Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Africa As A Point Of Reference - Veneration vs Operationalization

This is not my "political blog".
This is a "cultural strategy" blog, for people seeking to develop the Black Diaspora.

Below are two videos of people seeking to "Return To Africa" with the hopes of improved fortunes than what "The West" has to offer.

The difference in consciousness between these two sets of "disaporatic Blacks" could not be more dramatic. The Dreams Of Africa By An "American Working Class Slave"

The Dreams To Return To Africa By A Real African Who Departed To Europe And Longs To Improve His Homeland

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I see one videos that has a "grievance based" motivation for migration.

I see another in which the need to build up the infrastructure in various parts of Africa so that the return trip will be a fruitful one as being more likely to have success.

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