons to retire their hand fans with funeral parlor advertising to go by the wayside. Each of these funeral parlors now have a web site and are on FaceBook and MySpace, having adapted their marketing in response to to the cool temperatures in the house of "Jesus" is now blessed to have.

I predict that the assault on the church property by these Street Pirates and the resulting discomfort felt by the old ladies with wisdom in the church will have a similar effect that my wife had on me about a month ago as our residential HVAC unit ran out of Freon. I suspect that these ladies who are the backbone of these churches that are under assault will make it clear to all of the church leaders - regardless of their gender - that the conditions within the church building are intolerable and that 'SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TO CORRECT IT!!! NOW!!!'.

The church shown in the video above was hit three times by thieves that bypassed their security systems and made away with the valuable commodity. That metal which serves a PURPOSE inside of the HVAC system has been expertly engineered into a certain form. As the Freon is pumped into the church's internal air compressor where the hot air from the church is instantly cooled by the cold Freon - it sucking the heat out of the air and letting out a quenching blast of cold air to the people's delight. The Freon that has now expanded due to the heat that it now carries is pumped outside to these external heat exchangers that are so attractive to the copper thieves.

The metallurgic properties of the copper and aluminum inside of the external HVAC unit makes it the choice material to allow the heat from the Freon to transfer through the metal tubing and outward into the atmosphere as the compressor squeezes it, radiating its heat and making it cold once again for the round trip to be executed again.

To the Street Pirate - he DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about the expert engineering of the HVAC system or the properties of the metal that was used. He knows the price that copper and aluminum fetches at the local scrap yard and he understands how many HVAC units he has to destroy in order to make his monetary quota.

The community has failed to sculpt the knowledge of those who matriculated through the institutions and governance system which it had erected. Despite the Black Church having been used as the centerpiece of our "Civil Rights" and "Social Justice" Struggle in America - it has not adapted to the new reality that we face around us today.

The truth is that the THREAT of the internal human resource who has had his consciousness formed inside of the void that is abundant within large portions of our community are a bigger threat than the POPULARLY noted threats. This for no other reason than these external threats are CHECKED AND COUNTERED by the watchful eyes of those who tell us that they "know how the enemy thinks" per their past struggles with him.

In their blindness and commitment to rituals they fail to see that the enemy of Black people HAS NO PHYSICAL FORM and thus on skin color or political party affiliation to give himself away to those who are on the look out.

The enemy of Black people IS and has ALWAYS BEEN:

  • The Spirit Of Hatred
  • The Spirit Of Ignorance
  • And All Who Stood In Complicit Silence As "Hatred And Ignorance" Executed Their Attacks Upon Innocent People
The Spirits of Hatred and Ignorance is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY DEMON. They care not which physical form they possess. Their goal is to destroy men.

Both of these spirits realize that they will always have a large portion of the community who function as their enablers. Too interested in retaining the tenuous gains that they have in their position that they don't dare risk speaking out and thus risk being struck in the mouth by the backhand from "hatred" and he closed fist of ignorance".

The Black Churches Under Attack Have Been Given Their Mission - The Only Question Is "Will Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Elohim, and the Holy Spirit Help Their Disciples To See It

As far as I am concerned, the greatest unsung hero in the defense of the interests of the Black Community - was the great AME Bishop Henry McNeal Turner.

When the Black Community was under the assault of "Hatred, Ignorance" and the complicity that enabled them, Bishop Turner saw that God did not intend for the Black community to cower in their homes and churches as their attackers came in the middle of the night to have their way with their people and property.

He turned to the equal strength that God had given the Black man - and organized the community to FIGHT for their community by erecting the necessary defenses.

In his clarity in leadership - he continued to profess the biblical scripture "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thine Neighbor's Property". Instead he chose to READ THESE WORDS ALOUD TO THE "MARAUDERS WHO WERE CHRISTIANS", that were cloaked in their "Night Rider Uniforms" - with the hopes that they would hear THEIR GOD speaking to them in the initial warnings that Bishop Turner had vocalized to them.

Bishop Turner did not wait for God to tender protection upon the Black community - exorcising the demons out of those who claimed to be Christian men. Instead he chose to advise all of the homes in his community to take up arms and defend themselves as the primary deterrent to those who also "Didn't Give A Damn" in their day.

Today's Challenge For The Black Community Is Different But Fundamentally The Same
As agents from within the Black community feign offense over the words said by a right wing radio host who suggested that his listeners take up arms to defend their life and property against assailants - we see continued attacks upon Black people as well and the 'Black woman crying on the television news' in response tot he attack that she or a loved one has suffered.

While I am a supporter of fire arms as a means of protection - the INTRAracial dynamic of the situation and the evolved state of our nation's institutions calls for a more comprehensive response to this present crisis.

The "Church Doctrine" That Got Our Community Though The Civil Rights Movement, Which The Civil Rights Pharisees Still Follow Today As They Claim To See Vivid Images Of The Past In Their Present Political And Ideological Enemies Is Due For A Re-Write. This Being In Line With The PROGRESSIVE Assumption That All Documents Of Law And Order Are "LIVING DOCUMENTS", Subject For Update

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