Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I Cry Inside When I See How MY PEOPLE THINK

This interview from C-SPAN book TV needs to be addressed from two perspectives:

  • The Political Analysis of how Black people's choice to LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH Progressivism, The Democratic Party And OBAMA Has Caused The Black Community To Compromise Its Investments Of Its "Equal Black Ballots", Upon Failure To Obtain Its Promised "Return On Investments" It's Compromised Institutional Integrity Allows The Goal Posts To Be Constantly Shifted - Due To POPULAR ACCEPTANCE Of The Locomotion
  • The PSYCHOLOGICAL Analysis (Which This Blog - My Non-Political Blog - Will Carry) On - What Type Of INSTITUTIONAL/CULTURAL CONSTRUCTS Are Inculcated Within A People When They Project Their "Community Development Consciousness" Upon An Entity That Will NEVER Be "Their Own" AND YET When They Do Get Sufficient Power To Begin To Enforce "Establishment Power Accountability" They Agree To Deny That They Have The Power To Have Achieved Better Results - So They Continue To Struggle


I am going to fill in this post with my own commentary.
I have no mandate that YOU AGREE WITH MY TAKE.
I am going to present MY VIEWS upon hearing how the mainstream Black Progressive-politio thinks.

When I hear people LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA, noting that the "Return On Investment" has come up short and then BLAME THEMSELVES for failing to HELP HIM govern to OUR WISHES........................I understand that OBAMA AIN'T THE PROBLEM.  

The central problem is with the PERSON WHO'S CONSCIOUSNESS made them make these ASSUMPTIONS.

These are not unintelligent Black people.
You will NEVER hear me call the majority of the Black media voices "stupid".  They are not.
They are merely encamped in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" in which they see themselves as agents of what the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN has convinced them that they are.   

Those of us who are "on the inside of the group but who are on the OUTSIDE OF THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS" sit in stunned amazement as we get to hear what we already know is inside of their PSYCHE AND SOUL get rendered via their spoken, written or performance art.

In the spirit of "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" - they are unable to grasp the notion that THEY ARE "THE SYSTEM" now per their conscious integration.  That if they were to ever be removed from the framework of the United States - their present CONSCIOUSNESS would not allow them to survive the experience. 

The POLITICAL ANALYSIS View On "Within The Black Community" Blog

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Evidence That The Prevailing Black Sentiment Is Something Other Than Political Solutions Will Lead To Our Salvation Is WHAT? - Black Diaspora

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST!! THIS IS A FOCUS ON THE STRATEGY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN WHICH POLITICS WILL BE DISCUSSED. My goal is to push the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN out of the "Black Community Racial Consciousness Nucleus" - out to the periphery so that the Black Community can regain control of its own consciousness about itself and think more clearly about a strategy for our development in the future.
Despite what is POPULAR among the ranks of Black Americans - IT IS NOT WORKING to develop our people.

[quote]C.F., this is an overstatement. If you ask the average black person whether he believes there are "political solutions," Right or Left, that will transform black communities into oases of opportunities, you won't receive affirmative answers.[/quote]

NOTE: This post is not meant to put anyone on blast.
 I made this above quote by my friend Black Diaspora into its own post as  a means of opening a focused discussion on this claim.

Black Diaspora - Please Detail What About The "Black Struggle" Today That Makes You Believe That Black People DO NOT Believes That Political Triumph Is Not Assumed To Be The Gateway For Our Salvation?

The news that the post-(real)-Civil Rights Struggle is NOT about Black Community Salvation via political power is news to me.

Everything about EVERY component of the "Black Racial Services Machine" is about the installation of "congregational unity" among Black people around an IDEOLOGY (Progressive-Fundamentalism) and the foment of a TEAM consciousness around the Democratic Party - all with the purported goal of delivering "social justice" to the Black Community as a residue of this entire struggle.
In truth the "teaming" is merely meant to motivate our people to remain silent and complicit about the scheme.

When I call out operatives who ARE USING POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL politics and their ideology in the guise of "Blackness" to execute their fraudulent scheme from the INSIDE VANTAGE POINT - I am not being PARTISAN when I call out what they are doing.

