Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Own Family Reunion - Social Security And Grand Ma

(This is a true story)

On the day prior to my planned visit to the Carolinas to meet up with my parents and other family members for their church sponsored "Friends and Family Day" I received a call from an aunt to serves as a caretaker for my grandmother. Each time I see the caller ID I have to admit that I prepare myself for some bad news. At 101 my grandmother is of diminished capacity. That once talkative individual who I could make laugh by saying something silly is now a presence in the room that one would hardly notice as she sits in her chair - silent.

Fortunately the call was not for the purposes of such bad news. Instead it was a summon for additional cash proceeds to be added to my grandmother's bank account. I told my aunt that I will bring the money with me and we can talk about it then.

Later on in the week, after my arrival I pulled a few of the bills that are always stored in a hanging rack on the kitchen wall.

  • Phone bill - $200 over due - threatened cut off
  • Electricity bill $400 over due - threatened cut off
(What the hell is going on here?)

My two aunts control the finances of my grandmother's house.  They pay a day care given to watch her during the day.  Each of them leave their own houses to watch her at night.  Their two other siblings (one of which is my mother) send money to help keep it all going.

Of the siblings
  • One is presently unemployed - her Unemployment funds having exceeded the 99 weeks
  • The other has a job but has a 20 something dependent child - who she needs to cut off - that is draining her surplus
  • The other is retired at present but sends a good portion of his pension check to care for his mother
  • My mother is retired but works a part-time job just to remain active
Collectively the group has 3 children - who are in no position to help out in this situation and then my parents have 5 children - each of which have good jobs, college degrees - but family obligations to take care of.  Of course - my own siblings (and myself) are the best source of supplemental funds.

In the past it was the winter heating bill that was the key trigger for funds.  No problem - with this awareness each of us would stuff money into grandma's bank account at the local branch in our respective cities.  

This present set of problems speaks to a greater fiscal management issue.  I do not have access to the information on income, expenses and where the money is going.

When I took a look at the bills I registered both the phone and electricity for web access.  This would allow me to see the monthly expenses and pay them off on line.  I cleared the balances of both of these accounts and let my siblings know that they should be prepared to chip in with this situation - past the winter-time heating supplements   

I will pay the phone bill.  The first step is to get them off of the small town phone service that is killing them with long distance charges.  Vonage is the most logical course.  $24 flat rate - talk all you want.  I need to get Internet access installed in the house to make it all happen - this is my next project.

My Views On Social Security
The news about the negative impact from social security cuts are not lost on me.  
Though the common talking point is that I am "voting against my own interests" if I support people who support cutting SS payouts - the reverse is actually true.   

The actuarial tables for Social Security tell me all that I need to know.  Anyone who is fully dependent upon this system is in for a rude awakening in the long run.

The real question is: Since you knew what the long term outlook foretold - WHY didn't you make sufficient preparation to reduce your exposure to the inevitable?  

Some of my local cousins are a bit of a disappointment to me.  They some had children as teen-agers, some 
dropped out of high school.  Some "let themselves go" physically.  During those fateful years where they needed to channel themselves for preparation for the standard of living that the rest of their lives would entail - they had little guidance and made the choices that will impact them for the rest of their lives.  Gone are the textile jobs that had once allowed people to make it in this region.

At the same time I have to credit them all.  They are providing primary care for my grandmother.  All of my siblings live elsewhere.  Indeed there is a great amount of value provided by them:
  • The general upkeep of the house
  • Lawn care
  • Food and household supplies
  • Direct Personal Care for grandmother
In as much as we are all a family with a commitment to the same thing: The Care Of Our Common Grandmother - the use of the family unit - some of which will provide financial support because they have it - others using their proximity to care for her and her house - this is the answer.

I will not be protesting the cuts in Social Security.  Today's merely push back the day of reckoning that will surely come to this program.

In the past - large families were required because their labor was needed to keep the family farming operations going.  Today our smaller families need to have the sufficient number of gainfully employed individuals that have an income which will allow them to help out family members in the time of need.

