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Can The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Get Beyond Satisfying Themselves With Obama's Speeches And Start To Defend The Interests Of The Black Community?

MSNBC's The David Love: Should Blacks Be Satisfied With Obama's Job Speech?


When you hear an "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" member using a rhetorical question in relation to Obama and Black folks - you can be assured that what follows is a sales job and NOT a separation between the interests of the Black Community and that of The President/Democratic Party and Progressivism.

Instead the fatal fusion that has causes our people to invest so much and put so many of the returns on forbearance.  The NEXT election is now supposed to be the big pay off for all of our vested hopes and dreams for uplift.

Per the lack of transparency within the Black press forces - they show that they are unable to take a doggedly defensive posture from the plans that come out of EVERY President's mouth - as they pretend they are our community's watch dogs.   Though Maxine Waters said she would like to see $1,000 Billion in spending - when her party-mate President came out with $447B she was not hear saying that Blacks where SHORT CHANGED as we heard with "No Child Left Behind", instead she said "The CBC's finger prints are all over Obama's plan".

I expect to hear her say "AND ITS' WORKING.  YOU SHOULD THANK ME".

What we are seeing, people, is the grand flaw of having the BLACK WAGON hitched to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY/PROGRESSIVE Turbo Engine.   This sports car doesn't want to be burdened with a hit post sticking out from its rear bumper and its engine and suspension system is not meant to carry this external weight that the Black Racial Services Machine's wagon has affixed to it via the fatal Joint Venture that they have agreed to.

This jobs proposal is merely a FOOTBALL for Black Progressives to fight along with their Cheshire Fox friends against the Conservative Wolves.  At the end of it all the JOBS created are the happenstantial reside. The FIGHT is the main event.

I make note of Mr Love's lack of ARCHITECTURE in his appraisal of the Obama Jobs Bill as contrasted with a time when the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS and associated REACTION was defined by the amount of NEED.

My Response On "The"
Mr Love: When you say "THE OTHER SIDE" are you saying this as: 1) A journalist transparently telling about Obama's political opposition? 2) A Progressive, Democratic-leaning jouranlist who is expressing his personal biases? 3) As a Black journalist defending the interests of the Black Community? You see, Mr Love - since this story used the primary subject of the "Black Community" - it seems to me that the OTHER SIDE is the forces that have failed to leverage the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" that bear upon Black people from birth that have received our INVESTMENTS as part of our "Community Development Hopes" yet which have not come through for our community and our NEEDS in support of the desired STANDARD OF LIVING. Why are we debating the benefit of $400 billion that is IN FRONT OF US but are loathed to talk about the VALUE of the investments that the Black community has put into this methodology that was supposed to reduce our chances for getting the "Economic Pneumonia"? Do you see, Mr Love - you and other Progressive Black Journalists are queueing up Black America to run another passing play in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game". We are asked to look at this legislation and who who might be opposed to it BUT NOT those who have shorted us over the longer period of time that they had unchallenged access to our community conscoiusness. (I hate to "go here" but......) Mr Love - Imagine that Obama's billions is a "George Bush Helicopter In Hurricane Katrina". As you evaluate the rescue potential of this helicopter you did a better job at defining the dimensions of our NEEDS. * How many people needed Rescue? * How many people can the "helicopter" carry? * With the number of helicopters "graciously" provided by the President - how long will it take to CLEAR OUT THE NEED? * Is this time domain ACCEPTABLE? * Is this helicopter the most efficient mode - or are there others? * WHY are we at this point where the Black community is VULERABLE to this flooding that we need a helicopter when so many privately owned vehicles owned by neighbors were available by vacated half empty? Long story short, Mr Love - Until the Black Press CLEARLY and UNAPPOLIGETICALLY evalulates the "football game' from the LONG TERM interests of our people - and stops selling our people the same thing but making us "try harder" your credibility as a message source will collapse to the point where only the "complcit congregation" accepts what you write. The rest of us who are "watching your church" will note that regardless of what the "pastor" does - those who publish the "church bulletin" will continue to do their thing, as they support the pastor more than the SALVATION of the congregation.
This is a necessary brush back of a vile person who's BIGOTRY is no less than that of a White bigot being that she and they are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS. Super Sistah 1 is NOT interested in having a conversation that is modeled on the BLACK COMMUNITY. She is interested in exorcising her demons.

