Sunday, January 01, 2012

"Self-Relations Psychotherapy" As A Start For Consciousness Reestablishment

I went searching Wikipedia for the word "sponsor" for some reason that I do not recall.

I ran into a page on "Self-Relations Psychotherapy" with the following opening paragraphs:

Self-relationship is an aspect of psychotherapy which describes and focusses on the crucial relationship between a person and their own self. Formally described in Stephen Gilligan's article: The relational self: the expanding of love beyond desire (1996), and expanded on in his book: The Courage to Love (1997), it has become a major new approach in psychotherapy and healing. It refers to a form of support, help, and assistance, usually found in psychotherapy and other therapeutic contexts, but also found in executive coaching, community building, and other forms of healing.
It takes as its starting point, that 'symptoms' are most often the sign of something trying to "wake up" within a person, causing both visible and hidden conflict. It views symptoms such as violence and withdrawal, as born of a "skill-less" attempt to awaken oneself. Self-relationship asserts that therapeutic work should always be centered on supporting this awakening process, allowing and helping it to grow, rather than immediately practicing specific 'techniques' to 'fix' or eradicate symptoms.
Accordingly, although self-relationship draws upon many distinct schools and traditions of therapy and healing, it works primarily with the flow of life, to awaken 'soul' and love in a person's experience of themselves and others. It draws upon other traditions of guidance and awakening so that powerful human experiences can be used to guide someone's process of self-awakening, which can often feel painful and confused.

Of course, the first "patient" that I thought of when I read this passage was "The Street Pirate".   Maybe his display of violence against his own community is an expression of his "love"(???).

Regardless of the motivation the call for "Sponsorship" makes sense.

There are three key aspects to sponsorship:
  1. The intent is to awaken in a person the awareness of the goodness and the gifts of who they are,
  2. It awakens one to the goodness and to the gifts and to the possibilities that are in the world, and
  3. It fosters traditions that connect and bring these things into something that has human value.

The truth is - there is no need for fancy "psychotherapy" to apply around this problem.
The problem is clear to anyone's common understanding.   It will be mitigated when the proper priority attention is applied to it.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Constructive Feedback,
This was an outstanding post and in fact, I plan on purchasing the books you reference in this blog post. I believe that this is the ultimate solution to what ails the post-modern black population today. Thank you and have a great day. Miriam