Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I Cry Inside When I See How MY PEOPLE THINK

This interview from C-SPAN book TV needs to be addressed from two perspectives:

  • The Political Analysis of how Black people's choice to LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH Progressivism, The Democratic Party And OBAMA Has Caused The Black Community To Compromise Its Investments Of Its "Equal Black Ballots", Upon Failure To Obtain Its Promised "Return On Investments" It's Compromised Institutional Integrity Allows The Goal Posts To Be Constantly Shifted - Due To POPULAR ACCEPTANCE Of The Locomotion
  • The PSYCHOLOGICAL Analysis (Which This Blog - My Non-Political Blog - Will Carry) On - What Type Of INSTITUTIONAL/CULTURAL CONSTRUCTS Are Inculcated Within A People When They Project Their "Community Development Consciousness" Upon An Entity That Will NEVER Be "Their Own" AND YET When They Do Get Sufficient Power To Begin To Enforce "Establishment Power Accountability" They Agree To Deny That They Have The Power To Have Achieved Better Results - So They Continue To Struggle


I am going to fill in this post with my own commentary.
I have no mandate that YOU AGREE WITH MY TAKE.
I am going to present MY VIEWS upon hearing how the mainstream Black Progressive-politio thinks.

When I hear people LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA, noting that the "Return On Investment" has come up short and then BLAME THEMSELVES for failing to HELP HIM govern to OUR WISHES........................I understand that OBAMA AIN'T THE PROBLEM.  

The central problem is with the PERSON WHO'S CONSCIOUSNESS made them make these ASSUMPTIONS.

These are not unintelligent Black people.
You will NEVER hear me call the majority of the Black media voices "stupid".  They are not.
They are merely encamped in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" in which they see themselves as agents of what the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN has convinced them that they are.   

Those of us who are "on the inside of the group but who are on the OUTSIDE OF THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS" sit in stunned amazement as we get to hear what we already know is inside of their PSYCHE AND SOUL get rendered via their spoken, written or performance art.

In the spirit of "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" - they are unable to grasp the notion that THEY ARE "THE SYSTEM" now per their conscious integration.  That if they were to ever be removed from the framework of the United States - their present CONSCIOUSNESS would not allow them to survive the experience. 

The POLITICAL ANALYSIS View On "Within The Black Community" Blog

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