Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Twin Brother Of Herman Cain's Statement: "If You Are Not Rich It Is Your Own Fault" (In the Context Of The Black Community's Struggle)

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain recently caused a stir when he said "If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself.”

In the world of "gotcha politics" that we live in this Black Conservative man who has never held an elective office apparently committed a greater assault than did the people who do hold power and have failed to create jobs yet they blame others.

The Herman Cain Says The Jobless Should Blame Themselves

Mr Cain's words left him exposed to the "drive by shootings" that he has suffered.   He should have more clearly focused upon the aggregate decisions over time by the individual and the community that they live within which has created conditions that are misaligned with their expectations.  Now they find themselves PROTESTING against an amorphous force which they believe has failed them yet they can't seem to find "THEMSELVES" as being part of the problem.

Those who are more interested in transactional indictments have replayed Cain's comments.  Within the Black political discourse the words "I can't see why anyone would vote for the Republicans" just got fortified with Herman Cain's intemperate words.  To the balance of the Black ideological consciousness - those who CONNECT WITH "Black grievances and inferior standing" prove their friendship by "feeling our pain" and using this to affirm their qualifications as our leaders.

The Twin Brother Who Is Kept In Hiding

The key elements of Herman Cain's comments were:

  1. There is a gap between one's hopes and their present circumstances
  2. There are certain forces that bear down negatively upon this position and those which provide uplift
  3. The individuals who recognize their position and these forces and use their gift of intelligence and organizational building can prosper from their effort
  4. The persistence of grievances provides "constructive feedback" of the need for change

Whereas Herman Cain's words have been played in various Black venues so that they could be shot down - there is a set of ideas that are played far more frequently by a far wider expanse of Black people which are 100% equal to Cain's words.   Whereas Cain's words prove repugnant - these other words prove to be as fulfilling as a full stomach after a Thanksgiving dinner.

The character of these words allege that TODAY'S BLACK MAN:
  1. Has his present standing due to the fate suffered from American Chattel Slavery and the stolen wealth
  2. Suffers pain from the injury of "Jim Crow Segregation" where his "wealth building years" were burned up in race riots
  3. Is a victim of continuing racism as "The Southern Strategy" of the Republican enemy continues to deny Black people of our ability to extend our population numbers and ideological will into POWER within the realm of government
Out of this rationalization we do not hear the part that THEY PLAYED..........
Not in the attainment of FULL EQUAL STANDING with regard to their long time adversary and oppressor.  But instead with regard to ORGANIC GROWTH that defines the indisputable change (delta) between where they stood at a time when they received their full rights under the law and the UPLIFT that has been received as they took over the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS through which their people matriculate for preparation in the real world challenges of today.

One must understand that the Transactional Indicter has no real interest in BLACK COMMUNITY UPLIFT.  His main interest is in fortifying his ideological and political powerbase within the context of the American Political Domain.   He has convinced himself that the Black Community's uplift will come from voting and struggling outward against entities who have failed to provide us "Social Justice".

There appears to be no point in time by which the investments in the VOTE will have proven to have provided correction that is far short of their needs as a community.  The evidence of their correctness is seen in the large crowd of Black people that stand with them.  "Congregational Unity" is more important than is Effective Outcomes.

Whereas Herman Cain erred by making a generalized indictment and thus was said to be a "Black man who has 'Made It' on the backs of the Civil Rights Struggle who he fails to adequately pay homage to and is now negatively criticizing those who still suffer..........................the far more damning case can be made against those who have:

  • Taken power over the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" WITHIN The Black Community
  • Who have USED the grievances from the Black community as their main fuel for uplift
  • And who...............despite their present domination of POWER - when they look upon the grieving masses of our people they turn outward and blame some amorphous force that appears - even in areas where the enemy has vacated.  
    • This becomes an issue of "Benign Neglect" as the nation has failed to deliver upon its "Social Contract".
    • They cannot bring themselves to see that THEIR PRESENCE in power can't produce the very SOCIAL JUSTICE within the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that they now control - having gained power based on the promises.
Since these people in violation of the principles of trust and transparency of the Black community also having the ideological favor of the masses - they are not called out as Herman Cain is.  They are are a far greater threat to the interests of the Black community because THEY - unlike Herman Cain have POWER WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. 

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