Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Income Inequality Debate - The Impact Of The Failure To Focus On "Organic Competency Development Through Our Institutions"

Each day more evidence is released that should cause more of us to being to question certain strategies that were promoted as the gateway to our community development.

The last item - the report the growing income divide in America is likely to gain more traction than any of the others.

While the other points of information might force those who believed that their course of action might need a bit of adjustment as reality has proven otherwise - the news about the growing income divide in America can be used as the key indictment that allows them to continue their struggle for racial change within the system.

As you listen to how the system has failed to prevent the aggregation of capital into too few hands at the time it is highly unlikely that we will hear a parallel conversation about how the political agenda which fomented the take over of the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" have failed to produce the uplift that was promised by the political machine which obtained the community's confidence.

In bypassing this key offense to our community's long term interests in developing a functional means of institutional governance these forces are allowed to blame the shallow results upon the failure in the national government -far, far away.   The irony that the promised solution to the local problems resides in their conquer and reformation of the external federal government is lost on most of them.  They charge that the combination of racial discrimination and capitalistic misappropriation of resources is the cause of our persistent problems.  Problems that throb even after our community has agreed to assist these forces in successfully capturing another rung up the political mountain that they are climbing - purportedly on our behalf.

Their claims that "America does not manufacture anything any longer" adequately explains why the economy is now a series of financial services transactions absent sufficient value-add to include more blue collar workers in on the deal.

With this view intact they fail to see that they are scheming on "funny money" that is increasingly "confidence money" or "fiat currency".  Why then would you base your "social justice salvation" upon redistributing "confidence money" that has a $15T deficit behind it?

It only stands to reason that our community can conclude "Mission Accomplishment" IF the people who matriculate through the institutions that are in "our" hands are sufficiently uplifted to retain a desired living standard.  Otherwise a "fiat social contract" that is keyed upon "confidence money" will be broken just as soon as the confidence in the entire system falls through.

Any parent who sends their child off to school for the purposes of education and socialization has the fiduciary responsibility to monitor their child's progress as they are the primary manager of their own child's education.  If and when the child does not advance in a manner that is commensurate to a prescribed development track - the parents are charged with interrogating their child for any problems and then going to the school to assess its proper operation.

If they abdicate this essential "resource management" responsibility - trading it for an agreement to engage in a "Permanent Struggle" which takes them away from the essential contractual agreement to manage their child's well being - a point is reached when they must be called complicit in the dysfunction.

With the assumption that they are "free people" and not in bondage or duress - the focus on correcting the macro-system but which functionally results in an outsource of their individual and community responsibilities should create an indictment that is closer to home than they are more likely to accept.

The point is that when a community of people can't create the favored conditions that they aspire to - among themselves - their present choice to avoid building strong institutions in pursuit of their broader mission will most assuredly mean that they will be engaged in the very same struggle during the next interval of time.

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