My personal beef is with the cousin who has a history of squandering educational opportunities that were provided to her (I know first hand from her stay in the metro area) and now she is a net dependent on her mother.  Whereas young children and the elderly are expected to be financial dependents - she is in her prime earning age yet is a net draw - due to the lifestyle that she chooses to live and a mother who is not yet inclined to cut her off.

This all ties back to the grand arguments that I have been making on this blog.  The benefit of sufficient "Human Resource Development and Management" is that there will be more "oars in the water" to increase the productivity of the interest group.   Certain thoughts and actions which tend to threaten the forward progress are mitigated or dealt with as the exceptions that they should be. 

With the awareness of the situation at hand - the bills will be paid by my siblings.  For me it is merely a change in priorities of my flow of money now that I am aware of what is going on.  

My personal interest in getting the Internet going is because the daughter of one of those cousins who had a child as a teenager is now a bright 7 year old who needs to be exposed to the Internet and more supplemental learning.  (More on this later)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Charter School Principal Stephen Perry - American Hero For School Reform

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It is refreshing to hear someone who goes against the grain, even when it is not considered "Cool Or Black" to do so per the prevailing consciousness that believes as such.

In the Black community there are some people who are "Free Range Blacks" that suffer attacks for daring to challenge the system.  In the case of Principal Perry - he has the accomplishment under his belt to fight off the expected attacks by those who seek to maintain the status quo.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Black Flight From Oakland California - Public Policy That Is Hostile To Black Families?

KQED Forum: Black Flight From Oakland   (Try this audio link as KQED audio archive site presently has a database error)

 Add this to the recent exposes' that have been published showing how Black America has weathered the recent economic downturn:

I can go on but the picture is clear.
There are thousands of data points to draw upon.
The proper ANALYSIS of what is occurring is the rare species that is not often seen.

The time that was sold on paper as a grand celebratory occasion,  in the pro forma filing that had been registered in line with the deadlines of the American elections, turned out to be a time of consternation.  More Blacks saw fit to use their newly protected rights in which there is less fear from molestation as we traveled the open roads and settle - to choose a new place of residence that offered more opportunity than did he place that was exited.

The reason why the story about Oakland was of keen interest to me is because one of the contributors of the story made the case that "the city of Oakland had public policies that were hostile to Black families".  This reference caught my eye.  Though it could mean 101 different things - I chose to view it under the auspices of the "Right-itification" of cultural standards in America.  The notion that whatever a consenting adult chooses to do the state, the church and the culture has no business in his affairs.

The prevailing order of the Black community today exists as a veritable hodgepodge of conflicting and contradictory positions.  The same individuals casting indictments about the high Black unemployment rates can later be heard recasting the crackdown on illegal immigration as a threat of "racial profiling" and then the project to find replacement American workers to fill the jobs that the immigrants used to work as a slippery slope back toward SLAVERY.   

In all of these pronouncements of political genuflection the common theme is the noted repudiation of "Establishment Authority".  This is where the Black Community and its chosen agents of representation are ultimately compelled into accepting their hand in the present outcome that were found to be so contrary to their INTENDED goals.

The use of "congregational unity" at this particular point of realization affords those who should be held accountable to divert the blame upon the larger (racist) society.  "They never wanted Black people to prosper all along........why should we Blacks be surprised when we fail - just as they had plotted?".   This is the inside job for the "embedded confidence man" to keep alive.

As an observer of these antics - just as I successfully document the case of the "Black Flight Progressive" - who ironically uses the advantage of the "safe passage" that our present situation affords us - to migrate next door to the conservative, ideological enemy of the Black populous - the necessary conscious attention on this grand irony is disrupted.   The unfolding US Presidential Election has forced those who would have been open to inspect the full dimensions of this irony, back into their usual defensive stance.

I have a time lapsed view of Oakland and the Bay Area.  From my joy-riding about 16 years ago, attempting to find a barbershop, to my honeymoon visit to "Jack London Square" - which was at the time surrounded by abandoned buildings, to the tour of "Oakland Heights" given by a friend and co-worker from the area, to the business trip held over to Saturday where I saw a thriving Asian marketplace in that same district that was once abandoned - I see the changes. 

