Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Slave Graves" On I-75 At Cleveland Avenue In Atlanta

AJC: Gone and almost forgotten -- slave graves along I-75

I drive past this site several times a week yet I did not realize that this was a grave yard.

From I-75 - the lower road in the background- you don't get a clear sight of the crosses at the top.  You can only see what looks like a bunch of stone rods sticking up from the ground.

It does not look like a grave yard from that vantage point.
From The Article

Goldberg said the department halted the project after a contractor discovered a few headstones.
A federal court opinion, however, said that an investigation revealed that more than 1,000 people were buried there.
The investigation concluded burials took place for 100 years, but there were few headstones in 1980 to mark the graves, the court opinion said. Thirty-six families were identified as taking up lots, but "the names and descendants of those buried there generally were unknown," the opinion said.

 Based on the old graveyards that I have seen - it is clear that someone has moved these tombstones, placing them in a more exact order than what is likely to occur otherwise.

The state could accommodate the families by creating a drive up entrance onto that plot of land, allowing small groups of family members to visit the grave sites.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lady Gaga Cancels Show In Indonesia After Threats From Islamist Hard Liners

Lady Gaga Cancels Indonesian Show After Threats

In this case the "Islamic Hard Liners" should be applauded for the results they achieved, though not for the means by which they achieved them.

It stands to reason that if you have assumed the agency over the aggregate results within your society that it is incumbent upon your position to observe certain threats and prevent them from infecting your people.

How is it that on the one hand people talk about "Cultural Imperialism" as a negative thing, the force in which American culture steam rolls over many other native cultures, yet when the Indonesians are seen blocking a provocateur like Lady Gaga - THEY are seen as "cultural troglodytes" while Lady Gaga is not more thoroughly inspected for what she is selling?

Of course Lady Gaga has a message.  Yes she has an agenda.

To me - more disturbing than the sight of some self-appointed cultural force that has used threats to keep her off of the stage in their nation - are the other nations that have abandoned their obligation to relate the popular culture to larger, productive themes that are needed to be inculcated within the people.

What a thought!!!   Everyone's culture is not for sale to the highest bidder of POPULARITY.

Side Note:  I am working on a post that ponders the cost and consequences for an American "Urban Radio DJ" to refuse to play "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" music that he feels is too degrading to women or Black people.    If a song is #1 with his fans yet the message is over the top, would his refusal to play it in the "Top 5 Count Down" be detrimental to his career or would the artists be forced to change their content?

It seems to me that since it has reached #1 and is generating profits - those who follow have a road map toward success to follow.

Absent some larger consciousness - the genre will gravitate toward the gutter.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Post Is NOT About Mitt Romney As He Visited West Philly

This is not my political blog.
It is my blog for strategic analytical assessment of the means by which Black people (or any group) can develop themselves.

After this reference to Mitt Romney, for the sake of indexing a factual event - I will not key upon politics.
Republican Mitt Romney traveled to West Philadelphia this past week to visit a charter school run by music mogul Kenny Gambel.   During his photo-op with Black kids as the backdrop Romney pointed to three points that many people did not discuss fully BUT the people in the environment pushed back upon:

In order to produce quality education for children the following are needed:

  • A stable home headed by two parents
  • Disciplined children that would allow education to transpire
  • Acceptance of Economic Reality in regards to both the issue of class sizes and how money for educational services are used to motivate behavior toward effectiveness


These implicit concepts received push back from:
  • A parent in the room who indicated that a "Stable Two Parent Family" is not the norm in this West Philly community.   
  • A teacher who actually has to deal with these poor Black kids protested, noting that none of the teachers at the school believe that having more poor Black kids piled into a single class room would promote a more healthy educational environment
  • The protesters outside of the venue rejected federal educational cuts because they were anti-education - a sign that you don't in fact care about these children.

You are not going to hear any other source providing this angle of analysis of the "Dark Matter Zone" that is present, yet unaddressed in Romeny's visit to this school OR, at the time, Senator Obama who warned America in his "Race Speech" in Philadelphia in 2008, about the dangers of leaving Black kids in these type of schools ALL BY THEMSELVES.  

The point that few people want to talk about is how THE PEOPLE are the key resources in developing THE PEOPLE.

