Sunday, July 10, 2011

Black Flight From Oakland California - Public Policy That Is Hostile To Black Families?

KQED Forum: Black Flight From Oakland   (Try this audio link as KQED audio archive site presently has a database error)

 Add this to the recent exposes' that have been published showing how Black America has weathered the recent economic downturn:

I can go on but the picture is clear.
There are thousands of data points to draw upon.
The proper ANALYSIS of what is occurring is the rare species that is not often seen.

The time that was sold on paper as a grand celebratory occasion,  in the pro forma filing that had been registered in line with the deadlines of the American elections, turned out to be a time of consternation.  More Blacks saw fit to use their newly protected rights in which there is less fear from molestation as we traveled the open roads and settle - to choose a new place of residence that offered more opportunity than did he place that was exited.

The reason why the story about Oakland was of keen interest to me is because one of the contributors of the story made the case that "the city of Oakland had public policies that were hostile to Black families".  This reference caught my eye.  Though it could mean 101 different things - I chose to view it under the auspices of the "Right-itification" of cultural standards in America.  The notion that whatever a consenting adult chooses to do the state, the church and the culture has no business in his affairs.

The prevailing order of the Black community today exists as a veritable hodgepodge of conflicting and contradictory positions.  The same individuals casting indictments about the high Black unemployment rates can later be heard recasting the crackdown on illegal immigration as a threat of "racial profiling" and then the project to find replacement American workers to fill the jobs that the immigrants used to work as a slippery slope back toward SLAVERY.   

In all of these pronouncements of political genuflection the common theme is the noted repudiation of "Establishment Authority".  This is where the Black Community and its chosen agents of representation are ultimately compelled into accepting their hand in the present outcome that were found to be so contrary to their INTENDED goals.

The use of "congregational unity" at this particular point of realization affords those who should be held accountable to divert the blame upon the larger (racist) society.  "They never wanted Black people to prosper all along........why should we Blacks be surprised when we fail - just as they had plotted?".   This is the inside job for the "embedded confidence man" to keep alive.

As an observer of these antics - just as I successfully document the case of the "Black Flight Progressive" - who ironically uses the advantage of the "safe passage" that our present situation affords us - to migrate next door to the conservative, ideological enemy of the Black populous - the necessary conscious attention on this grand irony is disrupted.   The unfolding US Presidential Election has forced those who would have been open to inspect the full dimensions of this irony, back into their usual defensive stance.

I have a time lapsed view of Oakland and the Bay Area.  From my joy-riding about 16 years ago, attempting to find a barbershop, to my honeymoon visit to "Jack London Square" - which was at the time surrounded by abandoned buildings, to the tour of "Oakland Heights" given by a friend and co-worker from the area, to the business trip held over to Saturday where I saw a thriving Asian marketplace in that same district that was once abandoned - I see the changes. 

Oakland is changing.
Only those who were not sufficiently positioned to take advantage of the changes have been displaced by people who have more productive plans for the land.

Why Has The Black Community Not Gained More Traction Where It Has Gained Political And Population Domination? 

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