Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is The Rate Of And Endurance Of "Black Heterosexual Marriage" Sufficient For Attainment Of Our Community Stability Goals?

An article from a 30 something, unmarried Black female in the New York Times appeared to have sparked some conversation.

In both articles the authors appear to come to the table with the goal of first setting the proper dimensions of the real world situation of marriage for Black people - Black females in particular.  When you read the contents and the arguments within, both show that they appear pacified in noting that while indeed there are too many Black females that are seeking out marital relationships - "societal inequities" are the reason for these fateful numbers.   The "Prison Industrial Complex" strikes again.

When I read this narrative I can't help but to place the arguments and conclusions into the model that I have constructed that can effectively predict the rationalizations of those with a "lumpenproletariat" consciousness.

The primary mark of the "lumpenproletariat" is that they believe themselves to be so defined and confined by the system around them that their own actions are unable to surmount these forces that work against their interests.  As such both authors put forth the data point that by the age of 55 - 87% of Black females had been married at some point in their life.  They were careful to not make note of the percentage at that point in time who remained married or detail the rate of endurance for such marriages.  As such I took away that their primary purpose was to pen a "push back" against "critics of Black marriage.

In fact this sentence argues as such:

It is part of a persistent historical and present-day attack on black people in America, with black men made into deviants and black women into problems.
As Pearl Cleage writes in “Deals With the Devil: And Other Reasons to Riot,” it’s a no-win competition. “We’re all in terrible shape because of the presence of racism and sexism in our lives. ... Sexism is still not a word that gets used much in the black community, even though it describes a form of oppression that affects the majority population of the community — women! — and is no less virulent and deadly than racism."
The marriage crisis is the just the latest example.

I have several posts about "Racism Chasing" in draft form in this blog.  The daily transactions that I receive in from the prevailing Black Political Discourse is that RACISM and White Supremacy preside as the primary force that is working against the Black community today.

My new found disposition is for me to allow people to retain their own beliefs and work to develop a more comprehensive model of the real world with the goal of having them prove that their views represent fidelity with the real world model.   Their challenge is to address the "dark matter" that exists as the gap between this real world and the model that they hold fast to in their mind.   The results that they express so much perpetual anguish about won't attenuate until their address these artifacts within the "dark-matter" zone.

Is The "State Of Relationships Within The Black Community" Sufficient For Our Attainment Of Our Desired Standard Of Living?

The question above is a better challenge question for the Black Community than the arguments detailed in the article above.

The default defensiveness that is erected within the Black Political Discourse paints us as a people under constant attack and thus the arguments either tacitly defend the present state or, more frequently, obfuscate the point - seeking "congregational unity" as to the source of our problem.

With the question in the section title above - Black people are pulled into the solution set for the attainment of their own Permanent Interests.  With the goal being "community stability" and "healthy relationships" a more affirmative set of actions need to be applied to the situation at hand.  The enumeration of "threatening forces" does not remain as the objective.  This is mere pacification and contentment rendering.

The more clearly articulated agenda says: "For us to successfully mitigate the exposure to these THREATS - the Black Community must fortify the foundational elements within, producing a consciousness among our people that will produce targeted outcomes that are desirable".

Previously we were tasked with taking the political route.  Placing "favorable people into power" was to mitigate certain problems.   Yet as we look at the various cities where "favorable people" now dominate the Criminal Justice System - there has not been the anticipated changes in the "complexion" of the occupants of the prisons.   If we continue the operating assumptions we'd have to claim that the "favorable people" in power are now complicit in seeking to destroy Black people by incarcerating their own kind.

My contention is that a far more productive and enduring strategy is to focus upon the "top level goals" and then compel those who are presently aggrieved that their long run best interests are found in the self sacrifice of managing their own relationships and imparting their values upon their children and immediate community members.  Over time this will become the prevailing order for the masses. 

In short the "Grass Roots" archetype that we use for politics needs to be adopted in cultural and social goals.

The powerful forces of "political gravitational pull" and "racism chasing" represent distractions and mutually exclusive occupations which prevent this more enduring consciousness from ever taking root.

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