Thursday, February 02, 2012

Don Cornelius - "Organic Wealth Development"

Don Cornelius took a $400 investment in a local Chicago dance show into a long running, multi-million dollar franchise.  The launching pad of a countless number of performing artist.

Just as the TV One show "Unsung" gives us the opportunity to see an overview of the careers of several talented musical stars - there are few of them that did not pass through the "Soul Train Line" as a venue for national exposure.

Don Cornelius saw a void in the representation of Black people on television as well as a consumer demand for music and dancing.  Instead of protesting outside of "American Bandstand" regarding the lack of "Black faces" in the studio - he started his own show and then owned his own studio.

It is rare for individuals to have the vision to develop new markets rather than assuming that the confines of the existing market are fixed.

I am saddened that Mr Cornelius decided to take his own life but his legacy is assured.

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