Friday, September 23, 2011

Who Defines The Priorities Within In The Black Community - Especially When The Focus Doesn't Match The Scale Of The Problem

Please Note: These Articles Are Posted Not To Debate The Subject Matter Contained Within But To Index The Present Condition Of The Black Community As The Basis For This Argument

In the present governance model of the Black community - results do not matter.  Intentions and the claim of "Moral Certainty" trump all other points of evidence that a survey might provide information upon our present coordinates.

When an article like the first on the bullet list shows that our ship has stalled and is listing toward the starboard side - those with influence can often be found promoting a new initiative that drives UNITY but not necessarily conclusive uplift.

In my analysis the prevailing consciousness position - which comes from the aggregation of individual views - is that the Black community is not the prevailing force controlling its own interests.  Instead it is mostly a derivative of the national condition.  This is the case in the domains of economics, education, law & justice and health.

As you consider the above list it should be noted that all of these points have a local governance attribute to them.  Certainly strong local institutions that are committed to effective and accountable governance would be able to mitigate the balance of any of these concerns.  By investing in these institutions the people who are now seen "chasing social justice windmills" would have their efforts focused on mechanisms that have far more traction toward their uplift.

If we note the statements of Rev Warnock, the leader of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta - who has several thousand members - his "Priority #1" appears to be focused on changing GOVERNMENT rather than changing GOVERNANCE of the institutions within the Black community.

The truth is that fewer Black people would make it to death row if our institutional governance was more effective in engaging our people into a movement that produced more organic uplift.  There is no construct within the present Black community governance model that could take in the mission as voiced by Rev Warnock, look at the economic condition that our people face and then choice the fork that will have the greater long term benefit for our people's interests.

Of course these two points are not mutually exclusive.  However, in the present model Blacks are sought to stay unified and focus on the issue de jure.   The internal problems that the leadership should be held accountable for are thus demoted or even obfuscated as the fault of someone else.  This is the sign that "group think" (or as my economist friend recently called "tribalism") trumps good governance.

The present economic, political and justice issues faced by the Black community are a necessary interval for our people to pass through.   We must understand that the circumstances are less important than is the SOLUTIONS that are promoted as a means of mitigating these problems.

It is important that we not allow ideas and strategies that were consummated during a time when Blacks were outsiders to these key institutions be allowed to live during a time when "favorable people" are in power.  Then they become a means of promoting a protection racket for those who should otherwise be held accountable.

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