Friday, December 23, 2011

The Freed Black Consciousness - From Team Members - To Patients - To Resource Managers

Again - this is not a political blog.
This blog is used for strategic analysis of the METHODOLOGY through which the Black Community might produce outcomes that are more in line with the prevailing desires that are heard from the masses.
In as much as politics and ideology have become fused with the notions of "The Struggle" one must talk about these points.  It is fair to analyze the political orientation of the Black community without being an operative within.

This particular post represents a documentation of the means through which our community sought repair and "salvation".  It also represents a change in my personal views on the matter.

The Team

In the diagram above the "Team Membership" archetype represents the disposition that has been taken over the past 50 years.  As integration increased that which was once a "unique Black Community struggle" merely became a "special interest group" on the Progressive bandwagon.

I have noted several times from my personal research (reading magazines and books) that the "Progressive Machine" enumerates 'the Black vote' as one of their constituencies.   Further I value when these main stream sources detail their strategy and then preemptively talk about what must be done to appease "the Black vote".  Later on - like magic - the "Black Racial Services Machine" can be seen executing the messaging into the Black community.   

A perfect example of this is the transition over to the argument about "Income Inequality".   On the one hand we hear on "Meet The Press" a liberal US Senator talking about how Democrats must change the topic from "deficit reduction" over to "Income Inequality" and just a few weeks later this is what is seen within the Black community political discourse.  This is no accident.  They are on the Team.

One closing note - with "The Team" - failure to deliver upon the expectations of a team member does not mean that this individual player will quit the team in protection of its own CONSUMER interests.   They prove the team archetype correct when they are seen staying true, despite the failure and working hard to make their team more effective.

The Patient Receiving Treatment From The "Medical" Institutions For His Cure

This next archetype, represented in the lower portion of the diagram formed my personal working theory.

In as much as Black people note the damage from "400 Years Of Chattel Slavery", "Stolen Culture",  "Jim Crow Terror Attacks On Our Persons And Economics" and existing structural racism - the resulting injury of our people and our consciousness was to be healed via the INSTITUTIONS that we matriculate through for "finishing" and protection.

The central thesis of my argument had been that we should judge the EFFECTIVENESS of these institutions by looking at the absolute standing of Black people as they entered into these institutions as youth.  The effectiveness is appraised by their relative standing upon their exit (or intermediate steps within).

This is true for an individual person and for an entire city or even our entire national population group, as measured by educational attainment, income, health outcomes - and another of other important attributes.

It stands to reason that a parent who sees that her 4th grader is not reading as proficiently as expected will inspect institution and its ability to deliver as promised.

In the discourse of Black Community Development - I reasoned that as the Black community shifted away from the focus on centrally managing our community "Human Resource Development Institutions" become distracted with national politics, should be held accountable for failing to reform what is now within their hands.

Affirmed Destinations and Directed Outcomes

My new, more focused theme for 2012 will be a departure from these previous stances.
The people are required to develop a more accurate model of the forces from the real world.
They must define their destiny - their Promised Land.    From this definition there are some positive points and some unintended consequences.   It is incumbent upon them to accept both of these truths and more fully and transparently accept all of the results.  

When the "unintended consequence" is more unsavory than the "ideological hope" that accompanied it - the people must execute the duties of their new found OWNERSHIP and agree to retire the "upside hope" which came with a diabolical twin.  (ie: sexual freedom from traditional mores which also brought about rampant STDs)

There is also a scope and scale dynamic.  It is unreasonable to expect that every member of the group is going to willingly come along and equally unreasonable that you can compel them to.   As part of this new found discipline is the understanding that a group of conscious participants who seek to eat upon the fruits of the field have done what was needed to receive the benefit.  Those who chose the route of squander must first renounce their divergent ways.

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