Friday, October 21, 2011

Mormons Begin A Marketing Campaign

The Mormons have a marketing campaign in place.
It appears that they are taking the lead in (re)defining themselves in society in the wake of those who have certain negative views about them.

Mention the word "Mormon" and many people think of :
  • Polygamy 
  • Bans of Black People
  • Joseph Smith As A Cult Leader
  • Some Weird Notions Of Reincarnated Spirits
Mormonism is one of the few religion in which outright bigoted statements against them (from left and right) are permitted.

I am a Christan.  I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior. 

While I am no expert about the "Christian" state of Mormons - it am not blind to noting that pound for pound they sculpt a more disciplined and well-rounded person than do many Christan entities that don't suffer from the same scrutiny. 

When the Mormons rolled their tractor trailers down to the Gulf Coast post Hurricane Katrina, distributing goods from their "end of times" store houses - none of those pious Christians from more main-line denominations (with many claiming "Christianity" without any particular church home) - was seen rejecting the goods distributed by the Mormons because they are not "real Christians".

One thing is for certain - the Government is not a Christian entity either.

Millions of Americans make use of the Mormon resources for genealogical research. 

As we grapple with individuals with secular theories that they promote to replace the "Judeo-Christian" ethic that still has a hold on our society - I see more redeemable qualities from Mormons than I do with those who are driving the entire society to Hell.


Darnell said...

Mormonism is still a cult. The one they call "jesus" is not even the same being that you call "Jesus". Their "jesus" seeks their Mormon doctrine as the best and greatest revelation to man. To them the Bible is a mere supplement to their own Mormon material. So they put their lies in front and try and cherry-pick from the Bible to support their stance.
Mormonism is the cult Joseph Smith Junior used to indulge not only in polygamy, but also pedophilia. He was in polygamist "marriage" to women as young as 14 years of age.

Given Mormonism teaches a lie of justification by works instead of justification by GRACE, they feel they are literally working to make themselves god. So they feel they can never sin because it will slow down their evolution to becoming a god themselves with their own world of personal worshipers.

See the heresy?

And so, as Mormonism spreads even politically, they will covertly work to spread the growth of their cult. Seeking to pass legislation that will look innocent, but actually will further promote their lies.

Even the current teaching by Mormons of events even in the Americas is a bunch of lies with no historical foundation. They will literally seek to change historical record to endorse their lies.

For them, their growth is Joseph Smith Junior's "prophesy" that a Mormon would one day run our nation and they would take over. Like it or not, Mitt Romney feels he is the embodiment of a Mormon take over.

And given it's so "taboo" to bring up his Mormonism, nobody will ask him about how his cult sees their place in the world. He's not even asked about the blood oath he took.

Darnell said...

I should add, since this blog focuses on concerns of Black people. That the past Mormon "prophesy" of Blacks being unequal has never been deemed Satanic by Mormons and never will be. They just act as if times have changed.

It's like this, every Mormon leader is considered a "prophet" and they view every word from their "prophet" as being God breathed. They see Joseph Smith Junior as the greatest prophet. (He held a Black female slave by the way, that they feel still serves him in the after life and will eternally.)

Just like Roman Catholics see words from their popes and such as never being invalidated or flat out evil statements from sinful men, Mormons also view the words of past prophets as never being evil at the time spoken.

So they get around the anti-Black statements by claiming it was for its time. So regardless how they see you today, they'll never feel all Blacks throughout all human history were equal with them and they'll never officially affirm that the past statements about Blacks were Satanic and said by men who were evil.

So I hope you get it, with Mormonism, you will never be equal and some Blacks are eternal servants/slaves.

Constructive Feedback said...


Understand my argument.

This article (and my general disposition) is less about Mormons and more about the MAINLINE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES who, while not having the cult-like stain that the Mormons do, actually fall flat in their call to be "Fishers Of Men".

If indeed the actions of the Mormon church to order their members into a more functional end is great for "the World" but will have them fall short of the glory of Christ - the fact that these mainline Christian Churches who are "worldly" as not to offend their congregation AND they fail at their mission as believers are, in fact, no better than the Mormons as both of them render their congregation in the same place with regard to salvation.

The key is for the "real" Christian church to enforce their own integrity lest people who are looking at them as well as Mormons fail to see the difference and worse yet - are never brought to LEARN the truth after sitting in the pews of either church for a long period of time.