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The "Black Flight Progressives", Not The GOP Must Call For The End Of The Voting Rights Act

AJC: Georgia seeks to strike down Voting Rights Act

"The 5/5ths Equal Human Being Journal" is not a political blog.  The political preferences of Black people, however, frequently express the underlying thoughts and assumptions that this particular blog seeks to appraise and strategize upon.

The issue at hand is the "Pre-clearance Clause" of the "Voting Rights Act" which mandates that any changes to election procedures or district boundary lines must receive "pre-clearance" by the US Department Of Justice.  All of this due to the past acts of racial discrimination which sought to deny non-Whites the right to vote and/or to marginalize their voting power.

This blog submission is not intended to debate the politics of this issue.  Instead the discussion will focus on the actions that are outside of the "American Political Domain".  This done on my way to arguing that the people who should be pushing for a release from these sanctions are the ones who have been provably most harmed by them:  "The Black Flight Progressive".

My analysis makes me believe that the pre-clearance clause is mostly a "Black Progressive Elected Official Protection Act".  

I have called for the banning of the use of racial gerrymandering to create "majority-minority districts" as unconstitutional.  These districts pack Black (and Hispanic) citizens into a district for the purposes of increasing the chances that a minority Progressive Democrat is elected by the will of the people. 

While people like to point to the "Portrait Upon The Wall" of the elected official they are loathed to talk about the real world truth.  There are few of these sculpted districts that has not suffered a massive exodus of Black people.  They are leaving these "Mission Accomplished Districts", ironically, to pursue their "Black Permanent Interests", in a place where it is more likely obtained.  I call these people "Black Flight Progressives".   After assisting to sculpt the district in question with the favorable public policy that their ideology directs them to - they fought to run "the ideological enemy" out of power and then stood at the precipice of having the "keys to the kingdom", running the institutions that they now control and delivering upon their promise.

The transition from "The Struggle" over to governance of the institutions through which our people develop has proved to be far, far more difficult.  As everyone understands the facts of "group behavior" compels individuals to form factions.  The faction is strongest as the collection of individuals has an "enemy" that forges them into a bond and triggers a struggle.  A collection that is under a threat will be compelled to rise to the occasion.  Their common bond, the memories that they share in common are those on the battlefield.  These stories will be told 30 years in the future when they regroup in a social setting.

Unfortunately the key governance attributes of "The Struggle" are not the qualifications necessary promote successful institutions as "favorable people" are at the helm.   The forces of cohesion which sculpted a "congregation" during the struggle will not be sufficient to motivate the people to respect the institutions while they are all alone. 

Human nature shows - that when "that first enemy" is gone - the people will separate into cliques and create new "enemies" among themselves.  The documentary "Brick City" proves to be the best illustration of this having knocked "Street Fight" - another tale of Black on Black politics in the city of Newark.

The Black Flight Progressive Must Step Up And Be Honest To Himself And Against The Machine That He Still Supports Despite Having Removed His Family From The Harm Of These Controlled Institutions

Despite the fact that the "Omega Black Wolf" - the Black Republican is the most loathed and frequently attacked figure in popular Black political ideology - there is another character that is more at odds with himself and, unlike the "Obama Black Wolf" can't reconcile his two incongruent "selves".

(Again I am not talking "politics" I am using political associations for the purposes of discussing how ideology and group dynamics play upon the actions of the Black community - a virtual consciousness)

While the Black Republican is a conservative, is a member of the political party that a recent poll stated that only 2% of Blacks are members of - if he also lives within a "Republican"/conservative district - at least he is being consistent.  His community values are in line with his political viewpoints.  He is "living with his own kind" - if you will.

Contrast this with another force that is far larger than the "Black Republican" - "The Black Flight Progressive".

The Black Flight Progressive has left "the creation" that he helped engineer, vacating it to live along side his ideological enemy.   Again - coming face to face with the "victory" of seeing the "last White conservative exit the seat of power and a sufficient number of them move into a new political boundary so that they can create the public policy collection that they prefer - the Black Flight Progressive was forced to transition into a governance position, needing to achieve the desired outcome ON THE BACKS OF the people he struggled along side, via the INSTITUTIONS that they now commonly ran.