  1. The act of submitting your individual wants and needs into a married partnership, systematically adopting conflict resolution tactics - for the benefit of the consciousness and academic honing of the children that you seek to deliver into the community and the world
  2. The discipline that the children must enter into the room with.  Whereas one child has the power to confiscate academic instruction time from 30 others - your job is to make sure that YOUR CHILD is not the thief of this valuable resource of time
  3. The economics of education is resident IN THE ROOM.   Regardless of one's arguments about "Nationalized Social Justice" or "The marketplace of choice toward excellence" - the only thing that matters is when the door is closed and the teacher must communicate what is in her mind, over into the minds of the young people.   

Issues of teacher pay, class sizes, instructional tools - may indeed be outsourced by agency toward a grater political effort.  At some basic point, however, the definition of COMMUNITY 

The struggle for the people, seeking to live up to a given standard of living must be achieved by transitioning this movement from a consumer/political struggle over to a producer/managerial effort.

By valuing the individual resource in the final outcome the appropriate governance around the development of these resources will be exacted by the adults - who are the managers of these children's academic careers. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Have A Debate About The Bible With A Person Who Doesn't Believe That The Bible Is A Credible Reference Of God's Will In The First Place?

My response from the comments section of - MSNBC's The - "The Historic Roots Of Homophobia In Black America"

As I observe the amplifying propaganda campaign targeted toward Black people as a means of loosening certain key points that formed our existential consciousness as a people - I am more amazed at the lack of skill in awareness and debate held by those who are seeking to argue against this active scheme.

It stands to reason that the Christian bible - a document that has been around for 2000 years or more - is some sort of tie breaker for all debates.   A standard reference, similar to a national constitution, is meant to provide a common index to which two or more people in disagreement will make use of for a reference.

Those who seek to protect the integrity of traditional marriage from this onslaught often fail to see two things:

  1. The present attack is based on the failings of people like themselves to more earnestly protect this franchise - a long time ago.   These attacks today come at a time when the clear function of traditional marriage is lost upon the masses.  
  2. You cannot use the Christian bible to debate someone who doesn't believe that the Christian bible is legitimate.  
This post is about the second bullet point.

The notion that I have observed and coined called "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" is appropriate in this case.

The debate adversary seeks to use YOUR belief in the bible to force you to explain away its apparent inconsistencies.  The inconsistencies not only in the biblical text but more so the inconsistencies between that bible that you believe in and YOUR PRESENT LIFE.

Keep in mind that this "biblical scholar" does not have to bring forth HIS OWN fidelity.   His job is to keep you on trial.   He has no obligation to show you that what he is proposing will increase the amount of "salvation" within the land.    In fact - it is more the case that any one who dares to live their lives by eliminating as much of the inconsistencies between the bible and their lives will be called a FUNDAMENTALIST.

Failing to understand that at the fundamental level - THIS PERSON'S GOAL IS TO GET YOU TO "STOP PLAYA HATING" on what he wants you to yield to and NOT to advance the society, providing it with more functional order - will have you as a 'hostile witness and functional co-conspirator" to all that is going on.

My Response

Dollar Bill Phil:
Do you notice that in your history lesson on marriage you first "bless us" with information that focuses on the variables in the NUMBER OF WOMEN allowed to be claimed in various societies but never provide details on gender variations.
Next you talk about marriage as a conduit of PROPERTY.
In listening to the underlying debate by those who prove themselves INCOMPETENT to get people who already have the right to marry to do so - you all talk about PROPERTY RIGHTS and how how today the homosexual is denied access to GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENTS due to the prohibitions on their marriage.
It is quite interesting that you and others who think themselves to be open minded can't marriage bring yourselves to note two macro trends that should bring your pause.
(I should note that I have not mentioned "JESUS" at all in this post - so you have few hand rings upon which to climb upon my vessel).
The FIRST macro trend that you can't bring yourself to note is that you and other Progressives claim PROGRESS in expanding the franchise of marriage to a larger set of dispossessed individuals - this at a time when you have proven yourself incompetent at convincing heterosexuals to submit themselves to this institution - to feast upon the benefits that you say are denied the homosexual.
What success and competency can you claim IF fewer people are picking upon your fruit tree to receive its benefits and nutrition?
Secondly - as we focus on the talking points of benefits denied a certain class of people (someone said there are over 1,200 government benefits denied gay couples) - the sad point is that all of this comes in the context of an American government that is $16 Trillion in debt and growing.
It seems to me that sometime in the future BOTH your contrived right to marry AND your entitlements will be lost as the GRANTING AGENCY is allowed to go insolvent.
Think about it - out of the anarchy that is produced by this societal entropy - what are the chances that your EVOLVED IDEOLOGICAL AWARENESS about non-discrimination will survive the journey?    

