Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bread & Circuses - For The First Time I Felt That People Want To Be Manipulated Because Its Easier On The Mind

The pictures above are from the "Lenox Mall" in Atlanta on Memorial Weekend Sunday.  The new "Microsoft Store" opened in the mall last Friday and I decided to take a stroll in to see how it compared with the "Apple Store".  

Right outside the "Microsoft Store" is a bank of LCD screens with a Microsoft Kinect camera-motion sensor affixed to an XBox gaming console.  
The sight of a person out of the crowd dancing to the instruction of a video game attracted a large crowd who wanted "in" on the festivities.  

I am not "hating" on this scene.   
It was pure and clean entertainment.   This is the type of activity that many people seek as they enjoy their weekend.

As for me - I had purchased a Kinect several months ago.  I do not own an XBox.  My goal was to get in on the ground floor of advanced "Computer Vision".   With the hardware and software tools from Microsoft this sector of the information technology/communications market is going to explode over the coming years.  Time to dust off my programing and engineering skills and provide some value added content to the market.

The People Want To Buy Into Something They Can Believe In

I could not help but see that in the individual stores and the entire mall there was an abundance of marketing messages targeted at convincing the people to invest their time, money and consciousness into "purchasing" all that the marketer was selling.

I am now made to wonder IF getting people manipulated into doing what you ultimately want them to do, and profiting handsomely in the process is not the name of the game?  

The people spending time connecting with the dancing did so voluntarily.  
If Microsoft convinces them that the game and hardware is "cool" and they choose to invest the nearly $500 that it will take to get things started - is it Microsoft that exploited them or did they just merely make a compelling case for these people to invest their time, money and attention?

With the next round of political t-shirts about to go to press - I am seriously thinking about "not hating" but instead give the people that they want.

More on this over time.
I am no longer convinced that I am wrong.

Earth Wind And Fire - September - Drum Covers

What better way to spend a Memorial Day evening - getting back into music on a vacation day?

Watching the drums play their rhythmic supporting role is pretty cool.

I need to run next door and tell my friend who plays the drums that he can't replicate this - just to start something.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Swaziland - Colonial Past - Present Dysfunction - Africa Still Held In Check By The Colonialists

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Racial Chasing Journal: There Has Never Before Been A Bigger Gap Between What Is Labeled "RACISM" And The Physical Harm Indicated By It Upon A Black Person

Ordinarily certain societal development milestones are achieved and are consciously celebrated as a victory over the dark past.

In the case of the present day claims of RACISM in America a new index and reference point is needed.

In the past the word racism was associated with:

  • A Black Man Murdered Or Assaulted, his race as the primary draw of the physical abuse
  • A Black Woman Raped as her condition of servitude to economic vulnerability placed her in close proximity to her sexual assailant
  • A Black child denied adequate Educational Funding as the same school board channeled the bulk of the funding over to the students who they believed needed the money in order to fill out the unlimited assignments they could achieve throughout the workforce.  Since systematic racism kept Blacks at the lower rungs - why educate them, allowing them to believe that they could ever be anything but at the bottom?
  • A Black person denied Admissions into some public accommodation.  The specter of "White Supremacy" needed to be brought to reality by the presence of certain exclusive places where Blacks who do enter could only be servants that keep the place functioning - never consumers who bask in these amenities 
  • A court case in which the heavy thumb of one's racial burdens where placed on the scale to tip the balance against his favor.  The melanin content of his skin was the most powerful "states evidence" against him

The Tipping Point Of 2011 - When The PREVAILING FORCE OF Racism Became An Ideological/Political Indictment As Blacks Are Kept On The Defensive In A Huddled State

In my previous "Racism Studies" post I noted from my perspective as a business consultant that a force that one does not bother to provide measure to as a means of scientifically understanding its impact is evidence of a non-serious effort.  Indeed there are those who wish to avoid assigning such value.   Even a small speck of racism that is present is thus able to topple a mountain is this is understood as the greatest force of them all.