If we were to have an honest discussion about the Black Permanent interests, however, one would need to ask why these same people who gained power among our people based on the promises of prosperity IF we VOTED for them - are not now being isolated in their ability to further leverage the CONFIDENCE of the Black community - harming us further?

The answer that, in my opinion, that my friend Black Diaspora does not want to answer is that the "BLACK STRUGGLE" as been fused into this POLITICAL STRUGGLE.   Thus they would rather have a "Favorable (Black) Progressive in power to VENERATE as a symbol of 'Black Political Power' " than they have an interest in executing GOOD GOVERNANCE PRINCIPLES by which a MACHINE that was promoted into power based on distinct promises is now HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the benefit or shortfall that they have delivered.

In my view, Black Diaspora has it wrong.  We can look at the latest news from Detroit and see that the Embedded Confidence Men are now claiming the failed political leadership as "OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING" and thus setting up a protection racket for them to retain their power in the midst of economic collapse.

The protection racket DID NOT mention-
  • The harm that Black school children have suffered in the collapse of Detroit
  • The great loss of Black Intergenerational Wealth due to the erosion of the Detroit housing stock (We did hear the claim that "Subprime Loans" was the cause though
  • The damage to the "community" as Detroit became an inhospitable area to raise a family in safety

Instead we heard about the ATTACK by the Republican state officials and the Wall Street Banks
  • Attacking the largest "Black city" outside of Africa
  • Running the elected officials out of office that Black people chose
  • Stripping Black elected officials of their power, with an Emergency Board that runs the show
  • Busting the Municipal Services union 
  • All cities under emergency management in Michigan are "Black cities" 
    • They couldn't bring themselves to sort this list not on RACE but on IDEOLOGICAL ASSUMPTIONS which, when left ALL ALONE and in need to PRODUCE ORGANICALLY it fails

There is NO DOUBT, it is INCONTROVERTIBLE that "Blackness" has been used as the agent of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY by which Black people are compelled to stand together IN POLITICS regardless of the violations to the Black Community Institutional Integrity that it produces.

I have a message from radio personality Tom Joyner in my hand that I will make a post about later which PERFECTLY describes the CONFIDENCE JOB that I speak of as he makes the case that Black people should "stand together" and reelect Obama.    As always it is NEVER justified based on the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES developed through the INSTITUTIONS in the Black Community over the period of time in question that is used as a reference.  Instead it has token evidence on what we "RECEIVED" along with heavy references to the threat from the ENEMY (Rush Limbaugh, Republicans, Tea Party).

Again I ask my friend Black Disapora - what does this scheme do to empower Black Americans to help any of the other Diasporatic Blacks around the world?  
Instead, Libya shows us that as Blacks live vicariously through the "Commander In Chief" we can be made to be SILENT over the actions of the machine as we desire to avoid making an indictment of the man that is venerated.

You have the floor brother.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simulcast: Those Who Can't Bring Themselves To Demand That Political Sovereignty Be Respected Will One Day Understand The Costs Of Their Complicity At The Time When Their Own Sovereignty Is Violated And Other People From Afar Are Silent Then As They Presently Are

This is the first ever simulcast across my key blog properties.
Since each of my blogs are compartmentalized to focus on various subjects that are related by essentially distinct - the news that the Obama Administration proving approval for expanded use of Drones in the sovereign nation of Yemen provides a great opportunity to view this latest act by the "American Military Imperialist Machine" - NOT from the perspective of the Obama Administration, but instead to look into the audience who is "living vicariously through Obama" to make note of their reaction.

Yemen Today, Chicago Tomorrow 

To the drone they are merely GPS coordinates

Dr Martin Luther King Jr never could have imagined the complexities and the compromise that would come in the future as some people's "Martin Luther King / Jackie Robinson" figure which they live vicariously through is also the "Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Imperialist Military Machine.   When this venerated figure reaches a point in which his actions are mutual exclusive to these two roles defined above - we should note that it is the US Military that is not the one that is likely to compromise its integrity for want of allowing the "King / Jackie Robinson" model to stand untarnished.

