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How To Provoke Black People Who Are Heard Saying "Amen" At The Farrakhan Rally To Retain Their Consciousness When They Return To The Streets

THIS IS A TRUE STORY.  My ability to link certain points of information that I experience as I live my life and note the irony should be the primary take away for you to observe.

On a recent trip to the Carolinas to visit my extended family  I played a Farrakhan DVD as I drove.  The audio was more important than the video so I hooked my wireless headphones to my laptop in order to fill in the drive time with something of value.   The NOI brother that I typically purchase my "Final Call" from had convinced me to purchase the DVD a few weeks ago.

"Education: Black People & The Future" was the speech of Minister Louis Farrakhan given to "Chicago State University" earlier this year.

Whereas some people seek a division with other people as a means of rejecting all that they have to say, I am able to inspect a person or a movement based on certain components of value that they have without needing to agree with all that they say or believe.  This best sums up my view of Nation Of Islam's Minster Louis Farrakhan and "The Final Call" newspaper that serves as its oracle.

I believe that the present prevailing Black Consciousness among the Black Community at present is misaligned with the ultimate "Human & Community Resource Development Goals" of Black people.   It is more accurate to say that this present consciousness promotes Black people as an aggrieved constituency, fatally damaged from our slavery past,  who's loyalties are for sale to those who promise to satisfy them at the retail consumer counter within the "American Political Domain".

The "Black Community Permanent Interests" logo that I use is not something that I created.   It was something that I captured after listening to various people of all different ideologies who have a common goal but who have in their mind different methodologies that they are using in their struggle to obtain these ends.  My own task, I believe, is to appraise the efficacy and integrity of those forces that purport to be advancing the "Black Community's interests".  These measures, more than popularity, should be used as a guide.

After all - IF - the same people who claim that our "culture was stolen" during the transactions since the "African slave trade" then it stands to reason that those who are on stage projecting to us that which is also popularly satisfying to our present prevailing consciousness might be also damaged by the theft that they have enumerated.  Without some transparent measure to reference our aggregate actions against we might indeed confuse popularity with "effectiveness and integrity".    Once we delve exclusively into the domain of popularity one should just sit back and watch as the masses compromise themselves as they mutually agree to not "hate" on each other as they both commit that which would otherwise be seen as a violation of their own interests.

The Intellectual Battle At Hand

I have set up a framework by which I can achieve broad agreement with kindred spirits who have the same goals as my own.   This requires that we temporarily put aside the differences in methodology (ie: a liberal set of actions or a conservative set of actions) and instead focus on making clear our common goals.

The next task is to establish transparent measurements by which the various methodologies can be appraised for their effectiveness at moving us closer to the goal in the most comprehensive, time efficient and enduring (lasting for several generations as it is transmitted via culture) manner.

The final task, which is the biggest test of one's institutional integrity is to repudiate that which is POPULAR but which has failed to meet the requirements as laid out above.   Without "Institutional Integrity Enforcement" the only thing that is produced movement is an insatiable mob action which must be fed a new round of "chum" to keep it temporarily satisfied at the risk of canabalistically consuming those who have missed its feeding time.

My argument is that the same "Stolen Culture" that is used to today to agitate for reparation is the very same culture that itself was amassed over time in centuries past as transactional experiences throughout history provided for "group learning". The wise among the group acknowledged the need for competency in management of the group's outcomes so they assembled an organized set of principles that they built a society upon.  This is otherwise known as "Why Reinvent The Wheel"?   It is an acknowledgement of the folly of believing one's self to be smarter than one's ancestors at human issues that have not changed since their time.

I listen out for conversation that broadly matches the framework that I have set up as a means of finding a "friend in the struggle".   I do not believe that I can ever establish perfect compliance with another person's world experience (I have learned this lesson after being married), but I can acknowledge enough commonality that I am able to "work with" that other person, based upon what we agree upon.

  • "We Are The Product Of Mis-Education" said Minister Louis Farrakhan.
  • "He who gives you the diameter of your knowledge describes the circumference of your activities.
  • "If you are not productive then you have not been educated properly"
  • "If you are educated you can knock out anything that impedes your progress"
  • "Jesus wanted us to become like him so that their might be a 'nation of Gods' on the planet" 
  • "Foxes have holes. Birds have nests. But the son of man has no place to rest his head".

Driving Through A Small Town In South Carolina

I decided to use the knowledge of my GPS to take me on a more efficient course through the back country highways that were bypassed by my previous navigation skills that were limited absent the birdseye view of a satellite.

