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Are Black Students In Possession Of The Skills Necessary For Comprehensive Uplift Of The Black Community?

The 5/5ths Equal Human Being Strategy Playbook is my NON-political blog in which strategies for effective transformation of human resources are discussed.

I believe that it is a legitimate exercise for me to analyze various political strategies that are promoted as the pathway for our community's development without the mere discussion of politics considered as a political attack by those who have their consciousness fused into the "American Political Domain".

In the end I see the "American Political Domain' as a METHODOLOGY for development.  It is but one of several other credible and comprehensive gateways through which a group of people can achieve a desired end.  It is thus legitimate for me to measure and analyze the EFFECTIVENESS of this methodology on my way to questioning our present consciousness and composition as a community.

Surely those who have sold us this "pharmacological concoction" should be expected to produce the evidence of the efficacy of what they have asked us to ingest.  Upon feeling continuing pain after the last round of treatments they ask us to double our dosage so their competitor in the domain can't make any inroads into our medicine cabinet which is stocked with their branded pills, syringes and skin patches for those who are scared of needles.

MSNBC's The Are Black Children Lacking In Basic Skills?

My response on The

David Driscoll and Doris Hicks:
While your article is compelling as it details key issues involving the need to more effectively educate Black children I have a problem with your choice to travel through time warp from WW I to the present.
Though many people on this board are no doubt tired of me saying it - 'TODAY WE ARE LIVING IN THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED PERIOD of what was hoisted upon us as the authentic "Black Community Development Consciousness" that we were all supposed to fall in behind.
Mr Driscoll and Ms Hicks - your rallying call for the education of Black kids FAILS to demand more ANSWERS - in protection of the "Black Community's Interests" - from the events that have transpired, certainly over the past 45 years, that we were told would "cure" any Black child that matriculated through the system that "favorable people now in power" had control over WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
Should I be faulted for wanting to avoid the shame of a "Fooled Me {fill in the blank} Number Of Times" moment as I march because I want to remain in good standing?
Mr Driscoll and Ms Hicks - the popular talking point accepted by most of our people is that HISTORY has damaged us so much AND that we continue to live in a SYSTEM that works against the Black man's best interests that WHATEVER we get at the end of this matriculation is merely evidence of the need for FURTHER STRUGGLE.  (This is how I took your article).
As for me - as I continue my longitudinal analysis of "What Makes The Prevailing Black Politically Conscious Mind Tick" - I am forced to hold my ground and note that we MUST appraise the EFFECTIVENESS of the institutions that favorable progressives now control WITHIN the Black Community by measuring the amount of UPLIFT that is produced as each proceeding generation of young Black people matriculate through as their consciousness about the world around them is forged and DIRECTED upward, regardless of the challenges.
The problem that I have with the "Black Progressive Press Franchise" (and the "Expert witnesses" that it brings before us) is that while you are keen on marketing the "UPLIFT" that the favorable machine in power has graced us too often fail to provide QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS regarding the question of if this "Uplift" is SUFFICIENT with respect to:
* What is NEEDED for sufficient numbers of Black people to "achieve the target outcomes"
* What should be EXPECTED - now that "the enemies" have been sufficiently curtailed from unmitigated attacks on Black people AND the presence of 'Permanent Friends' who LOVE BLACK PEOPLE - are now in power, delivering the "Progressive Public Policies" that we were told by Baynard Rustin and others would prove to be the cure
Do you see Mr Driscoll and Ms Hicks - at some point the Black community - through courageous RESEARCHERS and JOURNALISTS are going to have to put the SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE INVESTED IN as the jet engine for our "Community Development Consciousness" ON TRIAL - to have those people who have convinced our people to make continued investments that THIS ENGINE is indeed worthy to remain attached to our community's wings.
OR IF we need a major overhaul because we are forced to agree that TRYING HARDER AT THE SAME THING is merely likely to produce the same results.
(Please note that I have purposefully NOT defined an alternative methodology.  The Food And Drug Administration is not compelled to find a CURE for the ailment in question.  They ONLY compel those who are marketing a cure to PROVE that their cure works or cease and desist from making further claims.
Mr Love and Ms Reid - WHO is the Food And Drug Administration WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that is ensuring that we do not INGEST any concoctions that taste good going down but ultimately does not have the claimed active pharmacological effects on the patient??"

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