Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Proper Analysis Of The Plan To Split "Blacks And Gays" On The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage

Associated Press: Gay-marriage foes sought to split gays and blacks

In viewing Black people (and Hispanics) as key Democratic Party constituents who need to be used to splinter the Democratic Party over the subject of Same Sex Marriage - the National Organization For Marriage exposes itself for what it really is - a POLITICAL operation.

I reject the antics of The NOM as they attempt to reduce this important societal and cultural construct into a political prize.

I am consistent in my argument that there is a distinction between what the government allows and what a people of "Cultural Consciousness" must enforce among their own circle.

As expected, the news that a right-wing group is working to divide Democrats (Black and gay) on this wedge issue has triggered some on the left to tell their progressive base to watch out on what "the enemy" is seeking to do.  They must stand together to promote "Marriage Equality".

MSNBC's The Grio:  Why Race Baiting To Stop Marriage Equality Is Wrong

The use of language is an amazing spectacle.  Just as "group shunning" seeks to achieve corrective behavior of the wayward individual, the language of "equality" seeks to render an indictment against someone who, just a short time ago, had what was a "mainstream" thought.  Indeed it was the society that has "evolved" and "progressed".

The most disarming word used by these forces of evolution is the notion of "equality".   The bigot can't get past his internal hatred in order to grant "equality" to all of God's children.

By carefully crafting the argument into a matter of "oppression" - those who advocate "Marriage Equality" are seen as enlightened evolutionaries, seeking to move beyond traditional bigoted thoughts.

How To Properly Isolate The Agenda Of The "Equality Chasers"

I have stated before the notion of the "Progressive Base Hit".
The best way for an operative group to obtain its long term goals is via incrementalism.  At some point their vision becomes the "new norm" while others are seen as out of phase with the times.

Their goal is to make the debate a matter of POPULARITY rather than FUNCTIONALITY.

In the case of marriage we have to assume that this institution is a net positive good since it is a right that the progressive seeks to expand access to.

Fair point.

If this institution has such healthy benefits to the greater society (and thus should be expanded) then  why is not to more rational for us to make note of the present MARRIAGE RATES in this evolving world, making note that the decline in heterosexual marriage while on their watch has declined and that this is the greater threat to our society than is the denial of marriage rights to the homosexual?

In summary - force those who purport to be motivated by producing a better society to prove that they can produce a society that maximize "functional outcomes" rather than notions of "equality" and "justice".

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


(Again this is not my political [or name calling] blog.   Some times politics and ideology cross over into cultural consciousness and thus they must be talked about for the purposes of analysis)

IF YOU SAY....... THEN................

"Our Native African Culture And Religion Were Stolen" and "In The Context Of Our Conquest And Demotion Down To Subordinates We Were......................"

  • Given The European's Religion, Bible And Associated Images
  • Made To Feel Inferior Because We Were Made To Look At "HIS" Technological Advancements - Particularly The Weapons That Allowed Him To Project Violence In Support Of His Conquest
This Is, YOU SAY, the reason for our present disorder.  The sense of "Inferiority" that history has projected into our subconsciousness as a necessary tool for "population control".

YOUR WORDS that I am echoing.
IF today those who promote themselves as "Black Leaders" are propagandizing an annual report called "The State Of Black America" in which our present standing is documented so that an action plan can be fomented..........

.......HOW is it that when they use the standing of the "White American" as the Perfect 1.0 Reference for Blacks and Hispanics to measure themselves against.............................THEY are not said to be practicing the same BLACK INFERIORITY that they damned about the European Colonial Powers?

The fact that this has not been criticized more within the "Black Press" should disturb you even more.
How does this scheme connect at all to the other "Black Diasporatic" collections of people around the world?

What is their index number compared to the Black American?
Are you inclined to make THEM a "1.0" compared to YOU?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Physical World / Living Beings / Social Order Of Man

These three areas of man's understanding are related but are ultimately distinct.
Mastery in one area does not necessarily make you a subject matter expert in all of the consequences that are produced in another domain.