Monday, May 21, 2012

Brother DV Made A Good Impression In His Son's Consciousness


Denmark Vesey gets plus points for properly handing the situation described below.
The police officer (I assume) pictured below took in the totality of Denmark Vesey's actions - both in driving the car and his interactions after being stopped for making an illegal U-turn - and the police officer used his discretion, allowing DV to go free.  Given the circumstance DV was acting in the best interests of his own family - his son and his daughter.

The other guy who did the very same thing but apparently went off on the police man also got caught up in the discretion of the police officer.  Since he decided to piss the police officer off - he was presented with a ticket with 3 traffic violations enumerated on them.

I am not saying that presenting your case in a respectful and compelling manner will always get you off.  I am not saying that there are no police officers that are "ass holes", seeking to give you a hard time.  The ONLY thing that you have control over though - is your RESPONSE.   You can substantially improve the possibilities that you will be left go with a warning - if you don't do something to amplify the situation unnecessarily.

Driving While The Blackest Man On The InternetDV Jr.  has a job.  Kid is really on his money game.  He works in a barbershop, sweeping floors and running errands for the barbers.  Clocks @ $120 a week in tips.  Keeps it in a safe his grandfather gave him for his birthday.  Probably sitting on a couple of G's by now.  12 years old.
Anyway, he's late to work.  I've agreed to drop him off.  Problem is, cable guy is on the way to fix the internet service at the crib.  You know how they give you a 12 to 3 window.  I decide to risk it and run little man to his gig.
Of course as soon as we are half way there, phone rings.  It's Snack:  "Daddy!  Where are you?  The Cable guy is here."
'OK booboo.  Show him where the modem is.  Tell him I will be back in 5 minutes.'
"But Daddy, he says he can't come in unless there is someone 18 here too."
"What.  Ahh man.  OK.  Ask him to wait. Tell him I will be there in 5 minutes!"
To DV Jr. "Hey son, I'm going to bust a UTurn here.  You walk up to the corner and go to work.  It will save me 5 minutes of messing with that traffic at the intersection.  Cool?"
"Sure Dad".
As soon as the car passes in the opposite direction, I bust a U ... right in front of a cop car.
Ohhhhhhh Shhhhhhhiiiiiit.
Before the cop can flick on his light.  Before he can motion me over.  I stop the car right up next to him.  Window to Window.  I roll down.  He rolls down.  I look at him.  He looks at me.  I smile.  Cop smiles.
Cop says: "You know I got you don't you?"
I say: "Yup"
Just then another car does the same thing right behind me.
A white cat in a metallic blue Toyota Camry does the same thing.
Cop says:  "Whoa! Another one.  Hold on".
As the cop motions the other car over, I turn to DV Jr.  "Hey man.  Go on to work.  No need for you to be late."
Little man opens the passenger door and starts walking.
Cop says (with a smile)  "Where you going?"
DV Jr. (with a smile)  "To work".   Little man steps off up the street.

Cop walks around to my window.
Before he can get started.  I tell him Y"eah officer.  My son was a little late to work and my daughter is home alone.  Cable guy just rang the bell. I was trying to save some time to get back.  My bad."
Cop says:  "Let me see your license .... How old is she?"
"She's 10."
Cop says "Hold 1."  He walks up to the white cat in the Camry.
A few minutes go by.  I hear the white boy yelling.  Cop writes him a series of tickets and walks back to my car.
Cop says "OK.  I could give you 5 tickets.  That's a double yellow line you know?  I just gave that guy 3 tickets.  But any man dropping his son at work and rushing to get his daughter can't be too bad."  
He kneels down and says to me ... "pretend like you are signing this paper ..." and hands me a pen.
I take the pen and write an invisible signature in the air above the paper.
"Be careful, we're always sitting here."  He taps me on the shoulder, smiles and steps off. 
Hustle Hard.