Dr King leveraged the power of the moral strength of his argument as a means of compelling a larger group of Americans that the nation must change its ways via the laws and policies that it enforces that respects race.  Consistency was his demand. 

In the end he was not able to remain silent and accept the potential benefit of favorable domestic policies from the federal government when this same government was doing things internationally that didn't sit right with his spirit.

Today  it seems that things have been flipped upon its head. 
Those who claim to follow in Dr King's footsteps are not about to allow their need to repudiate the American machine's international efforts that are in violation of due process and national sovereignty to compromise their quest for domestic "social justice" policies that the "Commander In Chief" has promised them when he puts on his other hat.

The Left Forum - Stopping The US Drone Wars

Monday, April 23, 2012

[strike]White Conservative[/strike] Christians Organized Health Care Insurance Fund

This isn't even a racial discussion.

As I monitor and record media from the right and the left I am able to gather a better understanding of the differences in thoughts and assumptions (about government) between the two extremes.  Both want to achieve a higher standard of living for their respective interest group.   Both are "socialists" in that they see that sharing resources within a circle is the most effective means of leveraging their resources and applied discipline.

The fundamental difference is one of SCOPE AND SCALE of the "protective circle".

The progressive seeks to have a protective circle at the national scale, everyone within able to drink from the cup.   Their flaw is that as they seek to "boil the ocean" toward nationalism - the "mission accomplished lands" that they dominate locally never seem to obtain the benefits that they promise will be released when they get national control.  A skeptic might even say that their "national struggle" is more of a power grab that exploits the conditions of "the least of these" to secure their confidence.

The conservative seeks to carve out more limited circles of protection inside of the larger national boundary. While the people inside of this protective circle get to sup upon the fruits that are grown - the flaw of conservatism as it presently stands is that it fails to offer sufficient structural support to those who are outside of their circle of protection.  While the resources (labor and consumer dollars) from the individuals that reside outside of the protective circle are open for exploitation by those in the circle who use their economic resources for leverage against the more dependent "least of these" - left unchecked this imbalance of power can indeed turn into a "oligarchical trust", threatening the whole.

I make no bones about it that I tend to favor the conservative orthodoxy.    It stands to reason that "local socialism" with outward competition leveraging the competitive advantage that you have developed based upon the effectiveness of molding "your people" into a disciplined focus - is the best development strategy.  I also believe that this strength in aggregating wealth should be leveraged as charitable investments into seeds planted into strategic ventures that develop more people.   Beyond the taxation for the basic operation of government - a charitable investment into a school is far more efficient than a big government scheme that attempts to achieve "equality".

A Health Care Funding Pool For Conservative Christians  

Several months ago as I was listening in on the "Bill Bennett Morning In America Show" I heard a commercial for "Medi-Share".  This was a citizen-level attempt at providing health care insurance funding sponsored on Christian principles.

With all due respect - I believe that upon seeing this "exclusive scheme" at funding health care in the context of their opposition to Obamacare - many Black people, locked in their present consciousness would see this as some "racist" attempt at denying nationalized care but ensuring that "their own kind" received protection.

I see this as a group of people - regardless of their greater ideological agenda - who realize that REGARDLESS of the conditions of the national government ($16 T in debt) that it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of their own.

This movement, while not likely to scale into a national program, none the less creates the "cultural institution" of DOING FOR SELF that I have mentioned.

I reject the notion that someone who is opposed to a larger scheme of aggregation by the federal government is "DENYING SOCIAL JUSTICE" to the least of these.
One should counter with - the observation that these same forces who are now working at the national level for "social justice" had made the same promises of such benefit when they were vying for the LOCAL institutions of power.

The solution to the foolishness about funding for abortions, Viagra, and birth control in a nationalized government health program is to allow individuals of consciousness to form their own insurance pools and then manage the RESOURCES within this pool by CULTURALLY regulating those individuals who's at will membership in the fund requires them to yield their selfish interests for the benefit of the group.

