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"MLK Was A Phony" - Why Should Mrs Kennedy's Opinions Be Worth More Than Those With Greater Stature Within Our Comunity?

Text Of Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy on Dr King:

Jacqueline Kennedy spoke skeptically of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. She called him “tricky” and a “phony” after hearing about FBI tapes of him and a woman in his hotel room, while noting that JFK had urged her not to be judgmental. (JFK‘s own adulterous affairs weren’t yet widely known.) She said King had mocked her husband’s funeral and Cardinal Richard Cushing, who celebrated Mass at the funeral.
“He made fun of Cardinal Cushing and said that he was drunk at it,” she said. “And things about they almost dropped the coffin. I just can’t see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, that man’s terrible.”

Beware! Incoming!!!!!

The news that former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy had critical comments of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr - as reported from an interview in a new book - is likely to send shock waves through the Black channels of political discourse and fuel charges of racism by some of the closest allies of Black Progressives in the struggle.

I take a different approach.

From my research on various powerful Black figures that enjoy near universal praise - their time in which they were actually alive and in the flesh proved one thing - they were human.  They had flaws and not everyone loved them.  Sometimes for good reason.

Per my tastes - these other two men posted next to Dr King are more worthy analysts of his character and position.
When all three of them were alive they all are on record as having offered up criticism of each of their respective strategies.   Instead of protectionism through censorship or feigned outrage over the fact that not every Black fell in line with any of their dogmatic positions - the Black community operated with a more transparent base as the METHODOLOGY to the common end was debated, not their loyalties to the community itself.

The Kennedy Clan As A "Trusted Partner" That Should Have Been Forced To Have An Escort Around Our Protected Consciousness Core

I see how this is going to line up.
The very same people who, for agenda reasons, chose to assess Cornel West's "personal problems" with Obama so they didn't have to deal with his accurate criticism of Obama - using a progressive measuring stick - are going to also mishandle the criticism of King by Mrs Kennedy.

I am already on to the Kennedy's as founding members of the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" club. It is my believe that the late Senator Ted Kennedy was the most DESTRUCTIVE force upon "Black ORGANIC Competency Development" Consciousness elected into power in the last 50 years.
We only need to go back to Atlantic City New Jersey and now how the newly elected Senator and his party treated activist Fannie Lou Hamer after she drove in a car from Mississippi to be recognized at the Democratic Convention of 1964.  The party sent progressive Hubert Humphrey out to "handle" Ms Hamer.   The claims that progressives like Kennedy had an instinctive love for Black human and civil rights is a tale for April Fools Day.

Just as the Union Movement grew to see the value of the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT so too did the Cheshire Foxes like Kennedy.   For them, however, the more nefarious result was that he could collect "Equal Black Ballots" into his cause via the exchange of "Social Justice Entitlements" that were sufficient enough to convince Black people that they no longer needed to erect the infrastructure to grow these assets ORGANICALLY in the communities who's institutions they began to control in increasing measure.

It was not INTEGRATION OF RACES that destroyed the Black Community
It was the INTEGRATION of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" INTO the "American Political Domain" in which we were convinced that we could VOTE our way into prosperity by articulating and then struggling for our portion of "Social Justice" that proved to be the fatal ingestion for our people's consciousness.   Today these thoughts flow through our bloodstream as does the heave metal lead.

John F Kennedy was cut down too soon for anyone to make a full measure of what would have been his long term engagement with the Black Community.

Instead his young brother Ted took over and provided anyone who is HONEST in their appraisals of where we stand as a community with sufficient information as to the character of his theories upon our community.

I do not hate Ted Kennedy or any of his family members.
I am only arguing for the need to PROTECT the "Black Community Consciousness Core" from USURPERS.   Those of them who work with closer proximity are the larger threat to our interests.

Those of them who have a disarming pelt upon their backs - allowing them to blend in, in which their FAVORABLE IDEOLOGY serves as a guise to their real agenda have more than exceeded the damage that Ted Kennedy has done to the independent consciousness of the Black Community.

The words spoken by Jackie Kennedy matter not.  The damage done by the joint-venture that has been erected inside the Black community with heavy references to her husband's family's legacy will take decades to repair.

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