Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Physical World / Living Beings / Social Order Of Man

These three areas of man's understanding are related but are ultimately distinct.
Mastery in one area does not necessarily make you a subject matter expert in all of the consequences that are produced in another domain.

NPR Radio Times: Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss: 'A Universe from Nothing'

In listening to author and scientist Lawrence M Krauss it is clear that he goes out of his way to attack Christians and their understanding of the world.   From the bible - a Christian is lead to believe that the world is no older than 6,000 years since creation.

As a practicing Christian this is not my understanding yet the author appears intent on driving home the point that popular religion is fake because they fail to acknowledge the billions of years that the Earth and physical world has been around.

This post is ultimately not an attempt to rebut any of Krauss' views on religion.  Instead I wanted to make note of how much uncertainty his own views on the physical world exist within his own treatise.

While I don't expect Krauss to be able to get more accurate than X billion years as the date of the founding of the known physical universe - I am made suspect of the use of time as his "Jesus".   Using time to obfuscate your understanding of the origins of the universe relies as much on "faith" as he accuses popular religion of doing.

Worse, Krauss mentions nothing about the social order that today's modern religions have on their congregation, communities and nations.   Mastery of the origins of the physical world does not speak to the realities of human relations and the admonitions against certain behavior in favor of others.   While there is no doubt that if man destroyed all other humans on this Earth that the Earth and other celestial bodies will continue spinning throughout time - his body of work, which fails to sufficiently document how living creatures went from a mass of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen into fully sentient creatures.

It seems that Krauss, like another person who is full of religious orthodoxy can only be accepted in their relative area of expertise.


Ronnie B said...

As a Believer in Christ, I also occasionally question whether "thousands" of years doesn't actually mean "millions" of years. No one man or woman knows. We can only interpret and surmise based on our own human understanding. And the Bible teaches us to not lean on our own understanding.

Constructive Feedback said...

My pastor noted several weeks ago that GOD has the power to remove TIME from his works.

Since the body has the ability and tendency to "heal itself" the so called "miracles" that have been reference in the bible were merely God removing the element of time, allowing the body to heal in a manner that appeared to be "magical".

If you listen to the science shows, as I do, they argue that TIME is "bendable". Thus there is no fixed interval of time.

My point remains that those who cleave to the claim that their "science" is based on a foundation of proof while religion is not - they often use great amounts of time to obfuscate their arguments (ie: how the universe was formed and where did all of the matter come from before this point?)

It is also the case that, even if they were 100% correct they have no system by which man who is living today will order himself for the purposes of producing better results.