Socialism at the voluntary group level is - "Cultural Consciousness expression"
Socialism, enforced at the NATIONAL level is "state sponsored suppression of economic freedom".

A society that compels its people to remain conscious of the tie between their present actions and their GOALS for a standard of living will prove to be more efficient at compelling people to operate in a more productive manner - addressing the extreme cases of poverty as EXCEPTIONS rather than as a matter of "social justice rights" to entitlement.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Restorative Power Of Music

I could not help but not the character and quality of the lyrics from Cab Calloway as compared to a good portion of what we are graced with today.

Ron Miller - "Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom's Porch"

C-SPAN Book TV - Ron Miller video

I have applause and criticism for Ron Miller - Black Republican.

On the one hand his conversation shows the grinding damage that the "crabs in a barrel" syndrome causes to fellow Blacks.   His experiences in a Louisiana school system as a student (military brat) was akin to an African student coming to America and seen standing up as the teacher walked into the room, only to be laughed at for the "respect" that he showed to the teacher.

My criticism with Ron Miller has to do with the fact that he is ultimately a Republican.   He argues that the Republican Party has an obligation to reach out to the Black community and show itself as an option.  I strongly disagree.

It is the BLACK COMMUNITY, seeking to find a way to reconcile its desire for more healthy outcomes for our people that needs to look at its INVESTMENT STRATEGY and seek a greater "Return On Investment".    I personally believe that the "American Political Domain", our emotional attachment therein,  is the most destructive force to the "Black Community Consciousness" about itself than any other force that is present today.    Nothing about what Miller represents makes me believe that he, like a "Democrat Who Is Black", is less interested in his party being made strong as it also has Black members than he is in having a strong Black community who's governance defines the outcomes for its people.

There is no doubt that we need government and we need to vote.  My argument is that we do not need to be emotionally attached to the team sport that I call "The Malcolm X Political Football Game".

It should also be noted that the claim "Black people are a conservative people" does not stand up to a road test.   My larger point is that the Black community in our present condition does not have the means to OPERATIONALIZE our beliefs based upon the lack of infrastructure via institutions to achieve them.  Thus people mistake "Negroes talking" - espousing certain views that might seem "conservative" with the actual implementation of these theories - and being called "Troglodytes" as a result.  Their beliefs extending beyond their desire for popularity.

I make the case that the Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her push back on the attempts by an interviewer to indict her and her nation on its "gay rights" record.   President Sirleaf - otherwise a "liberal darling" did not attempt to spin the situation. She noted that her nation has a STRONG CULTURAL TRADITION in support of traditional male / female relationships and that open acceptance of homosexuality was an affront to this.     Tell me ONE Black Progressive operative in America who would are to be so clear and unapologetic.

(Note: I actually disagree that homosexuality or abortion should be a matter for the "law" to assign criminal punishment to.   In both cases these are CULTURAL issues and it is 'conservative' to demand that the government remain neutral and non-activist while the CULTURE of the society remain strong and clear on certain key issues. )

The Black American culture - in its present state, does not maintain the level of institutional integrity that it needs to escape the gravitational pull of populism as it focuses on long term, permanent interests of our community.   In as much as the activists now posing as "Black Leaders" have no interest in managing all of the key variables that impact our community - their marginal focus ensures that populism and cherry picking that our presence inside of a larger society will never create the infrastructure that can be pruned and grafted onto another Black diasporatic population of people around the world that need our structural support.

I believe that the Black community needs to define a better sense of itself, beyond the American political experience and then utilize the system to achieve these goals.  Today the political system is used as a protection racket for the incompetency that keeps us trapped.

While there is no doubt that the references to the Republican party and conservatism is a "conversation ender" for most Black progressives.   I don't believe that Ron Miller sufficiently builds up the independent interests of the Black community FIRST, before circling back around to the METHODOLOGIES that we popularly choose but which fails us.