Ironically when it comes to forces - many who key in upon the negative forces that are said to be holding them back don't talk as much about the force of UPLIFT that was to have come from their steady increase in POWER.

Fearing that those who may one day tie this knot of understanding together - RACISM can also be used by the power holder to explain away his failings.   Those who wished him no good are responsible.

I previously identified the "Activists Of Leisure".  With all of the low hanging fruits that threaten to poison Black people having been consumed - they now are afforded the right to select from a plum choice of other fruits that now grow on branches that are placed a bit more on high upon the tree.   As such they have a need to make public note of their intention to bring forth a ladder, proper attire for doing yard work and a bucket with a cushioned handle along with them as they identify a choice morsel of societal racism for them to go after.

The Distinction Between The "Presence Of Racism" And An "Unmitigated Force Therein" 

The reason why a "KKK Snowman" in Idaho - that melted before a real Black person ever got to set eyes upon it in person is so valuable of a target of interest - is because to those who sell the "Besieged Black" narrative -the need to scour the nation (Racism Chase) in order to prove themselves correct.

As such the presence of racism is enough to fortify their claim that - "Above all else - Black folks should not get too comfortable...........a RACIST is going to come from behind and snatch up those who were not vigilant enough".  After watching the night-time line up of MSNBC - one can easily understand which such a consciousness endures.

Ironically the success of the Civil Rights Movement at forcing the government to enforce its laws is the one level of success that the movement should be credited for.   Ironically again - they will be said to be "resting on their laurels" if they as Civil Rights Pharisees who use their past action to gain present credibility - dared to yield that we as a society has gotten to the point of CONTROL.  

This is where - the human characteristic of having individuals seeking the advantage of "their own kind" is an inalienable attribute BUT the ability to transact upon this spirit in an unmitigated form has been control by the force of law.

More clearly - just like murder and rape are still committed in this nation - the PRESENCE of either does not prove that this nation is a bunch of "murderers and rapists".   The nation renders its judgement upon those who are murders, rapists by court sanction - and so to is the case for the racist who illegally harms others due primarily to their race. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Health Care For Black People: The Number Of Black Physicians After The Take Over Of Our Schools By "Favorable People"

Evidence Of "Black Health Care Reform" - More Black Physicians Matriculating Through The Educational Institutions In Control By "Favorable People" In Support Of The Needs Within The Community.

If YOU can't show this then YOU did not receive "Health Care Reform".  PERIOD.

If this 5.6% is not seen significantly increasing then there is a misalignment between ACTIVISM and REQUIREMENTS.

There is a need to have more General Practitioners educated and then attracted into the areas that are in need of these services.

At the height of the health care debate I recall a news show that ventured around the world, comparing various health care systems with reference to the amount of resources that the country in question had access to.

The nation of Argentina stood out among them all. This is a nation of relatively little means to purchase technological solutions for health care for its people. It compensated for this by educating a large number of qualified physicians who could interact with the population as general practitioners. The guidance in "life-style choices" was sufficiently able to produce better health care outcomes than the strategy to throw technology into the health care sector.

The Textile Workers In Bangladesh Who's Wage Increases Will One Day Return Some Of This Activity To America

I support organized labor when it is at its organic development period.
The sight of those who are "wage slaves" - barely scratching out an existence so that the owners can assume the bulk of the benefit.

I don't pretend that each nation must go through certain phases of development, where institutions are crafted to protect the interests of the owner and the worker. The valid role of government is to set up and appropriately regulate the marketplace.

Strategically the domestic economies of Asia, Africa and South & Central America need to be built up where individuals are educated, empowering them to do more value added labor and use the higher wages to support the higher average/minimum wage for those who are providing goods and services into the market.

For the struggling workers in Bangladesh - they will soon learn that their "bosses" are not the enemy that they assume. The enemy is the lack of vision by both sides toward a larger vision for their respective countries and region.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Diaspora Needs The Outward Help Of "The Black Institute" More Than It Needs To Assist Foreign Black Teachers Into America

Do not take this as an attack on the reincarnation of the social justice group "ACORN" as "The Black Institute".  I support their right to apply their efforts as free people any way they choose.