Oakland is changing.
Only those who were not sufficiently positioned to take advantage of the changes have been displaced by people who have more productive plans for the land.

Why Has The Black Community Not Gained More Traction Where It Has Gained Political And Population Domination? 

Monday, July 04, 2011

Organic Competency Development: What The Black Community Must Do Prosper In The Coming Demographic Changes In America And As The Global Economic Axis Shifts

Washington Post: Census estimates show minority babies now outnumber white babies, part of sweeping race change

When the subject of the impending demographic shift in America is discussed there are typically two tracks that the discussion takes:

  1. The White incumbent power base, seeing its power threatened are implementing or opposing certain policies that tend to threaten their power (Illegal Immigration Regulation, Anti-Nationalized Health Care, Opposition to Redistrivitve Tax Policy)
  2. The Demographic Changes favor Progressive-Secular polices and there will be a long term victory via the forces of attrition
I personally believe that the individuals in this nation are in for a rude awakening in the long run.

Too often we base our strategic efforts upon the world as it resides today - in the context of our largely intramural fight within America.  The focus on America's changing demographics and notions of how this is going to favor one group or another politically - does not sufficiently factor in the painful truths that the changing global-economic forces that are now converging or the realities of how America's present debt load is going to increasingly limit her ability to fund the nationalized resource distribution trends that those who feel confident that "their side" will be victorious appear to prefer as a governance model.

The challenge that the Black Community faces is unique. The longitudinal struggle for basic justice which later turned into an integrationalist and then redistributionalist struggle in purely political terms - is going to find itself at an abrupt decision point.

It comes as no surprise that the "Black Struggle" has by and large been a struggle against "White Supremacy"/"White Power"/"White Structural Racism".     My challenge is not that the TARGET was wrong - (We all know the color of the boot that has been upon our necks) - but that the time frame at which we acknowledged that our own organic development tasks required a more discrete system for propulsion and uplift than what a "Anti-Racism Struggle" could ever hope to deliver.

At present - for example - there are various people who discuss a 'Brown-Black Alliance" in which Hispanics and Blacks form coalitions as a means of going after "White Dominated Power Blocks".  This has been largely focused in the political domain where each of us have a vote that can be aggregated.  When it comes to business - far too often this has also focused mostly on government-related contracting.   With the fact that government contracting is often such a small amount of a given local economy's GDP - such a focus functionally limits the coalition's ability to grow to the desired scale.

In addition - if we look at various hotspots around the nation where Blacks communities have had to accept influx of various other races - it has been the Black community that has been diluted and often forced to move.  The term "Gentrification" has been popularly assigned to young White professionals moving into otherwise under-capitalized Black communities, making capital investments and then greatly increasing the property values and the tax base.  Blacks who cash out on their homes or who get behind on their high taxes - leave the community.   It is also true that as Hispanics (Miami and Greater Los Angeles) and Asians (Oakland and San Francisco) begin to tip the balance of population that the Black community's political and economic power become marginalized.

In summary - in the fight where the "White Power Block" is seen as the adversary and its take over the common goal - the interests of the Black Community is not assured in this victory.

The best advice that I can give is that the Black Community's message leaders begin to put forth a new base of recommendations by which our people seek future development.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Independence Day Speech 2011 By The Spirit Of Frederick Douglass VI - The Negro Is Now 5/5ths Of A Man And Fully American - Hypocrisy And All

Independence Day Speech 2011 By The Spirit Of Frederick Douglass VI -  The Negro Is Now 5/5ths Of A Man And Fully American - Hypocrisy And All
Compelled To Deliver An Update To His Great-Great-Great-Grandfather's Independence Day Speech Of 1841, these words are in the spirit of Frederick Douglass I as constructive feedback, given to expose the force that bears down most powerfully upon the Black Community Consciousness of today.

