Sunday, August 21, 2011

Murder On Macon Drive In Southeast Atlanta

23 Year Old Mother Of Four Young Children Gunned Down In A Drive By Shooting In Southeast Atlanta

News of the senseless loss of life of this young mother compelled me to jump in my car this morning and actually drive to "Macon Drive" to see the conditions of this area for myself.

The site is near the intersection of "Macon Drive and Mt Zion Road" on the south side of Atlanta. It is to the north of the Atlanta airport. and about 2.5 miles from the Atlanta Metropolitan College where the CBC Jobs Fair was recently held.

I am not sure if the murder scene is actually in the "Popular Rock" section of Atlanta but it is close enough to qualify for the purposes of this article.

This community is full of contrasts.  As I drove the length of Macon Dr I started out at the newly reformed "Lakewood Fair Grounds" that have been converted into a movie and entertainment studio.  Drive southbound just a few short blocks and a residential community of small houses and moderate to low income people reside.  Each block has what appears to be dedicated home owners that keep their properties maintained.  Disbursed through these blocks is the occasional boarded up house.  The houses appear to have been "investment properties".

From my experience when you see brand new wood or vinyl siding and/or a fresh paint job but boards over the windows-some investor purchased the property, sunk money to bring it back up to code and then either rented or resold the property.  As the mortgage meltdown washed in - many of these houses were left abandoned.  The renters gone or no one on the market willing to purchase the house so the owners have walked away.

This is a vulnerable community.
It was vulnerable as various real estate investors came in and turned "residences" into "capital assets" that were put into play for their "appreciating values" in the "house flipping" that went on.  Despite the new coat of paint and interior furnishings the basic economic condition of the people within did not change.  Ultimately the owner still needed someone in the house to faithfully pay the monthly note.

Likewise this community is vulnerable to the violent actions of Street Pirates.  99% of the people in the community are honest, hard working people.  They want protection in their community instead of gun play.

As I got out of my car to take the pictures of the make-shift memorial a little girl on her bike asked me "Did you know that girl?" as she pointed to the memorial?   "No I heard about it on the news", I said.   "What happened to her?" I asked.    "She got shot right there."    "You want the people who did it to pay for what they did to her, right? " .  "Yes", she said as she sped down the street and into the apartment complex.

Sadly if this little girl had been on that same road at the wrong time - we might be reading about her in the paper as well.

In a community that seeks safety that same community must manage the thoughts and actions of those who have a proclivity to violate  the trust of the community.  The drive by shooter with the gun did not care who he hit - he was content that "any of them would do".

Directly across from the murder scene was yet another remodeled house that was a vacant trash dumping ground.  That little girl and other children and women in the community are potential victims to a cremudgeon who might drag them into the house and harm them.   The best thing that this community can do to honor Julian Jones is to protect the state of their community by managing these abandoned properties that pose a risk.  By placing more stable owners with skin in the game they will ensure that less foolishness transpires within.


FauxSwede said...

I live less than a mile from where this happened. You are correct in much of what you said regarding the make up of the neighborhood re:dedicated homeowners vs. flipped properties but what you missed on your quick venture to this part of town is that drug dealers and gang bangers are everywhere thanks to section 8 housing and many other factors. This shooting was likely not a random act of violence but a targeted and vengeful act that ended up killing the unintended person (read the ajc article) If you want to know more about this neighborhood talk to the home owners. We'd be happy to fill you in.

CNu said...

The best thing that this community can do to honor Julian Jones is to protect the state of their community by managing these abandoned properties that pose a risk. By placing more stable owners with skin in the game they will ensure that less foolishness transpires within.

So, you fit'na set up the Google Site, promote it at the churches and community centers and basically use your technical knowledge and skill to facilitate this property management objective, or, is this just another of your now countless examples of breath and britches talk Ronald?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]drug dealers and gang bangers are everywhere thanks to section 8 housing and many other factors.[/quote]


I appreciate your perspective.

I was out there early in the morning and there were only a few people milling around that early. I was surprised that the little girl on the bike was there (all by herself). That abandoned house - right across the street is a threat to all of the children in the community.

The drug dealers and gang bangers were not up that early. (I had my "Girl Friend" in my pocket none the less).

This is a community of extremes. As I turned east-bound on Mt Zion I saw a beautiful community that I would consider living in. Go a few more blocks and you see places that I would not venture into without a weapon for self-defense.

The community needs stable homeowners who are going to not move an inch in fear of these Street Pirates.

That was a beautiful young woman that was shot dead senselessly. Her 4 children are the main victims of the tragedy.

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr CNulan:

CALL ME SUPERIOR to these "The Least Of These" in this community - AND I'LL DO as you ask me to.

I will leave my WIFE and CHILDREN - per my role as a resident father - and go outward to cover for these Black men who have abandoned their role. Though I did not get a "piece of the booty" - I accept that you have a stronger influence upon Me with your INDICTMENTS than you believe that their INFERIOR SHOULDERS can carry.

WE ARE OF THE SAME RACE - with the same "SLAVE EXPERIENCE". What, in your mind makes me a SUPERIOR platform to carry our common RACIAL BURDEN - CNulan?

Your SUPERIORIZATION of me can only come at the expense of their INFERIORIZATION. How do you plan to build a STRONG PEOPLE with such perverted thoughts that you carry?

Grant me "Power Of Attorney" so that all of their "Equal Black Ballots" (I saw some White folks and Hispanics tending to their lawns in that area as well) and I will assume such control over them, sculpting the community in a manner that they have proven INCOMPETENT to do so. This despite their RETAINED "Investment Authority" in the elections.

My dear friend KCNulan - as you think about how you are going to "Keep Me On Trial" in your next escapade - do you ever think that their PRESENT STATE is a "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED STATE" of the present scheme that they have bought into?

WHY do you demand that I OFFER THEM A NEW PILL while you are never seen SNATCHING the PRESCRIPTION DRUGS out of their hand before they ingest yet another PILL from the current scheme?

Ironically, sir, they have INVESTED something more powerful and valuable than the "Equal Black Ballot". They have FUSED THEIR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS into this present distribution effort.

Sadly as they are made to SUFFER ANOTHER DAY - knowing that it was not a TEA PARTY MILITIA MEMBER that has murdered another Black Equal Human being - that consciousness of HATRED AND EVIL was allowed to fester from the CONSCIOUSNESS that has been maintained from their FUSION OF THEIR "BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS".

It TAKES AND TAKES AND TAKES from us. As it markets the CRUMBS that has been redistributed - it steals yet another round of INVESTMENTS of our SOULS - as its biorhythm has been synchronized with the nation's "Menstrual Cycle" the "2 Year Federal Elections". Every 4 years we have a cycle of "heavy bleeding" with anemia from the heavy blood loss IF the wrong regime is hired.


When you decide to ASK THE SAME DAMNED QUESTIONS of those with the largest club upon our CONSCIOUSNESS HEAD!!!!!!!............THEN you will return among the status of the CREDIBLE!!!

Until then - you and I both know that the WHITE BOY IN MISSISSIPPI with his FORD F-150 TRUCK has committed a SUPERIOR act to the Street Pirate who MURDERED THIS YOUNG MOTHER and snatched away the mother of these 4 beautiful daughters.

The ONLY agent of the SUPERIOR act in Mississippi was that of the MURDERER and not the attributes of the murder victim.