With that being said - I have not yet read his book so this is speculation based on what I know of his arguments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Race/Class Divide In St Louis - Delmar Boulevard

Click Link To See BBC Video - Crossing a St Louis street that divides communities

View Larger Map

As I listened to the video report about the class/race divide along Delmar Boulevard, with one man making the case that he was never made to aspire beyond his present circumstances I was made to wonder WHO or what force had confined his thinking so during his formative years.

Monday, April 02, 2012

"Is Affirmative Action Still Necessary" Is NOT The Proper Question

With all due respect, Dr Watkins -
You are speaking to a "power relationship vacuum" yet you are forced to come to the meeting with your palm turned upward in the air, rather than to the side as a gesture as a handshake among equals.

The proper question is not "Is Affirmative Action Still Necessary".
The more accurate truth of today is "Are the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that Black people matriculate through EFFECTIVE at delivering our people into the fold with the proper consciousness and preparation?"

It comes as no surprise, Dr Watkins that I am a critic of your antics.  (I know that there are other authors that post content on your various media outlets).

What we have is a fundamental disrespect for the institutions of Black America.   Those of you who seek short term advantage (congregational unity) at the expense of long term development advantage for our people are little troubled about what you do via the usurpation of our institutions.

You argue that the evidence of equality is the sight of more diversity within the ranks of corporations and governments.  
I disagree with this as evidence.

You can't bring yourself to see that these corporations, for example are entities of power within themselves.  Their mission is to deliver profit for the shareholders.  I see more "brown skinned people" of Indian/Pakistani descent advancing into roles of power in the various customers that I engage with than there are "African-Americans".   The rote claim that "skin color discrimination" is the source of the imbalance does not stand today.

My argument is that more "Black finalists" in the selection pool of "elite colleges", for example, will increase the odds that there will be more Blacks matriculating through to the businesses and law firms that pick from these exclusive sources.

I challenge those with the "Occupation spirit" to go after the lofty Wall Street brokerage and law firms that demand an Ivy League pedigree for their recruits, thus nullifying the advantage that these exclusive schools have.

Your Power Relationship Problem

Once again, Dr Watkins, you say "America had no problem taking away from minorities but it has a problem given back" (paraphrased).

If we look at the average "Mission Accomplished City" - the construction of a political power base has failed to retain or grow the girth of the economy in these places.   We often hear that "blue collar jobs" that built up these cities have dried up.  Yet when we focus on the type of jobs that are produced through these elite schools that you focus upon - the LOCAL SCHOOL SYSTEMS are failing to function as a feeder system.

We are prone to focus upon educational financing and/or disproportionate discipline.   

We don't hear much about how the community of adults must be commissioned to provide the attention, funding and limits upon the student "specimens" - linking their success as the key to the community achieving its desired high standard of living.

You operate with a "social justice spirit" - demanding that America give "reparations on the cheap" - consider the history and hardship of the Negro candidate that comes before its admissions board and add value for the perceptions of oppression that he has suffered.

I make the case that Affirmative Action fails the PROPORTIONALITY FILTER. 
It will only ever be focused on resources (schools and corporations) that cover but a small segment of the Black population - regardless of how prestigious it might seem.

It is the "Wide Middle" of Black America that benefits little from Affirmative Action.

Our community's fate would be improved more comprehensively with the addition of 100,000 Black graduates from mid-tier state schools (100K more than what we would have if there was not a new intensity of focus) who ultimately populate mid-level management and/or businesses within the Black community than we would if the elite schools graduated 10,000 new Black people with a pedigree that might lead them into the corporate CEOs office.

Back in 2008 I heard many Black parents planning to pattern their children's academic ascension  based on "Obama".   In truth it would be more wise if we merely focused on shifting the academic attainment of "the wide middle" - UP, two standard deviations this would have a far more comprehensive and enduring effect.

The main flaw of this plan is that it forgoes the external indictment that "Social Justice" relies on and expects this uplift to come from WITHIN THE INSTITUTIONS OF BLACK AMERICA.

Absent the respect and discipline encased within these institutions, Dr Watkins - this plan will never get off of the ground.

(You can do your part by not feeding us any more "Rick Santorum Called President Obama A 'Ninja'" stories on your blog.)