(Never a slave like his great-great-great-grandfather, Frederick Douglass VI became a leader in the 21st Century Black Community Consciousness & Cultural Competency Development Movement after seeing how much the contemporary Black Community had desecrated his ancestor's memory as inferred by the condition of the Frederick Douglass High School In Baltimore Maryland - a school that posts his ancestor's name but molests his dignity and love for scholarship as the essential pathway toward personal freedom, regardless of the conditions that reside outside of his control which labeled his ancestor a slave.  )

Fellow citizens, pardon me, allow me to ask, why is it necessary for me to call this press conference today?  What have I, or those I represent - who seek to retain the dignity of our people, done to deserve our present fate?  Is it even necessary to speak out upon the need for an independent Black Community consciousness?   Having been granted the great principles of  political freedoms and of social justice, enumerated in the Civil Rights Act Of 1965 after a long and bloody struggle, what else do our people ask to be extended to us so that we believe we are free to uphold in our communities?  Am I asked - or were you expecting from this press conference, live Twitter feed and streaming video on YouTube,  a calling from me to bring out a more resolute demand for additional social justice benefits to the national alter, and to demand a confession by this nation of its past guilt before you acknowledge the benefits and express devout gratitude for the blessings resulting from the delivery of independence to our people from the blood of our forefathers in the struggle?

Would to God, both for your sake and theirs, that an affirmative answer could be truthfully returned to these truths about where we presently stand as a people of underutilized self-determination!  Then would my task be light, and my burden easy and delightful.  For who is there so cold that a people's display of consciousness could not warm him?   Who so obdurate and dead to the claims of awareness that would not thankfully acknowledge such priceless benefits as freedom applied to the governance of our communities?  Who so stolid and selfish that would not give his voice to swell the hallelujahs of a cultural jubilee, when the crown of consciousness have been mounted upon his head and our places of residence were our people's consciousness is nurtured being to prosper more uniformly as evidence of the excellence of our plan and its execution?  I am not that man.  In a case like that the dumb might eloquently speak and the "lame man leap as a hart".

But such is not the state of our community consciousness of the day.  I say it with a sad sense of awareness of the disparity of our people's present condition as shown between us - am not a party to your grievances upon which you form your perpetual ideological unity, using this glorious anniversary of our nation's proclamation of independence as an opportunity to display the lack of your own!  Your lack of awareness of your present self-determination and the impact of your lack of human resource management of the prevailing culture only reveals the immeasurable distance between us.  The blessings in which you, this time period, grieve as you await further "social justice" from outside of your domain of control while not seeking to craft your own within is not an understanding shared by me.  The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence grasped by the immigrant merchants who have settled in the Black community today saw opportunity that was not perceived in your unconscious state.  They will one day hand the property, business and wealth from father to offspring for another generation of merchants in our community to leverage.   The sunlight that brought light and healing to our ancestors you now have been conditioned to await a more powerful beam in a second act as a second star fills the night sky, overpowering our present sun that is going to bring you more "social justice" before you agree that you are now whole.   This Fourth Of July I will choose to spend with my family, building up the strands of my community fabric, not share in your grievances about a condition that you did not experience per your timing in birth but which our ancestors are only qualified to claim.  You may morn in unison with a custom Twitter tag while I rejoice about the blessings that God has afforded me with my family who's care was entrusted to me.  To drag a man in fetters into the grand illuminated temple of grievance, and call upon him to join your wallowing cadences, were inhuman mockery and sacrilegious irony as you ask that I wear the shackles of our ancestors as evidence that I can connect with their pain today.  Instead I choose to live in the manner that they had hoped some future generation of Black people would be capable to live.  Do you mean, Black folks, to mock me by asking that I wail in front of you as proof of my connectedness with my people?  This press conference was called to repudiate such a slavish stranglehold that you seek to place upon me in the name of congregational unity.   If this is your agenda, there is a parallel to your conduct.  And let me warn that it is dangerous and ignorant to copy the example of a people who's assumed inferiority of our people, towering up to heaven - where God told us that we were all made in his own image, were thrown down into the cast of inferiors by the breath of the Almighty who repudiated the attempt at subordination of his own creation by their own accepted fate, burying that people in irrevocable dependency and ruin!  I can today take up the plaintive lament of a peeled and woesmitten man who watches all that is being done in the name of assumed inferiority.  I can be silent no more!!

