Monday, April 23, 2012

[strike]White Conservative[/strike] Christians Organized Health Care Insurance Fund

This isn't even a racial discussion.

As I monitor and record media from the right and the left I am able to gather a better understanding of the differences in thoughts and assumptions (about government) between the two extremes.  Both want to achieve a higher standard of living for their respective interest group.   Both are "socialists" in that they see that sharing resources within a circle is the most effective means of leveraging their resources and applied discipline.

The fundamental difference is one of SCOPE AND SCALE of the "protective circle".

The progressive seeks to have a protective circle at the national scale, everyone within able to drink from the cup.   Their flaw is that as they seek to "boil the ocean" toward nationalism - the "mission accomplished lands" that they dominate locally never seem to obtain the benefits that they promise will be released when they get national control.  A skeptic might even say that their "national struggle" is more of a power grab that exploits the conditions of "the least of these" to secure their confidence.

The conservative seeks to carve out more limited circles of protection inside of the larger national boundary. While the people inside of this protective circle get to sup upon the fruits that are grown - the flaw of conservatism as it presently stands is that it fails to offer sufficient structural support to those who are outside of their circle of protection.  While the resources (labor and consumer dollars) from the individuals that reside outside of the protective circle are open for exploitation by those in the circle who use their economic resources for leverage against the more dependent "least of these" - left unchecked this imbalance of power can indeed turn into a "oligarchical trust", threatening the whole.

I make no bones about it that I tend to favor the conservative orthodoxy.    It stands to reason that "local socialism" with outward competition leveraging the competitive advantage that you have developed based upon the effectiveness of molding "your people" into a disciplined focus - is the best development strategy.  I also believe that this strength in aggregating wealth should be leveraged as charitable investments into seeds planted into strategic ventures that develop more people.   Beyond the taxation for the basic operation of government - a charitable investment into a school is far more efficient than a big government scheme that attempts to achieve "equality".

A Health Care Funding Pool For Conservative Christians  

Several months ago as I was listening in on the "Bill Bennett Morning In America Show" I heard a commercial for "Medi-Share".  This was a citizen-level attempt at providing health care insurance funding sponsored on Christian principles.

With all due respect - I believe that upon seeing this "exclusive scheme" at funding health care in the context of their opposition to Obamacare - many Black people, locked in their present consciousness would see this as some "racist" attempt at denying nationalized care but ensuring that "their own kind" received protection.

I see this as a group of people - regardless of their greater ideological agenda - who realize that REGARDLESS of the conditions of the national government ($16 T in debt) that it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of their own.

This movement, while not likely to scale into a national program, none the less creates the "cultural institution" of DOING FOR SELF that I have mentioned.

I reject the notion that someone who is opposed to a larger scheme of aggregation by the federal government is "DENYING SOCIAL JUSTICE" to the least of these.
One should counter with - the observation that these same forces who are now working at the national level for "social justice" had made the same promises of such benefit when they were vying for the LOCAL institutions of power.

The solution to the foolishness about funding for abortions, Viagra, and birth control in a nationalized government health program is to allow individuals of consciousness to form their own insurance pools and then manage the RESOURCES within this pool by CULTURALLY regulating those individuals who's at will membership in the fund requires them to yield their selfish interests for the benefit of the group.

Socialism at the voluntary group level is - "Cultural Consciousness expression"
Socialism, enforced at the NATIONAL level is "state sponsored suppression of economic freedom".

A society that compels its people to remain conscious of the tie between their present actions and their GOALS for a standard of living will prove to be more efficient at compelling people to operate in a more productive manner - addressing the extreme cases of poverty as EXCEPTIONS rather than as a matter of "social justice rights" to entitlement.


Black Diaspora said...

I see you're a fan of "Atlas Shrugged."

In my youth, I read all of Ayn Rand's books, and still find a resonance with certain aspects of her philosophy, but have since moved on--the result of experiences that broadened my worldview.

