Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is The Rate Of And Endurance Of "Black Heterosexual Marriage" Sufficient For Attainment Of Our Community Stability Goals?

An article from a 30 something, unmarried Black female in the New York Times appeared to have sparked some conversation.

In both articles the authors appear to come to the table with the goal of first setting the proper dimensions of the real world situation of marriage for Black people - Black females in particular.  When you read the contents and the arguments within, both show that they appear pacified in noting that while indeed there are too many Black females that are seeking out marital relationships - "societal inequities" are the reason for these fateful numbers.   The "Prison Industrial Complex" strikes again.

When I read this narrative I can't help but to place the arguments and conclusions into the model that I have constructed that can effectively predict the rationalizations of those with a "lumpenproletariat" consciousness.

The primary mark of the "lumpenproletariat" is that they believe themselves to be so defined and confined by the system around them that their own actions are unable to surmount these forces that work against their interests.  As such both authors put forth the data point that by the age of 55 - 87% of Black females had been married at some point in their life.  They were careful to not make note of the percentage at that point in time who remained married or detail the rate of endurance for such marriages.  As such I took away that their primary purpose was to pen a "push back" against "critics of Black marriage.

In fact this sentence argues as such:

It is part of a persistent historical and present-day attack on black people in America, with black men made into deviants and black women into problems.
As Pearl Cleage writes in “Deals With the Devil: And Other Reasons to Riot,” it’s a no-win competition. “We’re all in terrible shape because of the presence of racism and sexism in our lives. ... Sexism is still not a word that gets used much in the black community, even though it describes a form of oppression that affects the majority population of the community — women! — and is no less virulent and deadly than racism."
The marriage crisis is the just the latest example.

I have several posts about "Racism Chasing" in draft form in this blog.  The daily transactions that I receive in from the prevailing Black Political Discourse is that RACISM and White Supremacy preside as the primary force that is working against the Black community today.

My new found disposition is for me to allow people to retain their own beliefs and work to develop a more comprehensive model of the real world with the goal of having them prove that their views represent fidelity with the real world model.   Their challenge is to address the "dark matter" that exists as the gap between this real world and the model that they hold fast to in their mind.   The results that they express so much perpetual anguish about won't attenuate until their address these artifacts within the "dark-matter" zone.

Is The "State Of Relationships Within The Black Community" Sufficient For Our Attainment Of Our Desired Standard Of Living?

The question above is a better challenge question for the Black Community than the arguments detailed in the article above.

The default defensiveness that is erected within the Black Political Discourse paints us as a people under constant attack and thus the arguments either tacitly defend the present state or, more frequently, obfuscate the point - seeking "congregational unity" as to the source of our problem.

With the question in the section title above - Black people are pulled into the solution set for the attainment of their own Permanent Interests.  With the goal being "community stability" and "healthy relationships" a more affirmative set of actions need to be applied to the situation at hand.  The enumeration of "threatening forces" does not remain as the objective.  This is mere pacification and contentment rendering.

The more clearly articulated agenda says: "For us to successfully mitigate the exposure to these THREATS - the Black Community must fortify the foundational elements within, producing a consciousness among our people that will produce targeted outcomes that are desirable".

Previously we were tasked with taking the political route.  Placing "favorable people into power" was to mitigate certain problems.   Yet as we look at the various cities where "favorable people" now dominate the Criminal Justice System - there has not been the anticipated changes in the "complexion" of the occupants of the prisons.   If we continue the operating assumptions we'd have to claim that the "favorable people" in power are now complicit in seeking to destroy Black people by incarcerating their own kind.

My contention is that a far more productive and enduring strategy is to focus upon the "top level goals" and then compel those who are presently aggrieved that their long run best interests are found in the self sacrifice of managing their own relationships and imparting their values upon their children and immediate community members.  Over time this will become the prevailing order for the masses. 

In short the "Grass Roots" archetype that we use for politics needs to be adopted in cultural and social goals.