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down.  Yea!  We wept when we remembered Zion.  We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.  For there, they that carried us away captive, required of us a song; and they who wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of those songs of Zion.  How can we sing the Lord's song any more than when my great-great-great-grandfather asked the same question during his day of those who had channeled our people into a sub-optimal state at a time when we are so astray from Gods' architecting of us?  If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.  If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.  For I refuse to sing in the cadence of grievance in some perverted attempt to relate to my ancestors struggles - so contrary to their wishes of what I would do with my freedom and equal gifts from God, no longer imperiled through  unmitigated oppression.  It is better for my tongue to be cut out of my mouth so that the tradition of my wailing not jump the generational synapse and be seen as normal by yet another prodigy who will think to articulate it more efficiently than the last".

Fellow members of the Black Community, above your tumultuous joy about your present accomplishments in the American Political Domain and this nation's leadership, I hear the mournful wail of millions of Black people as we have won at what we have been set out to do by the Black Racial Services Machine, while we have lost a great amount in the areas that count the most in regards to our "Community Cultural Consciousness and Organic Competency Development" that would address many of these grievances.  Whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday,  which were later melted down turned into coins for deposit in the ballot box that was to deliver our freedom as a people, are today rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reach them.  If I do forget the promises made to our people as we loyally followed along for twoscore and three years, if I do not faithfully remember those bleeding hearts who offered assistance to us in exchange for some of those coins, "may might right hand cleave to the roof of my mouth"!  To forget these promises, to pass lightly over the usurpations, and to chime in with the popular theme of "Struggle Outward More Against Our Political Enemies!" would be treasonous most scandalous and shocking against the memory of our ancestors in Africa who's placement all alone by God had forced them to find their way using the rich blessings of materials that their consciousness assisted them in finding at their feet for them to prosper.  My subject, then, fellow Black Community members, is the misappropriation of the memory of American Slavery - into the minds of our young people who live nearly some 150 years hence.  For today they are damaged far more by the benign neglect of the dysfunctional culture that you, our community proctors, have allowed to perpetuate than one can find a marking on their backs which indicate the slave master's whip or the thoughts of relating to such an experience that exists within them.  I shall see this day and its popular characteristics from the free Black American's view for I am a slave no more.  Standing there attempting to identify with the ubiquitous suffering faced by our enslaved forefathers, making his wounds mine if folly.  We must be suspect of those who will to do this.    I do not hesitate to declare with all of my conscious observation that the character and conduct of a community that brands itself as progressive yet receives its "realness" from a common point of oppression long ago in the past, at the hands of another, that an increasing number of our youth can no longer relate to - their own reality of freedom in this consumer society being too powerful of a force to overcome as the attempt is made to condition them to see otherwise, this is the sign of a "congregational ethos" that has reached far beyond its competency to instill more purposeful ideas into the minds and consciousness of its young people. It thus chooses to use the guilt of having moved beyond the grievances from the past to cover up its own incompetency and the need to be purged so that our people might prosper from the vision from a hand removed from our eyes.  In its corruption it chooses to utilize the Fourth Of July as an annual choke point to remind those who's minds have escaped of our common grievance. Yet its politics is one of more dependence upon its former slaver, that they might receive a full compliment of services as guaranteed by the society as evidence of their freedom and equality.   Whether we turn to the promises of the past or to the occupants of powerful seats of the present, the conduct of the Black Community at present seems equally hideous and revolting.  To bond our young people to the past yet call yourself a progressive is a false, misappropriation of what our ancestors so hoped for us as a people who are freed from the burdens that they were forced to suffer.  It makes us false to our present circumstances and hides opportunity that is right before our eyes, blindness being its force for unity.  It most assuredly binds us to be false to the future -as we mislead our community representative who will live this future about what is authentically Black - a reference to a slave past but not our ancestors in Africa as a more powerful cornerstone.  Standing with God - who made us equal human beings as he left us all alone in Africa - I will, in the name of humanity which is outraged, in the name of our liberty which is unfettered, in the name of the Constitution which is today enforced and the Bible which is disregarded and trampled upon in the name of Secular Progressivism, dare to call in question and to denounce, with all the emphasis I can command, the embedded confidence men within the Black community which serve to perpetuate the injury from slavery - the great sin and shame of America - because from this indictment comes their power over Black people and their ability to indict America despite the diminishing benefit to our community at a time that we are free to soar - if the hood is removed from the head of the bird of prey so that he might hunt. Their sin to our people is that they have failed to develop the needed infrastructure so that the organic competency development that our people need so desperately today has never taken root.  Despite our congregational unity.  Despite their political victories which have misappropriated our hopes and investments in them.  "I will not equivocate, I will not excuse"; I will use the severest language I can command; and yet not one word shall escape me that any man, whose judgment is not blinded by "congregational complicity" and "ideological unity enforcement" shall call me a liar in all that I have said today on July 4, 2011 - proud ancestor of Frederick Douglass I.

