Monday, May 21, 2012

Brother DV Made A Good Impression In His Son's Consciousness


Denmark Vesey gets plus points for properly handing the situation described below.
The police officer (I assume) pictured below took in the totality of Denmark Vesey's actions - both in driving the car and his interactions after being stopped for making an illegal U-turn - and the police officer used his discretion, allowing DV to go free.  Given the circumstance DV was acting in the best interests of his own family - his son and his daughter.

The other guy who did the very same thing but apparently went off on the police man also got caught up in the discretion of the police officer.  Since he decided to piss the police officer off - he was presented with a ticket with 3 traffic violations enumerated on them.

I am not saying that presenting your case in a respectful and compelling manner will always get you off.  I am not saying that there are no police officers that are "ass holes", seeking to give you a hard time.  The ONLY thing that you have control over though - is your RESPONSE.   You can substantially improve the possibilities that you will be left go with a warning - if you don't do something to amplify the situation unnecessarily.

Driving While The Blackest Man On The InternetDV Jr.  has a job.  Kid is really on his money game.  He works in a barbershop, sweeping floors and running errands for the barbers.  Clocks @ $120 a week in tips.  Keeps it in a safe his grandfather gave him for his birthday.  Probably sitting on a couple of G's by now.  12 years old.
Anyway, he's late to work.  I've agreed to drop him off.  Problem is, cable guy is on the way to fix the internet service at the crib.  You know how they give you a 12 to 3 window.  I decide to risk it and run little man to his gig.
Of course as soon as we are half way there, phone rings.  It's Snack:  "Daddy!  Where are you?  The Cable guy is here."
'OK booboo.  Show him where the modem is.  Tell him I will be back in 5 minutes.'
"But Daddy, he says he can't come in unless there is someone 18 here too."
"What.  Ahh man.  OK.  Ask him to wait. Tell him I will be there in 5 minutes!"
To DV Jr. "Hey son, I'm going to bust a UTurn here.  You walk up to the corner and go to work.  It will save me 5 minutes of messing with that traffic at the intersection.  Cool?"
"Sure Dad".
As soon as the car passes in the opposite direction, I bust a U ... right in front of a cop car.
Ohhhhhhh Shhhhhhhiiiiiit.
Before the cop can flick on his light.  Before he can motion me over.  I stop the car right up next to him.  Window to Window.  I roll down.  He rolls down.  I look at him.  He looks at me.  I smile.  Cop smiles.
Cop says: "You know I got you don't you?"
I say: "Yup"
Just then another car does the same thing right behind me.
A white cat in a metallic blue Toyota Camry does the same thing.
Cop says:  "Whoa! Another one.  Hold on".
As the cop motions the other car over, I turn to DV Jr.  "Hey man.  Go on to work.  No need for you to be late."
Little man opens the passenger door and starts walking.
Cop says (with a smile)  "Where you going?"
DV Jr. (with a smile)  "To work".   Little man steps off up the street.

Cop walks around to my window.
Before he can get started.  I tell him Y"eah officer.  My son was a little late to work and my daughter is home alone.  Cable guy just rang the bell. I was trying to save some time to get back.  My bad."
Cop says:  "Let me see your license .... How old is she?"
"She's 10."
Cop says "Hold 1."  He walks up to the white cat in the Camry.
A few minutes go by.  I hear the white boy yelling.  Cop writes him a series of tickets and walks back to my car.
Cop says "OK.  I could give you 5 tickets.  That's a double yellow line you know?  I just gave that guy 3 tickets.  But any man dropping his son at work and rushing to get his daughter can't be too bad."  
He kneels down and says to me ... "pretend like you are signing this paper ..." and hands me a pen.
I take the pen and write an invisible signature in the air above the paper.
"Be careful, we're always sitting here."  He taps me on the shoulder, smiles and steps off. 
Hustle Hard.

These two pictures have nothing to do with the story above. They are held here for safe keeping, in case my friend DV decides to do a blog redesign, removing these pictures.

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