The word out on South Carolina that I got from the PBS show "Need To Know" is that little has changed over time and thus a Black man like me might have some issues after sundown.

I found a gas station that had some established Black men standing outside talking.  Their presence countered the sight of two White men who had hunting uniforms on as they gassed up their truck.  In the blessed year of our Lord 2012 - my children were more frightened by the black lab that served as the community dog than they were by the White folks who no doubt had a gun somewhere in their vehicle.

As I drove further down "SC Hwy 9" I passed through the downtown of a small city that I had never seen before.  The town center was illuminated various stores lined the street.

The one store that caught my attention was the store that had the two signs in the window that said "Thanks Justice Dept Shame SC".

I immediately knew that they were talking about the recent US Justice Department ruling which invalidated the state of South Carolina's law requiring photo id to be presented at the polling place upon voting.
I thought about it for a minute and then turned my vehicle around, asking my family to "give me a minute" while I look at something.  From this pause I took the following pictures.  They were placed inside of an insurance agency in the town of Chester SC.

The paradox of the panorama of the images that I saw need to be brought forth.
In the first row is the sign that captured my attention.  The sign itself is a paradox.
It thanks the US Justice Department for making a political decision against that which largely initiated by a political decision.   The merits of the call for "Photo ID Voting" have been lost.  Today it is purely a "Malcolm X Political Football Game" volley.

I later learned that the town of Chester SC has suffered greatly from its failure at economic development.  The fact there is an apparent victory in this latest transaction that amounted to nothing provides great insight about the mindset within.  

The next row of pictures shows me a Black owner with his own "Black Power" sensibility about himself.  The Black figurines are put in the front window EQUALLY for the purposes of allowing the Black customers to know that this is a "Black owned business" as it is to allow the WHITE FOLKS to know that this Black owner can display that which they have no control over.  

There is a friend in the White House to protect them now, just as they got the Chester County law enforcement to protect them from the local marauders that might break out their windows.

Beyond the capabilities of my camera phone is a memorial to Dr King in the far back wall of the agency and a calendar of President Obama at the front desk.

The key tie in with Minister Farrakhan however were the copies of "The Final Call" that were laid across the table in the front.

In this 62% Black town which has suffered greatly financially the word is that many of its residents were forced to move into more productive cities as a means of finding more gainful employment.

In the world of "Politically Conscious Blackness" the "victory" against the conservative enemy who dared to "suppress Black voting" by demanding photo id for everyone appears superior to the concerns of retaining Chester as an economically viable metropolis.

The final irony is the sight of the "Cox Auction Co".   Roll back the clock 165 years and "Cox Auction Co" would be trading "African slaves".

The fact that the descendants of these same enslaved people are "Protesters of Leisure" they have the time to conjure up attacks on Black people using the assumption of Black inferiority as a means of proving injury in pursuit of yardage in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

It is clear that from this consciousness by which they vow to fight their enemy at every turn that they are able to recognize "victories" that are not worthy while looking past great losses to the Black community that their present state of mind makes them unqualified to address comprehensively.  Thus the need to keep the congregation focused on the trivial.

If the occupants of the small insurance agency with the "Prevailing Black Political Consciousness" in tow had learned anything from reading the back part of "The Final Call" (the front part has a standard Black Progressive Fundamentalist world view as taken from the NNPA syndication source) then they would take heed of Mister Farrakhan's message spoken in "Black People & The Future" in which he asks Black people to form a clearer vision about what we stand for and wish to expend our energy to defend.

In my view the damage acquired (continued) from having to assume the cloak of Black inferiority as we are incapable of obtaining and retaining photo ID and thus are victimized is far greater than the "victory" of knowing that our progressive friends in the White House and US Justice are now present to counter the whims of "the enemy".

In as much as it is true that the young person who was raised in YOUR cultural conscious ecosystem has replaced the young Klan boy as the most prolific  killer of Blacks in South Carolina today gives rise to the need for the very same comprehensive agenda to control and extinguish the culture that produces a mindset that produces dead Black people - destroyed dreams & squandered potential far outnumbers the dead bodies, though present none the less.

There is no question in my mind that just as the mindset of the "Old White Racist" must pass on in time - the mindset of the Black folks who stood against him during the time when he was the primary threat must change.

To rebut the claim "When did THEY change?"  I say - read the papers, see the mug shots and then YOU tell me if you see change.

Such a mindset is the greatest impediment today in having more of our people altered into becoming "the pillars of our community", in support of the high standard of living that our community desires.

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