My personal criticism of this leadership is that they failed to prepare the people for the day when they needed to stand up as the exclusive administrators (and funding agents) of the institutions who's control was wrested away.   It is clear that they are masters at "human behavior" and "group think".  These skills were necessary for keeping our people unified and conducting battle.  As such incredible tales which blamed the enemy for issues that clearly were due to their own incompetence was carried off because of the presence of a bunch of co-conspirators who were in on the game - hating the enemy just as much as the speaker does.

In the realm of ideology - this same group was unwilling to put aside their dogmatic belief in certain libertine social and cultural policies that promoted "individual wants and actions" above those which promote discipline and focus in support of institutional integrity.

I will expound upon this point with another post as I have the present issue around Shorter College (a private Christian school that is compelling all of its employees to sign a lifestyle pledge as a condition of employment) and Manning Marable's "Malcolm X" which provides the most comprehensive details of Malcolm X's strict institutional integrity enforcement - where bans on smoking, obesity, adultery and domestic violence were enforced and "self-reprimand" was seen as a central part of discipline and submission for the greater good.  

Today in the broader Black community there is a call for 'submission' but it is far too often driven in relation to the corrupt fusion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the American Political Domain.  Thus - "submission to" without "integrity of" is molestation and "consciousness hijacking". 

(back to the main line of argument)

As these forces are faced with seeing "their fingerprints upon the steering wheels" of our institutions yet the results far below that which was promised - they seek to retain their ideology and continue with their knowledge of "group think" by seeking out where the enemy has absconded to and continuing a marginal fight with him - alleging that in his DEPARTURE from our ranks he has attacked us with a force called "Benign Neglect".  (Or 'corporate abandonment').

What painfully must be accepted as "YOU now find yourself 'all alone, by yourself, with nothing more than the ideology that you have hoisted upon your people as the means to feed them.  Now you see that as you stand in the mirror looking at yourself, with your hungry belly and your string of usurpations - you do not like what you see" is not marketed as such.  

With the confidence of the grieving people still intact the notion of "shared sacrifice", "national social justice" and "social contracts" get promoted as a means of lassoing the enemy that has departed back into a state of default, having broken the contract that they have in common. 

The previous struggle that had us seeking to get into the front door (I am thinking now of the once segregated "Gompers Elementary School in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia) transitions into an outward struggle for "equal" resources - now that "WE" have control over the physical plant that we thought that we were fighting over.  Today as these bricks and mortars are not producing the effects that were promised - the two tracks that have been established.

The truth - that is presented to the masses - is that the "vacated people themselves" were actually the focus of the original struggle.   The quest for them to respect Black people that remains elusive.  By having "our children" sit next to "their children" and receiving the equal education and social inculcation a greater set of normalcy would come over both groups of children and would be carried into adulthood.

The second track that is withheld from our consciousness is that even as we climb to the "top of the hill" - the facility that was our object of desire - the vacation of the facility - the high rises that allowed us to see the curvature of the earth - now under our control - still did not translate into our equally - as we were all by ourselves.   The call for "resource equality" was merely for indictment purposes.  The circular reference that a group that "hated you" and thought you to be inferior for the purposes of retaining their own supremacy - would agree to yield to you an equal portion so that you might become their equal proved an irrational one.

Further - after having taken over the physical accoutrements where "quality education" was radiating only to find that where ever YOU go an "urban school" is created - some deeper queues of a problem unresolved are missed due to political expediency.

The Republicans Leading The Call For An End To The Voting Rights Act Is Merely Another Opportunity For Demagoguery By The "Occupiers Of Black Community Leadership Positions"

As the GOP of Georgia files a lawsuit against the US Justice Department the forces who believe that their elected seats are most threatened will begin to "rattle the slave chains".  

They will tell Black people that this is merely one step backward into the bonds of chattel slavery if we don't resist - standing strong with the White Progressive who will fight his White Conservative brother.

In truth - it merely allows this "Embedded Confidence Man" to evade having to explain to us WHY, after having taken control over the "Human Resource Development Institutions" - not only are we at risk for going back into slavery - but these institutions have not been used to develop Black engineers who can make intelligent robotic devices that can harvest the delicate fruits and vegetables that otherwise require human hands for picking.

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