Post from SuperSistha 1
Pres. Obama is up against a lot of obstacles. For one thing -- he has a bunch in the House -- aka: THE TEA PARTY that has been very hostile to almost anything that benefits working people, elderly, schools, etc. Black people should be happy that someone has done something to start trying to get some pay in the pockets of all of these unemployed workers....since Global Warming BUSH permitted the big companies to send millions of jobs overseas. 
Give the CBC and Pres. Obama some credit for putting forth positive plans -- even though they will have to fight the PARTY OF NO.  IT IS TIME TO OPEN YOUR EYES....Tea Partiers --- I have said that the founders and funders of the TEA PARTY have ties to "white power groups"--such as Confederates and John Birchers. Some of the folks who post here have denied it. Here is an exercise for the TEA PARTY supporters who are blinded to the truth about the ideology of that bunch of JIM CROW's children. It is easy to find out...GO TO THE WEBSITES...of THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY...and "The Sovereign Citizens Movement" ,,and the NEO-CONFEDERATES...and then compare their "talking points" -- beliefs and ideology to what you see on GLENN BECK'S WEBSITE...and to some of the crap that comes out of the mouths of HANNITY, STOSSEL, PALIN, BACHMANN and RON PAUL.You might find that what I have said is very accurate. If you dig a little deeper -- you will find that many of these people fought against the Civil Rights Movement...and the Black leaders such as Dr. King and Barbara Jordan, etc. Then find out what RON PAUL (Tea Party founder) published in his foul NEWSLETTER for many years. If you check many of the so-called Republican Leaders -- who are always nitpicking Pres. Obama -- like that Gov. in AZ -- they also have ties with these "white supremacy" groups. Check it out yourself
Let's pretend that all of this is true - THE TEA PARTY IS THE NEW KLAN.
If we take an HONEST look within the Black community and consider the areas were we are hurting the most:

  1. The Tea Party does not run the failing school systems in Mission Accomplished Cities
  2. The Tea Party is not causing a "murdered Black man" to appear on the news nightly
  3. The Tea Party has no control over the local economic development planning that has not produced sufficient fruit for the Black community in line with our NEEDS or what we were PROMISED prior to making the investment.
When the Tea Party starts ATTACKING Black people in these 3 areas in PROPORTION to our problems - I will shift my focus over to them.

UNTIL THAT TIME I have to attribute the heightened focus upon them to "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY".  Their SKIN COLOR combined with the RACISM CHASERS ideological agenda makes their actions SUPERIOR to those forces who can be proven to be harming the Black community.   All the while the White Progressive Cheshire Fox looks on with PRIDE as his Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man are able to make wolf-howls that sound good enough to occupy the Cheshire Fox's broadcast chair when he is on vacation. 

My Response:
Super Sistah 1: There is a divorcee named ConsSuckBalls. Neither of you can get through a post, REGARDLESS OF THE SUBJECT, without relating it to: * The Tea Party * The Koch Brothers * George W Bush You both would be perfect for each other. [quote]has been very hostile to almost anything that benefits working people, elderly, schools, etc.[/quote] Super Sistah 1: When you look at the conditions for Black people in the Mission Accomplished Cities of: *Chicago * Detroit * Newark * Philly * Atlanta where no Tea Party Racist could get elected - can you show proof that a Progressive Democratic Executive branch, Legislative Branch and courts produce prosperity for the Negro community? History tells us that the BIGOT is the White man who saw- * A Raped White Woman * A Stolen Piece Of Property * A Dead White Man............ and they all agreed that A BLACK MAN DID IT!!!! You and several others on this board force everyone who is open minded to see that BIGOTRY knows no RACE or IDEOLOGY. The biggest crime that you commit, Sista - is against the Black Community. We need a MODEL OF THE REAL WORLD that accurately defines the forces that are PUSHING US DOWN and LIFTING US UP along with those who are TAKING OUR GOLD yet distracting us toward a FORCE that can't possibly represent the downward push that they are built up to be. Instead it is done to pick our pockets of our VOTES and our CONSCIOUSNESS. You are unable to accept that the Black community has been compelled to VOTE FOR OUR PROSPERITY for more than 50 years. For some reason you can't bring yourself to transparently inspect the RETURN ON INVESTMENT that we have received. [quote]Black people should be happy that someone has done something to start trying to get some pay in the pockets of all of these unemployed workers....since Global Warming BUSH permitted the big companies to send millions of jobs overseas.[/quote] PAY???? Sadly you can't accept that Blacks with college degrees have an unemployment rate lower than the national average - which should promote you to ask - WHY aren't the schools that are now controlled by Favorable People producing more graduates who can matriculate through the system and lower the average Black unemployment rate?

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