Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will Black Comedians & Rappers Be Compelled To Do A Mea Culpa Tour To Apologize To Black America For Their Anti-Black Comments?

The Grio: Comedian Tracy Morgan On A Mea Culpa Tour For Anti-Gay Comedy

I have little doubt that arch-villain Dr Laura Schlessinger is watching what has recently transpired with Black comedian and television star Tracy Morgan and making notes about the RULES of the game.

  • You can't say certain things about "Protected Classes" of people
  • Only people within those classes are allowed to say bigoted things or hateful slang about their own kind.

This Post Ain't About Tracy Morgan Or Dr Laura Schlessinger 

It is clear that no one can force an interest group (a people) to expand the regulation of public images and stereotypes about them INWARD to their own people who are the initiation source into the public domain.

Overtime the hypocrisy, double standards and selectiveness of their indictments will prove to the rest of the world how arbitrary their outrage is.

The word "Nigger"  (The N-word) is said to be "the most offensive word in the English language".  Despite this claim we see:

  • Popular Black entertainers and rappers making prevalent use of this word with impunity
  • Popular or Faceless Ideological and Political Adversaries of the prevailing position Black Americans making even the slighting "RACIST" reference, some requiring a vivid imagination to see it - and yet this is cause for mass indictment
The truth of the matter is that such reactions are often amplified when there is an ulterior motive that accompanies both the "insult" and the "feigned response".  In this perpetual shooting war the main victim is the void that is left inside of the institutions of the Black community which see the strategic advantage of regulating the words and actions of favorable people as a necessary condition of demanding that others RESPECT the hurtfulness of certain words.

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Anonymous said...

A word used to intimidate a community, used by gangs to intimidate boy and girls within that community. Way to go Mohammad!