These two pictures have nothing to do with the story above. They are held here for safe keeping, in case my friend DV decides to do a blog redesign, removing these pictures.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Distribution Of A Public Good - The Ability To Compel The People To Produce Public Good Organically

Few people are logically studying the issues which are presented as politics.

On the two subjects at hand today:

  • The Radical Redefinition Of Traditional Marriage
  • The Distribution Of Social Justice Entitlements 
There is an ironic point in both of them that needs further logical review.
Lets assume that Marriage is a GOOD that renders positive outcomes for the greater society.  It is understood that Social Justice Entitlements are intended to produce "good" in the way of allowing people to live at a higher CONSUMER living

Marriage  Social Justice Entitlement
Assumptions Marriage is an important institution that increases the chance that the people living within its grace will have a stable, predictable and structured ecosystem through which many of the other "goods" in life will be expressed - as compared to relationships that are not officially consummated as such The goal of defining a certain societal standard of living and then providing sufficient assistance to all of "The Least Of These" who's position inside of the capitalistic system that often fails to provide such access to opportunity as a means of them attaining this desired standard.
Methodology For Increasing This"Public Good" - The Progressive Focus Upon Removing In Equality And Discrimination From The Dispensation Of This Public Good, allowing more classes of people to have access where they were once disenfranchised.

An aversion of centralized command and control CULTURAL system.
Shift the onus to provide this public good from the individual to the centralized state.   A progressive taxation scheme to extract money from where there is excess.  A centralized distribution scheme where a "redistributor" channels resources where there is need.

A preference for centralized "command and control" DISTRIBUTION systems.

Methodology For Increasing This Public Good-The Conservative
Focus upon compelling individuals in your more localized cluster to commit themselves to partaking in this institution.  A tendency to leverage the governmental institutions to protect the perceived integrity of the institution by limiting access to disparate groups that are perceived to threaten to erode the integrity of the institution.

A preference for centralized command and control CULTURAL systems.
Promote a notion of distributed, "rugged individualism" where one's planning, preparation and willingness to adapt to changing market conditions allow them to partake in the advantage of their insight.

Note to all who will listen the importance of promoting "productive actions" and avoiding those which erode their leverage to their ultimate detriment.

An aversion to centralized, "command and control" DISTRIBUTION systems

Though I am right of center - I hope that you trust that in the grid above I tried to remove my thumb from the scale and more accurately plot out what is clearly an IDEOLOGICALLY based set of differing assumptions and "world views".

My issue is that few people will bother to partake upon the next round of analysis.

What Happens When EQUALITY In Access To A Public Good Is Not The Problem, The Problem Shows Itself To Be Individual People With A Choice Choose Not To Partake In This Public Good?

When it comes to distribution of the public good - the right most column - the centralized government can step in and alter the flow of distribution of the public good so that it is more equally distributed.

Since it is reasonable to assume that marriage (the middle column) is a public good and thus barriers to it should be removed - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE INDIVIDUAL CHOOSES TO NOT PARTAKE IN IT?

I am not talking about the individually wealthy who's resources supplement their lifestyle - regardless of their personal character flaws which might prevent them from sustaining a long term, loving relationship.   I am speaking of THE LEAST OF THESE.  

If we understand from research that the primary means of decreasing your likelihood of poverty is:

  1. Graduate with a degree that is advanced as possible (these days an associates/technical degree is the bare minimum for comfortable living)
  2. Delay child rearing until your mid to late 20's
  3. Marry and maintain a stable, fulfilling relationship
  4. Focus on obtaining a career track that provides a pathway for growth


(This is not a political statement - it is an analysis of political assumptions)
When I make the observation that in "Mission Accomplished Cities" where the people have not had their access to the ballot box molested and thus they choose the leadership with the policies that are popular with the masses - but the aggregate environment fails to produce the outcomes that they anticipated .............................................

We look at the ACTIVISTS and note that those who once fought for EQUALITY in the access to the ballot box - are no longer seen acting to confront the people in power by popular appeal on their RESULTS.  This bears out my point that EQUALITY /ACCESS is not the sole contributor to FAVORABLE OUTCOMES.

When given the choice of having to confront their assumptions, altering their course so that the desired outcomes are produced - they are seen merely EXPANDING THE DOMAIN of their indictment.    The people in power are retained as "their own".     They increasingly shift the expectations of what the "conservative" saw as a locally produced "good" through institutions and "behavioral control" over to a nationalized social justice distribution.

