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The Evidence That The Prevailing Black Sentiment Is Something Other Than Political Solutions Will Lead To Our Salvation Is WHAT? - Black Diaspora

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST!! THIS IS A FOCUS ON THE STRATEGY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN WHICH POLITICS WILL BE DISCUSSED. My goal is to push the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN out of the "Black Community Racial Consciousness Nucleus" - out to the periphery so that the Black Community can regain control of its own consciousness about itself and think more clearly about a strategy for our development in the future.
Despite what is POPULAR among the ranks of Black Americans - IT IS NOT WORKING to develop our people.

[quote]C.F., this is an overstatement. If you ask the average black person whether he believes there are "political solutions," Right or Left, that will transform black communities into oases of opportunities, you won't receive affirmative answers.[/quote]

NOTE: This post is not meant to put anyone on blast.
 I made this above quote by my friend Black Diaspora into its own post as  a means of opening a focused discussion on this claim.

Black Diaspora - Please Detail What About The "Black Struggle" Today That Makes You Believe That Black People DO NOT Believes That Political Triumph Is Not Assumed To Be The Gateway For Our Salvation?

The news that the post-(real)-Civil Rights Struggle is NOT about Black Community Salvation via political power is news to me.

Everything about EVERY component of the "Black Racial Services Machine" is about the installation of "congregational unity" among Black people around an IDEOLOGY (Progressive-Fundamentalism) and the foment of a TEAM consciousness around the Democratic Party - all with the purported goal of delivering "social justice" to the Black Community as a residue of this entire struggle.
In truth the "teaming" is merely meant to motivate our people to remain silent and complicit about the scheme.

When I call out operatives who ARE USING POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL politics and their ideology in the guise of "Blackness" to execute their fraudulent scheme from the INSIDE VANTAGE POINT - I am not being PARTISAN when I call out what they are doing.

If we were to have an honest discussion about the Black Permanent interests, however, one would need to ask why these same people who gained power among our people based on the promises of prosperity IF we VOTED for them - are not now being isolated in their ability to further leverage the CONFIDENCE of the Black community - harming us further?

The answer that, in my opinion, that my friend Black Diaspora does not want to answer is that the "BLACK STRUGGLE" as been fused into this POLITICAL STRUGGLE.   Thus they would rather have a "Favorable (Black) Progressive in power to VENERATE as a symbol of 'Black Political Power' " than they have an interest in executing GOOD GOVERNANCE PRINCIPLES by which a MACHINE that was promoted into power based on distinct promises is now HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the benefit or shortfall that they have delivered.

In my view, Black Diaspora has it wrong.  We can look at the latest news from Detroit and see that the Embedded Confidence Men are now claiming the failed political leadership as "OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING" and thus setting up a protection racket for them to retain their power in the midst of economic collapse.

The protection racket DID NOT mention-
  • The harm that Black school children have suffered in the collapse of Detroit
  • The great loss of Black Intergenerational Wealth due to the erosion of the Detroit housing stock (We did hear the claim that "Subprime Loans" was the cause though
  • The damage to the "community" as Detroit became an inhospitable area to raise a family in safety

Instead we heard about the ATTACK by the Republican state officials and the Wall Street Banks
  • Attacking the largest "Black city" outside of Africa
  • Running the elected officials out of office that Black people chose
  • Stripping Black elected officials of their power, with an Emergency Board that runs the show
  • Busting the Municipal Services union 
  • All cities under emergency management in Michigan are "Black cities" 
    • They couldn't bring themselves to sort this list not on RACE but on IDEOLOGICAL ASSUMPTIONS which, when left ALL ALONE and in need to PRODUCE ORGANICALLY it fails

There is NO DOUBT, it is INCONTROVERTIBLE that "Blackness" has been used as the agent of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY by which Black people are compelled to stand together IN POLITICS regardless of the violations to the Black Community Institutional Integrity that it produces.

I have a message from radio personality Tom Joyner in my hand that I will make a post about later which PERFECTLY describes the CONFIDENCE JOB that I speak of as he makes the case that Black people should "stand together" and reelect Obama.    As always it is NEVER justified based on the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES developed through the INSTITUTIONS in the Black Community over the period of time in question that is used as a reference.  Instead it has token evidence on what we "RECEIVED" along with heavy references to the threat from the ENEMY (Rush Limbaugh, Republicans, Tea Party).

Again I ask my friend Black Disapora - what does this scheme do to empower Black Americans to help any of the other Diasporatic Blacks around the world?  
Instead, Libya shows us that as Blacks live vicariously through the "Commander In Chief" we can be made to be SILENT over the actions of the machine as we desire to avoid making an indictment of the man that is venerated.

You have the floor brother.

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