Those who might say that I am guilty of "blaming the victim" fail to see how they have been molesting the victim, picking the pockets of those who lay dead on the ground.  To those who are still alive and grieving they erect a scheme by which the ballot from which our victim cannot directly purchase food is transacted from our victim in a manner akin to a food stamp for cash scheme, the victim receiving pennies on the dollar.  Their choice to misappropriate the pain from their ancestors past and their grievance about their marginalized present is used to hijack and derail our people's future should register far worse an assault that I can be accused in "blaming the victim"..........they have "liquidated the victim's status for their own profit", returning back to the community with an empty bucket of community wealth but for the water they carry on behalf of those who are ultimately outside of our community interests and who most surely will not be around when and if there is a calamity in America - when our people are going to need the institutions for organic uplift the most. The promised fixes in our community organizations only exist in phantom form thus far - the vision of the architecture of the edifice are painted upon the carrot that is dangled in front of our faces, indicating that with a  few more favorable election cycles in the future a ground breaking ceremony will be had, with the favorable elected officials donning hard hats and a shovel.  Our task is to keep this picture in mind and look past the carcasses that reside on the ground today for we might trip and smash the carrot as we fall forward on our face, the contact with the ground shaking a bit of consciousness into our heads. 

For the present, it is not enough to affirm the equal manhood of the Negro race - seeking outside interests to prove that they believe this to be so based on the "social justice" social contracts that they agree to share with our community as if we are from their own womb.  The equal manhood of the Negro race must be seen as a transaction.  We as a community must first prove to ourselves that we can manage our own communities - for proof to not any man outside of our domain but as a construction of self-confidence among our own people.  From this status we will transact as equal partners with other communities but only after insisting that they take something of equal value from us - that we have crafted from our own making - thus preventing a superior/subordinate relationship, creating dependency upon our native industriousness to provide the quality and quantity commensurate with the value of our offering.  This means that the "equal Black ballot" can no longer be used as the valuable assessed craved by the outsider.  This is  because its value does not come at the hands of the Black man but instead as enforced by the government.  Just as Negro race today sees how irrelevant the equal ballot is at reforming the inner space of Newark, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta for his own advantage he will likewise see the folly of this as a primary development vehicle if ever he executes a mission through the diaspora for the uplift of his people in Haiti, Southern Sudan or Chad.   We must see that the ballot can only address issues that are rightfully inside of the "Political Domain".  Those issues that reside squarely inside of the "Community Cultural Consciousness and Organic Competency Development Domain" needs a different type of token to communicate our individual investment in our uplift.

It is astonishing that while we call ourselves a conscious people in need of social justice we are no longer plowing, planting, and reaping, using all kinds of mechanical tools so that the areas where we call "food deserts" in our community are no more and we are not treated to the array of chemicals and hormones fed to us by those some say are attempting to destroy us.  We are not erecting houses by our own hands, providing employ and shelter for our people.  The $2 billion provided to the Black farmers, which was promoted as a "civil rights victory" and respect for Black people was not used to fortify a strategic market condition for these farmers or to provide healthy foods in our community were the corporate conglomerate farmers have overlooked.  We are not constructing bridges, building ships, working in metals of brass, iron, copper as these now come from Asia.  We have a few secretaries and have lawyers and doctors but too few work for owners who's investments are rooted in our community.  We have ministers, poets, authors, editors, orators, and teachers - still too few are speaking out against the stagnant status quo as I have been compelled to do.  While we are engaged in all manner of enterprises common to other men, and above all, confessing and worshiping the God of the Christian and Muslim and Jew, and looking hopefully for live and immortality beyond the grave, we are called upon to prove that we are men who can take care of their own community and family!......

