Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Proper Analysis Of The Plan To Split "Blacks And Gays" On The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage

Associated Press: Gay-marriage foes sought to split gays and blacks

In viewing Black people (and Hispanics) as key Democratic Party constituents who need to be used to splinter the Democratic Party over the subject of Same Sex Marriage - the National Organization For Marriage exposes itself for what it really is - a POLITICAL operation.

I reject the antics of The NOM as they attempt to reduce this important societal and cultural construct into a political prize.

I am consistent in my argument that there is a distinction between what the government allows and what a people of "Cultural Consciousness" must enforce among their own circle.

As expected, the news that a right-wing group is working to divide Democrats (Black and gay) on this wedge issue has triggered some on the left to tell their progressive base to watch out on what "the enemy" is seeking to do.  They must stand together to promote "Marriage Equality".

MSNBC's The Grio:  Why Race Baiting To Stop Marriage Equality Is Wrong

The use of language is an amazing spectacle.  Just as "group shunning" seeks to achieve corrective behavior of the wayward individual, the language of "equality" seeks to render an indictment against someone who, just a short time ago, had what was a "mainstream" thought.  Indeed it was the society that has "evolved" and "progressed".

The most disarming word used by these forces of evolution is the notion of "equality".   The bigot can't get past his internal hatred in order to grant "equality" to all of God's children.

By carefully crafting the argument into a matter of "oppression" - those who advocate "Marriage Equality" are seen as enlightened evolutionaries, seeking to move beyond traditional bigoted thoughts.

How To Properly Isolate The Agenda Of The "Equality Chasers"

I have stated before the notion of the "Progressive Base Hit".
The best way for an operative group to obtain its long term goals is via incrementalism.  At some point their vision becomes the "new norm" while others are seen as out of phase with the times.

Their goal is to make the debate a matter of POPULARITY rather than FUNCTIONALITY.

In the case of marriage we have to assume that this institution is a net positive good since it is a right that the progressive seeks to expand access to.

Fair point.

If this institution has such healthy benefits to the greater society (and thus should be expanded) then  why is not to more rational for us to make note of the present MARRIAGE RATES in this evolving world, making note that the decline in heterosexual marriage while on their watch has declined and that this is the greater threat to our society than is the denial of marriage rights to the homosexual?

In summary - force those who purport to be motivated by producing a better society to prove that they can produce a society that maximize "functional outcomes" rather than notions of "equality" and "justice".

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