In her interview with The Root.com, Bertha Lewis details how she is fighting for justice for several teachers of Caribbean origin who were recruited into the United States with the promises that solid jobs and future prosperity would be theirs for the taking.   For one reason or another things did not turn out as promised and thus Lewis is leading the "Broken Promises" campaign.

With all due respect - I found it odd that a group that spoke of "Sustaining The DIASPORA" would be keen on promoting the ingress of individuals from the diaspora INTO the United States.  With American Blacks sitting atop a $1,000,000,000,000 in annual financial reserves - more in aggregate - I suspect - than the entire collection of Black people around the world though we are only 40 million compared to their 900 million (estimate) the question that is logically produced in my mind is - Why aren't we seeing more support for the Diaspora by having Black Americans who are trained up in the key "human resource development institutions" of America and then sent out to support "the least of these" around the world?

To be clear - the question (or indictment if you choose) should not fall on the footsteps of one Bertha Lewis and her small upstart organization.  In the quest to find a sustaining PURPOSE for the Black American - one must ask why the oft heard "connectedness" with the diaspora has not been cultivated as the reason why our American school children must focus their efforts on learning productive skills.  The advantage that they have in America's society is leveraged in their interactions with their brothers and sisters around the world in need of structure and methodological support.

Open University In Ghana

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Visit To The Goodwill Store

The recent dust up over a Republican legislator in Michigan who sought to add a provision to state foster care clothing purchase regulations which mandated that only used clothing be purchased with the $80 per year stipend trigged me to go to a used clothing store to see for myself.

On my drive to the local Goodwill store which opened up in late March 2011 I noted that a new consignment store had opened up about a half mile down the street. They too sell clothing but it likely business suits and dresses for all occasions for women.

The following series of photographs should give you an idea of what I saw.

The summary conclusions are:

  1. Goodwill of today offers a high quality, value oriented selection for poor and working class people to gain access to needed clothing
  2. Everything about the store was about quality and respect
  3. Every article of clothing that I was was perfectly reconditioned - ironed, little sign of wear and clean
  4. The PICTURES ON THE WALL told the story.  Racial minorities were featured in these pictures.  The mission statement of the GoodWill is to "Put People To Work"
I am convinced that - in the battle in Michigan those who proposed this bill had the right idea about maximizing the clothing purchase by finding garments of low cost but the wrong approach regarding the sensibilities of the recipients.  I personally prefer not to have government so detailed and intrusive.

At the same time the critics of this proposal CLEARLY have not been into a Goodwill store or they would not have taken the rote offense to proposal.  Indeed it is true that more of these quality clothes could  be purchased for $80 than one could expect to purchase from other channels that sell brand new clothing (made in Honduras, India, China).  It is clear that many of them saw the perceived spirit of the Republicans and they stood against him.

It is entirely reasonable for a family of little means who need to maximize the use of their money to go to Goodwill to acquire high quality garments.  

I applaud Goodwill for addressing the needs of a critical market segment.  

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Searching For The Real Conservatives On Abortion

There appears to be an equal passion between Progressives and Conservatives to leverage the power of GOVERNMENT to accomplish a particular interest that they have in mind. The Progressive is inclined to do economic engineering, extending the hands of government into our lives to produce "equality". The Conservative - as this audio piece details - appears intent on using the power of government regulation to enforce the social/moral outcomes that he desires.

This post is not about ABORTION.
I would be technically considered "Pro-Choice" - not because I am oblivious to the fact that the abortion procedure disconnects a gestating fetus - who if left unmolested - would grow into a full human form. My "Pro-Choice" stance comes only from the fact that I don't believe that the long arm of government has any business in this highly intimate domain.

The Texas Republican in the story makes no bones about the fact that he intents to use his ability to regulate the medical establishment to implement certain processes that are done with the goal of forcing the pregnant woman to "get in touch with" the miracle of life that is happening inside of her womb.