In effect the people are insulated from "themselves" as they popularly vote to receive these goods through centralized distributions.

In my assessment this is the case where EQUALITY CHASING is used to mask the incompetency in achieving desired ends THROUGH THE INDIVIDUALS who are competently guided.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

What Track Record Does The "Bible" For Secular Progressivism Have In Creating And Retaining Well Ordered Societies?

Huffington Post - Lee Jefferson - What Does The Bible Actually Say About Gay Marriage?

Lee M. Jefferson teaches courses in religion and humanities at Centre College in Danville, KY. He earned his Ph.D. in religion from Vanderbilt University. His interests include the development of the Christian tradition, the early Christian interpretation of scripture, and art and imagery of Late Antiquity. His most recent research and publications focus on the image of Christ performing miracles in early Christian art.

What does the bible say about "Artificial Insemination"?

Here we have yet another Progressive - a Humanities Professor - who studies the origins of Christianity.

There is no problem in apply academic scrutiny to the Christian tradition or how the bible is an amalgamation of various narratives that appeared over time.   The problem with Lee Jefferson is that - from what I read of his works thus far - his agenda is to disassemble "Christian tradition" and its "MORAL FOUNDATION" so that what was thought to be settled is now opened back up for public debate.

Huffington Post James Peron On "Marriage 'EQUALITY'" 

Notice how they seek authority to their arguments by using the words:

  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Progressive 
  • "The Least Of These"
  • "The Vulnerable Masses"

The best way to confront such a person is to move them from their ability to make TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENTS of a tradition in support of their marginal interests - using the notion of "RIGHTS".

Instead force them to agree that there is value in the societal civility and social structures that were arrived at by adopting these standards - acknowledge the blood that flowed on this societies journey to get to our present place - and then challenge the person to move beyond their special interests and define a construct that has the ability to achieve broader development outcomes beyond the transactional issues that they wish to focus upon.

They will soon find that the imperfect traditions that they seek to attack in the name of "social evolution" are in fact more sound than the secularist alternatives that they seek to promote.

The truth is that the 'Vulnerable Masses" that need certainty, stability and order are the one's who are damaged as their joint venture partners who have the "leisure time" to engage in the matters of the intelligentsia are never forced to return to the petri dish  within which their genetically modified organisms grow.   Any dysfunction that is spawned is made a matter for the expanded central government to provide cover for in the name of "social justice" - thus another logical iteration of their grace upon society is created.

The fact that the bible did not exactly banish an action................
The fact that the bible does make prohibitions against an action.........

IN BOTH CASES we often find that the critic who calls those who look past certain biblical traditions that we do not enforce today (do not eat shell fish) would call those who DO attempt to follow the bible more literally - FUNDAMENTALIST EXTREMISTS.

Those who attack the Evangelical Fundamentalist for claiming that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and thus turn willful blindness to the apparent linkage between Africa and the landmass of South America would say the word "HOMOPHOBE!!!" to the person who makes the observation of the between the end of the human digestive tract versus a females vaginal canal.

The fact that the female's unique orifice SELF-LUBRICATES, indicating that it was "EVOLVED"  to accept its complement in the males penis - while the human anus indeed has a high concentration of never endings that produce SEXUAL stimulation - but a dispassionate analysis indicates that they are placed there to prevent lacerations of this delicate tissue as the host excretes solid waste from its digestive system.


Further as the popular Christian consciousness DOES accept a more selective set of prohibitions in the name of "tolerance" when the door of selective damnation is opened for practice in the real world - they also will be the first to call the church body HYPOCRITICAL.

They have little competency at governing beyond their marginal interests.

The Psychological Analysis Of Transactional Thinking

We Are Firmly In The Era Of "Transactional Foolishness" In Which People's Views On The Transaction At Hand Is Not Based Upon A Firmly Defined Set Of Principles But One In Which Their Opinions Are Made Up As They Go Along

This is not a POLITICAL analysis of the prevailing consciousness that has become firmly entrenched within the Black community. This is a PSYCHOLOGICAL analysis.