The powerful forces of "political gravitational pull" and "racism chasing" represent distractions and mutually exclusive occupations which prevent this more enduring consciousness from ever taking root.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saudi Arabian Company Leases Land In Ethiopia For Rice Production For Export

Saudi Company Leases Ethiopian Land for Rice Export

The audio report tells of a complex situation in the African nation of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government has the task of looking out for the long run interests of its people and nation.

From the article my opinion is that the Ethiopian government should leverage the investments in water distribution infrastructure from the Saudi Arabian company to allow smaller farmers to tap into the "water utility" for their own use.

Since the Saudis seek to export their food crops and there is a need to increase Ethiopia's internal food production, the government should use land zoning as a means of allowing smaller farmers to have a share of the "fertile land" and direct future expansion of both the Saudi and domestic farm operations into less desirable lands that require land preparation to be made into farmland.

In addition I recently saw another news story about the technique of growing rice in "dry" conditions instead of the water drenched method that is shown in the picture above.  (I need to recall where I saw this and post it later.).   This new technique used a fraction of the water and depended upon inexpensive flexible pipes to channel water directly onto the rice stalk.   Since the Ethiopian government is planning for the future and has potential water scarcity they should drive for this new technique to be used.

As is the case in so many other nations, Ethiopia is charged with setting up the ground rules by which all of the players will operate upon.  Their proximity to the Middle East has them strategically located to serve the foreign demands of a fast growing region and leverage the commerce to build up their internal competences.

Ethiopia's Rapid Economic Growth

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY: How "The Least Of These" Vernacular Was Used By The Slave Master

Take a listen to these two clips about the life and times of Confederate hero "Jefferson Davis".

I will provide deeper analysis later on.  For now tell me if you hear a primitive set of talking points by then made by White "Slaveholders" as you do today in reference to the benevolence ascribed to "The Least Of These"?

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The challenge is NOT to just to identify people of benevolence when you are in need of assistance................ You must also be conscious about your refusal of their benevolence when you are made to stand fully erect. Otherwise their "benevolence" will become "imperial beneficence" where they assume that you could never stand up on your own - fearing the great change in consciousness that would be required to do so.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Freed Black Consciousness - From Team Members - To Patients - To Resource Managers

Again - this is not a political blog.
This blog is used for strategic analysis of the METHODOLOGY through which the Black Community might produce outcomes that are more in line with the prevailing desires that are heard from the masses.
In as much as politics and ideology have become fused with the notions of "The Struggle" one must talk about these points.  It is fair to analyze the political orientation of the Black community without being an operative within.

This particular post represents a documentation of the means through which our community sought repair and "salvation".  It also represents a change in my personal views on the matter.

The Team

In the diagram above the "Team Membership" archetype represents the disposition that has been taken over the past 50 years.  As integration increased that which was once a "unique Black Community struggle" merely became a "special interest group" on the Progressive bandwagon.

I have noted several times from my personal research (reading magazines and books) that the "Progressive Machine" enumerates 'the Black vote' as one of their constituencies.   Further I value when these main stream sources detail their strategy and then preemptively talk about what must be done to appease "the Black vote".  Later on - like magic - the "Black Racial Services Machine" can be seen executing the messaging into the Black community.   

A perfect example of this is the transition over to the argument about "Income Inequality".   On the one hand we hear on "Meet The Press" a liberal US Senator talking about how Democrats must change the topic from "deficit reduction" over to "Income Inequality" and just a few weeks later this is what is seen within the Black community political discourse.  This is no accident.  They are on the Team.

One closing note - with "The Team" - failure to deliver upon the expectations of a team member does not mean that this individual player will quit the team in protection of its own CONSUMER interests.   They prove the team archetype correct when they are seen staying true, despite the failure and working hard to make their team more effective.

The Patient Receiving Treatment From The "Medical" Institutions For His Cure

This next archetype, represented in the lower portion of the diagram formed my personal working theory.

In as much as Black people note the damage from "400 Years Of Chattel Slavery", "Stolen Culture",  "Jim Crow Terror Attacks On Our Persons And Economics" and existing structural racism - the resulting injury of our people and our consciousness was to be healed via the INSTITUTIONS that we matriculate through for "finishing" and protection.