NPR Radio Times: Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss: 'A Universe from Nothing'

In listening to author and scientist Lawrence M Krauss it is clear that he goes out of his way to attack Christians and their understanding of the world.   From the bible - a Christian is lead to believe that the world is no older than 6,000 years since creation.

As a practicing Christian this is not my understanding yet the author appears intent on driving home the point that popular religion is fake because they fail to acknowledge the billions of years that the Earth and physical world has been around.

This post is ultimately not an attempt to rebut any of Krauss' views on religion.  Instead I wanted to make note of how much uncertainty his own views on the physical world exist within his own treatise.

While I don't expect Krauss to be able to get more accurate than X billion years as the date of the founding of the known physical universe - I am made suspect of the use of time as his "Jesus".   Using time to obfuscate your understanding of the origins of the universe relies as much on "faith" as he accuses popular religion of doing.

Worse, Krauss mentions nothing about the social order that today's modern religions have on their congregation, communities and nations.   Mastery of the origins of the physical world does not speak to the realities of human relations and the admonitions against certain behavior in favor of others.   While there is no doubt that if man destroyed all other humans on this Earth that the Earth and other celestial bodies will continue spinning throughout time - his body of work, which fails to sufficiently document how living creatures went from a mass of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen into fully sentient creatures.

It seems that Krauss, like another person who is full of religious orthodoxy can only be accepted in their relative area of expertise.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

At The Point Where POLITICS/IDEOLOGY Spills Over To A Person's Basic Consciousness About Himself

The reason why I respect Sandy Cornish, who's memory is captured in the artifacts of his past presence in Key West Florida, is that when he faced an immanent threat to his basic personhood - as the "Slave Catchers" (your word - not mine) were closing in - he used his equal intelligence to make a fateful calculation.

His personal value in their eyes was his ability to perform "Intelligent Labor" for the profit of the "equal human being" that was called his owner, per the laws of the United States at the time.

With his previous experiences of the brutality and mental degradation of ENSLAVEMENT branded in his mind - he chose to deprecate his ability to be usurped by those who sought to disrespect his very essence as a human.  He pulled out a knife and cut several muscles in his body - rendering him as a BLACK MAN with his CONSCIOUSNESS intact but his body broken.

He was of no use to the "Slave Catchers" and they LEFT HIM ALONE.  Their planned return trip to Louisiana was thwarted by an "Equal Human Being" who they believed as a common barnyard animal, molesting that which God had shown them otherwise.  Their lust for profit blinding them.

Despite living the reset of his life in a physically immobilized condition, Mr Cornish went on to be a strong leader of his church, his community, his people who were in need.

As I think about how the Black man of today has certain "hooks" that the enemies of our development (these enemies lurking inside and externally) I wonder if there is a sufficiently large population of our people who are wise to the tether that is upon their consciousness and if they would be brave enough to pull out a knife and break free from the mental bounds that still strangle them, directing their walk - askew from their PURPOSE?

From Booker Rising
[quote] What were Herman Cain's qualifications for President? [/quote]

Tahria Square:
YOU JUST DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The President Of The United States is a province OF THE UNITED STATES.
Despite all of their fronting otherwise - the BLACK CONSCIOUS PROGRESSIVE should be most shamed about:

1) The corruption of Black Community Institutions as they sold the congregation of the necessity to PROTECT the present occupant of the OFFICE OF THE US PRESIDENT and thus their SILENCE was purchased on certain key "Permanent Interests"
2) Black people were heard CHEERING at 13.8% Black Unemployment and then turning to their Republican enemies demanding that they WORSHIP the American President for his "economic stewardship"
3) When a Professional Progressive Political Preacher was asked about how illegal immigration hurts Black Americans - he was heard saying "BLACK PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS HAD A RATE TWICE THAT OF WHITE FOLKS".  He could not bring himself to see that he tacitly admitted that DESPITE all of the success at taking control over BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS - the phrase "Its has ALWAYS been this way" was sufficient in quieting a Negro caller who did not know how to question the actual PROGRESS that is being made.
Tahria Square - put your hear to the computer speaker before you read the next line.
It sets up a PROTECTION RACKET among the masses.   They are seen ACCEPTING that which they used to protest against.
"Ninjas Getting Themselves Kilt" by a young Black male who's CONSCIOUSNESS was formed by this same PROGRESSIVE FORCE that told us that WHITE FOLKS killing us is proof of their contempt for Black Equality are unable to RATIONALLY deal with the painful truth that when their culture that they are running on us produces an EQUAL HUMAN BEING that has lust for Black blood because he was not taught CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS and has a CONSUMER/MATERIALISTIC SPIRIT ..............instead of being willing to CHECK HIS IDEOLOGY for the purposes of a DIFFERENT RESULT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY....................................weare always shown the truth about what this force that has a death grip upon our Community Development Consciousness VALUES THE MOST - it AIN'T "Negro Development".  It is PROGRESSIVE development - selling the future that never comes.
This done at the expense of laying down the tracks of a CULTURE that they can lean upon in the long future for consciousness and independence of our people.
You all are expert at detailing how OUR CULTURE WAS STOLEN and who must pay.
You are too CONSCIOUSLY DAMAGED YOURSELF to see that as we traverse through time TO-DAMNED-DAY the constant, fraudulent trampling of the institutional governance boundaries that FAVORABLE PEOPLE now control is also allowing CONTAMINATION to be projected onward to our next generations - just like a virus that lurks in the BODY FLUID that is used to communicate reproductive instructions between the Black male to the Black Female.
After so many long years of you seeking EQUALITY at the hands of another man - it is clear to anyone who has their eyes open is that YOU don't have the thoughts of EQUALITY in your mind - as proven by the amount of time that you talk about SOMEONE ELSE.
Inverted Narcissism - successfully explained.  

The Proper Thinking In Response To The News "Blacks Trail Whites Financially In Every Major City"

Biz Journals: Blacks trail whites financially in every major city

A financial chasm separates blacks and whites in every major market across America.
Blacks come closest to parity in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., though a wide gap exists even there. The typical black resident of Poughkeepsie earns $703 for every $1,000 earned by a typical white resident -- a difference of 29.7 percent.
The runners-up among major markets are Colorado Springs, where blacks are 31.6 percent behind whites, and Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif., where the income disparity is 34.9 percent. (A major market is defined as any metropolitan area with a population of 500,000 or more.)
On Numbers compared per capita incomes for whites and blacks in the 587 metropolitan and micropolitan areas where at least 2 percent of the residents are black. All income data came from the U.S. Census Bureau 's 2010 American Community Survey.


The news that Blacks earn about 70% of what their White neighbors earn should be processed in a manner that is very different from what we typically see.

In the normal course - White people are assigned as the perfect "1.0" reference that Black people are measured against and then the report that documents the "inferiority" of Black people to this reference gets walked up to Capitol Hill where the government is asked to "Do Something" about this structural racism.

This approach is not going to close the gap.

There is a close overlap between those who spout rhetoric against capitalism and those who are inclined to believe that more government control over the economy is the only way to produce equality.  The assumption being that racism is the predominate cause of this gap.

The more productive and comprehensive means of addressing this challenge is to first apply the proper understanding of economics.  

The core point that needs to be stressed is that the income of an individual or company is representative of a market demand for some good or service that the entity has for sale and the perceived value of it by the consumer.

I have posted many times that a Black person with a college education can functionally close any income gap among the races.  

More important than a process by which "your people" are compelled to go into careers that pay big bucks is the need for them to be conscious of the needs of the community that will afford it the ability to live up to a certain standard of living.  From there they should align themselves with these needs, developing a market that provides these services and receive a stream of income in support of this effort.

The focus upon building up the economic corpuscles of the community will have a more significant long term impact on this same community's ability to:

  • Create Jobs
  • Retain Their Dollars Within The Community
  • Drive Local Economic Conditions Rather Than Them Being A Function Of The Whims Of The National Economy
Underlying all of this is the need for CONFIDENCE and FAITH that it is possible in the first place.

It is my belief that the conscious disposition that has been allowed to fester within the Black community has us more worried about the impact of taking our eyes off of what others are doing instead of retaining the primary focus on what is going on WITHIN.