I believe that we should only do what's in the best interest of the self, otherwise resentment sets in, and we feel either oppressed, or exploited.

The problem with that view is that we restrict the self too narrowly, not taking into account that "the self" is not limited to "the self," but embraces "all selves," resulting in "The Self."

If I help provide for "The Self," whether though the government or charity, whatever is the most efficient, and the most effective (and I don't think the jury is in on this), I know I'm providing for "My Self," in the doing.

You see, I don't see a separation between "My Self," and "The Self," but see them as one and the same.

Therefore, I don't get caught up in the argument of whether socialism, or communism, or capitalism provide the best plan for the upkeep of "The Self," but gladly yield to the most effective means of providing for the health care of all.

If capitalism is the answer, I'll embrace capitalism. If socialism provides what's needed, then I'll support socialism. If communism gives the greater good, then I'll advocate for communism, despite how capitalists have characterize communism as the "great evil," all but assuring the growth and expansion of capitalism because of the demonization of any alternative to capitalism.

Nevertheless, I find that a profit motive (for health insurers) and the provision of health care (by health care providers) to be at diametric odds one with the other, while offering those who can afford the insurance the best of care, while depriving the poor.

As a model--conflating the best of both worlds--Kaiser offers the best approach, a non-profit approach, "the not-for-profit Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals."

Because I know what's at stake, the reason for our sojourn here on planet earth, and why every life has importance, I have dismissed politics as usual for a more inclusive politics, Life itself, subscribing to those values that undergirds, supports, maintains, and affirms it.

This is not my first time visiting your blog, but it is, I believe, my first time posting here.

I'm not a robot, and will prove it!

Constructive Feedback said...

Brother - WHY did you have to "go there" with me?

Like the "Fountainhead" I must push back upon you and claim that THESE THOUGHTS ARE MY OWN!!!! Not Ayn Rand.

How does a community of people who need OPPORTUNITY, who have shovels and NEED a new sewer system - feel appeased that someone else got the contract to dig the ditches that will contain the pipes through which their excrement will flow - allowing them to live at a higher CONSUMER level - yet remain in desperate need of OPPORTUNITY to pay the sewer bill that this new system has triggered?

Work with my Brother Black Diaspora!!!

Do you not see that when one's CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS (their desire to have the accouterments of a HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING) circles around and becomes ABSTRACTED from their PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY - that they are ultimately living in ARREARS? That it is not THEIR efforts that are allowing them to live as they do. Whatever scheme they have bought into is affording them this lifestyle.

When and if this "Mother" collapses - them failing to learn how much of a "negative grade" a sewer pipe needs to be installed at to allow their human waste to flow away from their resident - will be the one unsavory amount of information that they never grasped a hold of and THUS when the system that they grew dependent upon collapses - they will surely experience mass death from cholera and other water borne agents.

kenlyn said...

This may be of interest to the Christian community: Religious Conscious Exemptions.

There are, however, some healthcare bill exemptions. First, the new law creates a religious conscience exemption for those who are members and faithful adherents of a recognized religious sect or division. The provision may exempt those individuals from the mandatory health insurance purchase requirement if they are members of religions that have established tenets or teachings that bar the “acceptance of the benefits of any private or public insurance.”.

The religious conscience exemption is defined as:

RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE EXEMPTION. – Such term shall not include any individual for any month if such individual has in effect an exemption under section 1311(d)(4)(H) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which certifies that such individual is a member of a recognized religious sect of division thereof described in section 1402(g)(l) and an adherent of established tenets or teachings of such sect or division as described in such section.

It must be made clear that personal religious objections do not exempt an individual from the mandate. Therefore, those who do not belong to a denomination with specific bans on insurance, for example, will not be considered exempt from the law.

In addition, the religious conscience healthcare bill exemption does not specifically exempt the members of any one particular religion from the health insurance mandatory purchase requirements. this site has info on Medi-Share as well

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