Monday, October 03, 2011

A Broader Vision To "Black Men We Must Change"

From The Redding News Review page:

BLACK MEN: WE MUST CHANGEBy: Attorney Roy MillerATLANTA, Sept. 26, 2011, Noon -  We as black men celebrate and suffer as one.  We benefit from the  successes of each other and we are all hurt by the bad decisions of each other.  We all get frustrated in a system that makes us feel that we were first in the emergency room. We had the most serious injury.  The end of the day comes and all patients were treated, but us.  We see the doctor turning the lights off and about to go home with us just sitting there.  We may not be able to control the compassion that the world gives to our community; however, we can control the compassion that we give to our community. To do so, we must change.  We must recapture the hearts of our ancestors. We must think about the dominoes of tragedy we put in place.

A father with children makes it his mission to tell people and convince people that there is no God. He despises God, as though he created God and he judges God. Now on his death bed he finds Jesus and feels all is well, because he is now saved. What about that child you left behind in the streets with a gun ready to murder, that you convinced there was no God, did you save him? What about those children that won’t have a family because sexual lust caused you to take a mother from her babies and ruin their home and caused them to live with hate, will you save them?
What about those addicted to drugs that you addicted and they just hold on to life and don’t see much difference between life and death, did you save them? What about the lady you infected with aids and convinced her that there was no hope, because there is no God, did you save her? What about the family of the father you intentionally gunned down and you knew that some where there would be a victim of your greed and lust for pain, when you first stole the gun, will you save them? Now you leave behind hearts filled with grief and hate, will you save them? Where is the victory in convincing people needing help and hope,  that there is no God?  Now on your death bed you feel saved, but you leave so many behind that you persuaded to take the road that you paved to hell.  You say that you are sorry, but God knows the lips of a liar.  If your conscience is bothering you, that is a good thing. God is talking. Black men, if we are truly sorry for the pains we have caused, we must change.  Just stop! Let’s close one chapter and begin another.
(Miller provides legal services to Redding Communications, Inc., (RCI), the parent company of Redding News Review).
I understand the words of Roy Miller and believe that they are heart felt.

Over time I have come to understand that while the compelling worlds of "Black Unity of Purpose" for collective interests must be tempered by the necessary infrastructure protections that prevent "Embedded Confidence Men" from using our drive for "unity" as a means of sucking us into the "American Political Domain" as the special teams playing in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

This is evidenced by WHO they promote as the enemy of Black people.  Their enemy is very likely to be those who do not wish to "share" with the Black Community.  Their version of "sharing" is merely an outsourcing of Black Community responsibility.  The hijacking of our interests via our local institutions shows up as a community that is in need of an increasing amount of externally produced resources because it has failed to leverage these institutions to build up the people - as promised.  By making a nationalized indictment they logically shift "the Struggle" of the Black community from GOVERNING OUR INSTITUTIONS into fighting on the political gridiron - just as they had in mind all along.

The words of Roy Miller need to be "operationalized" upon the backs of the Black community.  Just as Christianity seeks salvation for the individual soul - demanding that IT change its ways first so that it can be transformed into accepting Christ - so is the case with a community that seeks salvation.  No external force can "save" our community's soul.

The desired outcomes for the Black community will come from enforced integrity of our institutions and the governance of our human resources that matriculate through them.

There are some forces that have showed themselves to be purely political operatives that need to be kept away from the controls of our institutions lest they molest our consciousness (again).

For me it is not enough to be compelled to come to the rescue of "my people".   This sort of "racial gravitational pull" in the context of a lack of institutional integrity will ask me to look the other way from corrupt actions BECAUSE by calling them out - "the enemy will win".

They fail to understand that the enemy of Black people is as it always has been:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Hatred
  3. Those who see #1 and #2 and remain silent because they fear what the collective might do to them
These forces have no racial bound.

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