In my view - the superior argument and fact is that: You Can't Force Another Human Being To Identify And Respect The Intrinsic Value Of 'Their Own Kind'.

Instead it is far more strategic and enduring to COMPEL THEM to see that by doing their part in a "relay", moving the baton that they have been handed forward - and making sure that it is optimized and maximized to its full potential - that they have found their PURPOSE. That they are working in line with the will of their GOD.

Using The Law Where Cultural/Social Institutions Are More Appropriate

Those who have the loudest voices hear in the public domain often have nothing more than a pure ideologically based viewpoint to impart without ever addressing the long term interest that they purport to promote.

The countervailing forces between:

  • Rights
  • Responsibility
are far too often promoted or deemphasized depending on the ideological advantage that either party seeks to promote.

The battle at the points of contention:
  • Sex / Conception / Relationship Status
  • Public Education / Social Services Resources 
  • Retirement Security .........
so frequently misses out on the two more critical intervals of life that would provide the human service skills and the fiscal resources needed to promote societal advantage in the other areas.

A community with a larger set of educated and competent adults is more likely to generate the "Community GDP" that will allow all of the other individuals at different stages in life to live at a higher standard.

A community that invests and enforces certain sound cultural and conscious principles within children at the development age will instill inside of them certain key foundational elements that they will leverage for the rest of their life.  If this period of time is full of dysfunction and uprooting - there is a greater chance that the other intervals will be the same - eventually the person who was inculcated as such will one day become the source ACTOR which repeats the cycle.

Of course the big debate in our society is related to the extent that the individual/immediate community is on the hook for making the investments that lead to this future advantage or if the greater society should be ultimately accountable - common good trumping personal interests and private property rights.

In My Opinion

It is my opinion that the PROCESS that "A People" are allowed to cycle through fails to show evidence of ORGANIC INCREASE within the people over time then the constant mandates from the greater society to give them a jump start so that they can one day fly on their own has, unfortunately become the VERY PROCESS by which they seek to achieve their increase.   Instead of an ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT process - where the new competencies that the people express via the institutions that they now control - we have what is commonly known as a "SOCIAL JUSTICE" MOVEMENT - where the people's RIGHTS to certain goods and services are seen as INTRINSIC to their "humanity" and with this mandate the movement seeks to obtain this from the authorities.

If I tell you that the group of 48 most underdeveloped nations meeting this week in Kenya are in a situation where they have no formal "higher rung" of government to go to as the source of their "Social Justice" - then it seems clear to me that they are only going to achieve this higher living standard via the implementation of more organic methodologies.

Bottom line "Human Reproduction" MUST be brought in line with some greater PURPOSE of the people lest it become a mere mechanical process:
  1. Insert "injection tube" that has been made erect into the "reproduction fluid receipt chamber"
  2. Self-Propelled Genetic Instructions migrate to the "Gestation Chamber"
  3. Via A Darwinesque Process - One Genetic Carrier Fuses With An Ovum, turning it into a Zygote 
  4. The Zygote is attached to its nutrition source on the wall of the host's womb - receiving food and excreting its waste products as it gestates
  5. If it survives the hosts 'DECISIONS' and her ability to protect her exposed front end from all assaults....this fetus, left unmolested by the outside world - will grow into a human form
  6. It will be exposed to the outside world, its lungs filled with air after being cleared of mucus - and it will begin its path as a free standing system of cells and processes 
  7. At puberty it will be equipped with fully developed "Genetic Instruction Cells", able to initiate a "Gestation Process" of its own.
The DIFFERENCE between a SET OF MECHANICAL CHEMICAL PROCESSES and the dignity of HUMANITY is our ability as humans to uphold this level of respect beyond the disaggregation that some people attempt to impart upon us, using the GOVERNMENT to compensate for their inability to see the EQUAL HUMAN BEING at each interval. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Conflict With Language, Native Culture And Education In East Timor