The central thesis of my argument had been that we should judge the EFFECTIVENESS of these institutions by looking at the absolute standing of Black people as they entered into these institutions as youth.  The effectiveness is appraised by their relative standing upon their exit (or intermediate steps within).

This is true for an individual person and for an entire city or even our entire national population group, as measured by educational attainment, income, health outcomes - and another of other important attributes.

It stands to reason that a parent who sees that her 4th grader is not reading as proficiently as expected will inspect institution and its ability to deliver as promised.

In the discourse of Black Community Development - I reasoned that as the Black community shifted away from the focus on centrally managing our community "Human Resource Development Institutions" become distracted with national politics, should be held accountable for failing to reform what is now within their hands.

Affirmed Destinations and Directed Outcomes

My new, more focused theme for 2012 will be a departure from these previous stances.
The people are required to develop a more accurate model of the forces from the real world.
They must define their destiny - their Promised Land.    From this definition there are some positive points and some unintended consequences.   It is incumbent upon them to accept both of these truths and more fully and transparently accept all of the results.  

When the "unintended consequence" is more unsavory than the "ideological hope" that accompanied it - the people must execute the duties of their new found OWNERSHIP and agree to retire the "upside hope" which came with a diabolical twin.  (ie: sexual freedom from traditional mores which also brought about rampant STDs)

There is also a scope and scale dynamic.  It is unreasonable to expect that every member of the group is going to willingly come along and equally unreasonable that you can compel them to.   As part of this new found discipline is the understanding that a group of conscious participants who seek to eat upon the fruits of the field have done what was needed to receive the benefit.  Those who chose the route of squander must first renounce their divergent ways.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Manipulate Black Public Opinion By Dangling Red Meat That Is Laced With The Popular Enemy's Scent

This is a blog of observations and strategy.

It so happens that politics and ideology is so pervasive in the lives of Black Americans that the discussion of how the forces of politics bear upon the Black community is a necessary point of analysis and debate.

When forces who understand how Black people think then use this fact to purposely manipulate our opinions - this is indeed a issue of "Strategy For A People Seeking Repair" and not just a matter of ideological and political jousting.

Using A Popular Enemy Of Black People To Manipulate The Reactions Of Blacks

Again I bring up a real world political issue for the purposes of analysis of how it bears down upon Black people, not to debate the issue itself.

The recent loss of an American drone into the hands of the Iranians provided the backdrop.  This craft is a high tech and classified vehicle, a worthy trophy for the Iranians to place on display.  

I make my inference of the common belief in the Black community that American CIA intervention in foreign nations as a provocateur is frowned upon.  There are many decades of criticism that I can point to as a means of establishing this as the general disposition of most politically aware Blacks.

From my analysis - the news about the Iranian drones brought a challenge to those who, I believe, are conscious about what they tee up to their audience of Black, progressive listeners.   They have a vested interest in distinguishing President Obama's actions from the actions of the US Military & Intelligence Industrial Complex.   They make the point that these forces are going to continue doing what they have always been doing.  The best thing that Obama can do is make them "less evil" but not fundamentally change them.  The "dogs of war" will always bite.  Fair enough.

On the subject of the American drone - from my estimation this news of the Iranian capture broke last Wednesday.   This story did not get popular airplay on the sources of political discourse to Black people (ie: Black Wing Talk Radio) until Tuesday.   The precipitating event for these discussions - again in my analysis, was not the drone in the hands of the Iranians - an event that happened last week.

The event that precipitated the discussions on Black-wing talk radio was the fact that former Vice President Dick Cheney, a Republican, criticized President Obama on his handling of the drone issue.   Cheney argued that President Obama should have launched a military operation to either destroy or retrieve the craft that reportedly malfunctioned over Afghanistan or Pakistan (during a top secret operation ) and then crashed on Iranian soil.

As I listened to several radio shows that cater to Black people the slight of hand was clear.   The radio hosts TIED the public events details about the drone with the comments of Dick Cheney.   The point of this post is the analysis of this deliberate scheme.  The results speak for themselves.