It is my view that in the name of "RIGHTS" we have expected the general public to increase their tolerance of an increasing amount of points that have been thrown out into the public.  Many of these same people have no expectation upon the individual to consider how their behavior might impact others - even if their responses are at the instinctive level.

From a societal standpoint - we are watching a slow moving train wreck that is fomenting.  Those who "Make It Up As They Go Along" will soon find that the pile of transactional judgments that they have made over time - has painted them into a corner as the norm that has arisen after their "no-judgement" meme becomes the prevailing order leads to anarchy and chaos.

When you add the 'Black' dimension to Progressive-Fundamentalism it becomes appeased when a WHITE REPUBLICAN is stood up as a hypocrite - worst a "repressed homosexual".   Those who receive appeasement can't see themselves as being in the lead of a society where there are no enemy Republicans and they are forced to define a system that has order and can produce the "organic social justice" that they desire.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

NY Times:  Homophobic?  Maybe You're Gay

The two diagrams below basically say the very same thing:
In the psychosis of some people - their ENEMY has a greater imprint within their consciousness that can trump all that they NEED to be doing to affirm their own worth by building up their institutions that matter.

The only way to more permanently cure this condition of "Transactional Judgment" is to assign a larger goal to the person with such thoughts.

No more seeking praise for advancing the cause of a "special interest" - your challenge is to go to a "green field" and make your societal theories work to lift up an entire set of people to the level that you desire.

The Damage Of The Notion That "WE Are In The White House"

I actually saw this video at least a year ago.
I just received it again today from a family member.

This is a perfect specimen to discuss in the context of my review of the book presentation: "Redefining Black Leadership".

THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS of the disposition of the prevailing Black Consciousness in reference to the American Political Machine and the prevailing ideology of Black people - Progressivism.
I AM NOT TALKING POLITICS on this thread.  Go to my sister blog 'Within The Black Community' in order to view the political analysis.

In this blog I talk about how the assumptions that are fused in the Black American psyche about ourselves are used to trigger a response from our people.  We are being conditioned to believe that a POLITICAL STRUGGLE under the auspices of a "Black Development Struggle" is the means through which we as a community will be made to prosper.

So you see - I do not need to make an assessment of political choices (Democrat or Republican and the merits of them) for me to discuss the larger framework of where Black people invest our hopes for salvation.

One does not need to debate the quality of the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Miami Heat, thus choosing sides if his goal is to look at the people who are GAMBLING their money away, based upon their ample debates of why one team is better than the next.   My agenda is to ban their ability to gamble away the discretionary wealth resources that are starving their family interests back at home.

How "WE Are In The White House" Hijacks The Black Consciousness Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"
 This movie is an excellent piece of propaganda. 
In fact it should be "award winning" in its ability to tap into what the author knows about Black people - what we aspire for and what causes up pain, fusing them both together so that the consumer doesn't even realize what he got ensnared into.

  1. Black people understand the history of exploitation of our people in this nation.  From slavery to Jim Crow Apartheid to the racial barriers at the social level that needed to be picked apart as they flew below the radar of what the law could reasonable expect to change
  2. Black people understand that today within our own communities - there is a problem that harms our people, the fortunes and disposition of the Black male being the most acute example of this problem.
    1. Educational Attainment
    2. Incarceration Rates
    3. Gainful Employment
    4. Social / Media Representation of his character
    5. Familial Relationships between the Black woman as well as his children
  3. Black people have a definitive interest in AMERICAN POLITICS.  Despite the claims to the contrary and the associated "conspiracy theories" the Black Voice, through the voting process is secure from all UNREASONABLE threats

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Is The Lack Of Physical Violence Evidence Of Effective "Conflict Resolution"?

If it is true that today a Black person receives oppression to his psyche rather than in physical form as was the case like back in the day - how is it that this "rap instead of fight" ritual a means of edification of our people?

No doubt - I would rather see this rather than a gun fight.
This statement does not resolve the question as to why there is so much hostility between these two (and others)?

There are clearly two educated young men.
They both have highly practiced verbal skills.

I strongly suspect, however, that there is at least one Black female for each of them - their child in hand, desiring that both of them find a more gainful means by which to turn their talents into a good living for the (at least) 3 of them.  (Man, Woman and child).

While this outlet is very lucrative for the exceptional lyricist with a recording contract - the other 99% are forced to rely on more traditional means of making a living.