What, am I to argue that it is wrong perpetuate a culture and consciousness position that make men brutes because of their disconnectedness to their community, to rob them of their ability to take advantage of their liberty, to scuttle the institutions within which they used to work in exchange for wages, to keep them ignorant of their inter-relationship to their fellow men of their community, to have them listen to beats that mask destructive messages, to see them enact violence that results in bloodshed, to have them engage in the endless battle of "street justice", to see so many of them disconnected from their family and obligations, to starve them of their discipline and submit to the whims of those who they have confidence in as they are offered false hope about a better future?  Must I argue that the system that draws upon their emotions, which values their vote more than the person it represents is marked with blood and will never build the scaffolding upon which the Black Community will erect the key institutions for our uplift, and thus the present system that we have been ensconced within is wrong?  No!  I will not.  I have better employment for my time and strength than such arguments.   Instead I must demand that the Negro race look at his investments and the results that have been returned from his full involvement and make up his own mind that this is the case.

If the present day Negro is silent about his present condition and the failings that have contributed to it, then let this be a sign of his contentment and complicity with the present situation.  Look not at the protestations from his mouth but his consumer relationship with the system at hand.  At a time when he had the free will to boycott the entire capitalist system that he so scorns - his invoices, banking statements and cable television statements shows him to be a full partner in the system - but for his race going un-recorded on the receipts for services rendered.

What, to the Negro American as those around him grieve about the Fourth Of July?   I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than any other days in the year, the lack of thrust that is present in his present engine for uplift - that it must focus so on past grievances than building up a pathway for measurable elevation.  The lack of social injustice and continued inequality to which he claims to be the constant victim is surely present within his community among his own kind who claim to be in the struggle as he looks for outside but with a greater indictment.  He admits that he is able to get the external system of government to provide him with social justice than he can count on the culture and intra-community systems to impart such consciousness into a man who calls him "brother" as they struggle side by side.  The celebration of this system within our community is a sham.  Those wishing to retain their power in the political system that our community has been fused to can be heard cherry picking news stories that are to make us proud but in truth are merely counter-propaganda to the more abundant stories that show that we have great dysfunction that the system that we have so intimately adopted within our community is not addressing.  Those who are listed as threats are almost universally political and ideological threats.  Those who have assaulted our people after having been conditioned from within the confines of this system are both promoted as victims of the unjust outer system and thought to be a lesser threat than the political enemy, the blood stains on the sidewalk of the community proving to be insufficient evidence because it dried up before anyone voiced any concern enough to get a DNA sample out of fear of their involvement.

Your civil rights rituals are akin to the stage practices for show like the Pharisees, your false self-congratulation on accomplishments that satisfy your ideology but which lack the scale and proportion to deliver a comprehensive fix for our people, your tight congregational agreement on who is the enemy - the popularity of this agreement being the evidence of its correctness - despite the circumference of the reference, your outrage over the murder or assault at the hands of a White man but the silence as the coroner's office is filled with victims slaughtered by the consciousness that was allowed to fester within.  The word "Nigger" is said to be the most hateful word in the dictionary and thus there is an organized effort to remove it from the dictionary, yet as this same word is heard through the mouths of other Blacks both in commercial speech or on public transportation it is the White man who had better not lipsynch the word or fail to see the difference from when a Black man uses the word out of "love".   So too is it the case that we have passed the time when the label "RACISM" denoted a dead Black man, a raped Black woman or a Black child given hand me down text books from the White school.  In today's state of corruption the label "Racism" has a greater chance of being cast out against a political or ideological enemy in the face of a feigned offense by the gallery of Black political constituents seeking to improve the standing of their chosen candidate despite the fact that he or she has not improved the community standing as promised.  You have more loyalty them than they do to your community.  What shows as resolutness is actually the acknowledgement of your dependency - as you have no other choice but to remain silent on the failings and project a poker face outward.  The use of racism places Blacks in a defensive posture and in the reactionary fear the Black vote is secured - just as those who manipulate us from the inside but for outside advantage know to be the be case.  How is the past suppression of the Black vote any different that today's hijacking and misappropriation of the vote when the results to our community are the same?  - a grand misalignment between hope and reality - absent the infrastructure to migrate toward a correction?