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This video details an important human situation that involves:

  • The confluence of people of two or more cultural backgrounds
  • The impact that all of this has on the educational process
  • The need for a nation to forge one common national identity as the point of reference for the nation

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Those Who Have No Interest In Quantifying "White Supremacy" Merely Want To Use It For Their Own Agenda

Most Black People Mistake "White Supremacy" For GRAVITY

Is as much as physicists and scientists were transparent in their efforts to understand the impact that the gravitational force  imposed by one mass upon another - they produced a formula which had the goal of measuring the relative force that is imposed. They realized that by understanding the force of gravity it can be used in more complex calculation.  Indeed the early inventors of the airplane were successful as they applied this formula (and that of air pressure) into the design of their aircrafts.

Unfortunately what is truth in the world of science is often at odds in the world of politics and social engineering.   In the case of "White Supremacy"-studies - it is to the advantage of the Racism Chaser to retain "White Supremacy" as an amorphous force.  Its very PRESENCE - regardless of the quantity makes it POWERFUL enough to derail all that Black people do.   If you represent the machine that would otherwise be on the hook for having failed to deliver the promises to the Black community which you sold to them during your assent - most assuredly the inability to quantify this force is of value.

I am of the belief that the default state of man is DESPERATE POVERTY and SAVAGERY.  But for advanced societal constructs to:

  • Protect Us At Birth
  • Inculcate Our Consciousness During Or Formative Years  
  • Employ Our Skills And Knowledge During Our Productive Years
  • And Channel Our Wisdom In The Investment In The Next Generation...................
we would all be living a life that approximates that of an animal.

GRAVITY, a natural fact of life on this Earth, seeks to draw us all down to this common state.

"White Supremacy" is NOT GRAVITY. 

What Is "White Supremacy"?
White Supremacy is an attempt by the group of people who are physically understood as Caucasian, seeking to project their power and protect their recessive genetic phenotype by promoting the interests of "their own people" via a SYSTEM, while demoting the interests of non-White people - thus sustaining their relative and competitive advantage.   Indeed it is all about "power relationships".

In the illustration above this force of "White Supremacy" is an external force upon the aircraft.  It can work in conjunction with gravity - but it is not gravity.   It forces the aircraft off course, preventing the pilot from applying any amount of training that he has about the performance of the aircraft.  The control surfaces of the vehicle being no match against this external force.  In fact the evidence that the aircraft is seeking to rise is proof to the "White Supremacist" that there is a violent intent, further justifying their oppression.

What About The Organic Thrust From Our Engines?

Unlike the force of "White Supremacy" - the engines upon the Black Community are an intrinsic element of the community.   The collective production of this community is the thrust that is expressed.

The primary agent against which these engines work against is GRAVITY.  Without effective thrust from the engine - the vehicle will never get airborne. 

With respect to its ability to defend against "White Supremacy" there is a combination of:
  • Thrust
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability 
  • Defensive Weapons
  • and Stealth .............
.............that are the proper countermeasures against "White Supremacy".

A plane that cannot fly on its own during placid skies most surely won't be able to survive the turbulence of "White Supremacy".

This turbulence is not going to go away, short of every vessel remaining on the ground, with gravity as the victor.  

The real question for those who promote the power of "White Supremacy", who prefer to keep it as an amorphous force is "What Are You Doing To Prepare Your People For Their Solo Flight"?

The Reports Of Illiteracy In Detroit Miss The Mark

Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read

The tendency upon seeing yet another critical report about the city of Detroit has people piling on with their criticism.

A more productive response is to ask "Is the city properly PREPARING itself and all of its HUMAN RESOURCES to support a greater future?"

The long struggle to gain control over all of the institutions of the city, installing  a new set of priorities, with the goal of producing more favorable results.

The challenge today is for the people to look back honestly upon the RESULTS and making the necessary course correction so that better results might be had in the future.

The real question that is at play is:  Are the people more interested in retaining their ideological entrenchment or are they interested in the desired results?