Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Kardashian/Humphries Marriage - A Serious Institution Squandered By Entertainment Minstrels And The Families Who Failed Them

This post is an affirmation of traditional marriage and a notation of the need for the man and woman in question as well as their family and community to enforce the integrity of this, the most important institution in all civilized societies - the union between man and woman upon which stable families are constructed.  Stable societies are produced when the society takes marriage as a serious endeavor.  Societies that fail to govern this key cultural and social and spiritual institution are destine to collapse from implosion.

In the tens of thousands of marriages christened each year there are bound to be some "runts" that never last too far in time.  People who now live together find that they don't like each other as much in an intimate setting where there is no "other home" to run home to.   Some people get married because they love the ceremony or the thought of being married more than they love the person on the bookend of their relationship.

This latest celebrity wedding to go bust is not exclusive in its failure.  I know some others that did not last one year together, this after seeming to be the perfect couple beforehand.  Certainly the celebrity nature of the Kardashian/Humprhies wedding makes one ask if it was serious in the first place or if they merely sought to profit from the endorsements received with reportedly exceeded their costs out of pocket.

I can imagine that those who are calling for (I'll use the politically correct term) - the "expansion of the definition of marriage to include other two people who similarly love each other but are presently DISCRIMINATED AGAINST because of their gender" will look at these two jesters and ask "Why is it that this society allows these two stage/screen/playing field stars to marry and divorce as quickly, conveniently and ostentatiously as they please but we are treated as inferiors, not able to marry, not a single time the one person that we desire to for no other reason than they are of the same gender?"

 I  Have An Answer For That Challenge

If we factor out the relationships between two heterosexual couples that just did not work out for reasons that were beyond their own control - example - a jilted third party (and ex-lover, a baby mama, step kids, a dysfunctional or bigoted extended family) who's undue pressure upon the couple ensured that the two young people who don't have the vision to structure their new lives together beyond the brick walls with spikes sticking out of them that these external forces have constructed - the most common reason for these early terminated marriages are due to the individuals and their level of maturity, their individual selfishness AND the lack of an imprint of a model of success laid by their family, their community or the culture that has the dominant influence upon them and their consciousness.

Show me a society that has atrophy in its force of guidance projecting from the network of existing families (and civic/social institutions) that are seeking to perpetuate a "norm" of behavior in support of their stability and there is a high probability that there will be a higher than average "free radicals" bouncing about as measured by:

  • Low or declining marriage rates
  • High or increasing divorce rates
As the force that applies the "hidden hand" that guides the individuals living within toward a certain order loses it own way - the people living within will similarly become wayward.

In the context of this more liberalized set of behavioral standards for heterosexual monogamous couples - the opening for individuals seeking "non-traditional" forms of marriage will be exploited.  Societal order is ultimately a choice but also THE responsibility for the society to enforce, its resulting produce being a function of these choices.

As secular values and the notion of "RIGHTS" that are associated with certain behaviors are made to trump the notion of "TRADITION" and "ORDER" in support of methodologies that have a time tested proof of greater likelihood of producing "directed outcomes" - the "free radicals" who seek to do as they please, beyond this "oppressive" tradition will see their mandate as the need to strike down such "oppression".

Ironically and sadly - they will often be seen seeking an increasing amount of secular and government solutions to fix the problems that a society who's "roll is no longer slowed" by cultural and civil institutions will suffer from.  

The body fluids, when exchanged create pregnancy or infection and the feelings of usurpation or anger that accompany such discord will also increase.

Though the "now dead men and women" who provided them with guidance of culture appeared to have no consciousness of the "freedoms" we now enjoy - they will begin to appear more "sage" than ever.  Only the blindness and bigotry of our present consciousness prevents our understanding that THEY TOO once thought that they were smarter than their ancestors in addressing fundamental issues of MAN.

MAN has not changed since this time long ago.  Only the technology and scope of our travels has changed.

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