Those among us who can document the year and month of the first ship from Europe to land on the African coast to indicate the period of colonial bombardment of the Motherland are loathed to say anything about the bombs from US predator drones as affiliated with three African colonizers that are now being dropped on Libya and Somalia, fearing that the poll numbers from the first Black President of the United States might imperil his reelection if the popular ideological enemy of the Black Progressive populous makes note of the  protestations as they repudiate this violation.  This would have them stand with Dr King's moral compass rather than with the man who now sits where LBJ once sat when he also engaged in an unjust war. The claim that education is the great equalizer yet the demand that your stated enemy provide you with equal funding to show you that he loves you as he loves his own kind, the claimed loss in inter-generational wealth at the hands of greedy banks while ignoring the more precipitous loss of Black wealth, Black academic excellence, and respect for Black life from too many communities that suffer from incompetence in "Human Resource Management and Development" using the institutions that favorable people now control.   The claim that the policeman is the biggest criminal in the Black community while being averse to see that they are forced to deal with young Black males who should be the Pillars of Our Community but through the benign neglect cast by those who are off doing civil rights and social justice protests with their joint-venture partners these pillars are now the assailants that our Black women, old and young now fear - as they call the police for protection.  The choice to propagandize and promote the progressive "base hits" in the name of {fill in the blank} equality while the massive strike outs that exist in the cultural and social policies that will reunite the Black man in a quality, functional, long term and rewarding relationship with the Black woman that God created for him - all of these points show that the wicked hypocrisy that was present when my great-great-grandfather spoke the words of contempt for the system that those who called themselves "Americans" had erected but which allowed the Black man to fester in the pit called slavery - is still in existence in full force today in the year 2011  - but the Negro race of today should feel proud for it too has been promoted to the full honor of being an "American hypocrite".  There is not a Klan troop in existence today who can get away with the molestation and murder of Black people in 2011 that those who have gestated from the womb of corruption that is currently maintained inside of the Black community's cultural consciousness that has not only fused with the American political domain but also the grand corruption that my great-great-great-grandfather had pointed out as fraudulent and oppressive.

Go where you may, search where you will, roam through all of the "mission accomplished cities" who's leaders appear on the Ebony Magazine top 100 Black Progressive leaders, search out every abuse, and when you find the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of the Black Community in its present state of consciousness, and you will say with me that, for revolting misappropriation of our people's consciousness and the shameless exploitation of our grievances the hypocrisy of the present day Black American culture and consciousness as bound to the character of America reigns supreme as the greatest slaver of all - for it enslaves the mind of a free man to believe that he still suffers the injury of the slave, usurping the promised organic uplift for the benefit of the American judiciary, legislative branch and the executive.  There is no greater con-job to present in a court case.

In as much as our common ancestors were forced by derision to forgo their own interests in support of the interests that the system which made legal the organized violence that rendered our people who were labeled equal to a beast of burden, a common farm animal they cannot be held accountable for failing to express the self-determination of their ancestors.  For the Negro people in these modern times, in full possession of the 2/5ths once denied to him in the text of the  US Constitution at a time he was denied  American citizenship but his head was worthy for consideration in the US Census - the Great 3/5ths Compromise cast him short of being an equal human being - we must accept that through the process of  integration the original 3/5ths and recently acquired 2/5ths that made him 5/5ths and thus a whole rational human being free to choose - also made him a 100% American and marinated in the hypocrisy therein.

Now ask yourself - if you were so enchanted with my great-great-great-grandfather's 'speaking truth to power' against the pretenses of the America empire  in its self-anointed but selective commitment to justice, equality and greatness - why might you be troubled now, having been insulted by a similar truth but inclusive of you - when you are now a full American?