While I did not keep written records and I am only speaking from my perceptions - since the majority of the radio hosts asked the question akin to "What do you think about Dick Cheney's criticism of President Obama......................." - the responses given were to this leading question.

It was clear that this news event was used to compel Black people to fight in the continuing proxy war against the right-wing, conservative Republicans.  NOT for the purposes of transparently discussing an important national security issue with certain ramifications in the diplomatic and military conflict with Iran.

Ironically even when the few callers that mentioned that the United States is provoking Iran into a military conflict they spoke of "The United States" in terms of it being an "out of body experience" from Commander In Chief Obama - who sits at the helm.  Once again - "The System" is blamed when a favorable person sits in the chair.   The occupant of the chair is blamed when an enemy is sitting within.


This small tricks which do well for embedded operatives to retain "Black congregational unity" in focus are disastrous to our long term community and global consciousness.

We recently saw that a NATO/Western Imperialist war launched upon a sovereign nation in Africa AND the prosecution of a high rate of African leaders in the International Criminal Court can be carried out with the approval of Black Americans merely by the positioning and marketing of these events with the benefit of a "favorable person" selling them to his base of supporters.

The notion that these actions of today might be setting precedents for the future in regards to the relationship between Africa and those who have historically oppressed and molested the interests of a strong and independent people living on the continent have been squandered.  These in depth conversations have not happened.  Mostly transactional debates in the context of domestic American  politics at the presidential level have transpired.

Group manipulation is certainly not unique to Black people.  Any group based on the division by age, gender , race, income or civic interest is manipulated in some way to achieve a desired reaction from the masses.  The goal being to have them fighting their enemy.

The point that should trouble those who care to believe themselves to be conscious about the Black community's interests is that this same technique can be used to manipulate Black people to render silence about the traditional criticism of the American CIA into less powerful nations around the world as we instead are made to debate about the domestic "fire breathing dragon" in the context of America politics.

As such some people are more inclined to make note of the plot of land that their enemy resides per his opinions and then take the opposite position for no other reason than ceremonially opposing their enemy.  This being the case even if they have abandoned or muted their previously held positions that happened to be similar to that which their enemy now occupies.  It seems that the greater aversion is to occupy the views at the "same space and the same time" as this enemy - lest one be forced to argue against the "favorable force" when they run awry.

Simply put - a people cannot legitimately manage their affairs when so much of their political dogma is based exclusively upon the move of their long time ideological enemy.  They can't help but to lose their own soul in the process of this jousting.  This external enemy defines the terms of the debate.  Their reaction is merely a function of what they see this enemy doing.   Let them find themselves in a place that is absent of this enemy and their conditioning will have them seeking him out, rather than fully appreciating their challenge at hand of laying out ORGANIC view that result in the ultimate standing of the society they now control.

I hasten to believe that some people who are so tuned into their enemy's actions fail to see that others are watching them and purposefully manipulating them.  In as much as some of these operatives do so under the guise of "the Black Agenda" their antics are more so contemptuous to the cause for our community development.

I don't fault the operative for doing what they do.  It is the rank & file, who allow themselves to be manipulated, in their complicity of silence for the same of advancing 'the team' they provide for the conditions by which their long term interests are usurped.   Those who sit silently, failing to bring forth their views that were held just prior to this latest skirmish - deserve to be cheated out of their long term future because they did everything along the way to support the theft of this consciousness.

One day the drone will target them.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Conflict In The Congo

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The national military "defense" forces of The Democratic Republic Of Congo spend more time focused on internal threats than upon ensuring that no external threat overruns their interests.

Even if large regions of Africa were to fold their international borders into a federated nation the internal conflicts would prevent them from maximizing the advantage of nationhood on a larger scale.

Africa of 2100 is being formed today.
There is a critical need to get the people focused on longer term, comprehensive goals.  Africa now has more than a billion people.  With its natural wealth and more development of its human resources it could be a larger economic player on the global market.