Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Damage Of The Notion That "WE Are In The White House"

I actually saw this video at least a year ago.
I just received it again today from a family member.

This is a perfect specimen to discuss in the context of my review of the book presentation: "Redefining Black Leadership".

THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS of the disposition of the prevailing Black Consciousness in reference to the American Political Machine and the prevailing ideology of Black people - Progressivism.
I AM NOT TALKING POLITICS on this thread.  Go to my sister blog 'Within The Black Community' in order to view the political analysis.

In this blog I talk about how the assumptions that are fused in the Black American psyche about ourselves are used to trigger a response from our people.  We are being conditioned to believe that a POLITICAL STRUGGLE under the auspices of a "Black Development Struggle" is the means through which we as a community will be made to prosper.

So you see - I do not need to make an assessment of political choices (Democrat or Republican and the merits of them) for me to discuss the larger framework of where Black people invest our hopes for salvation.

One does not need to debate the quality of the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Miami Heat, thus choosing sides if his goal is to look at the people who are GAMBLING their money away, based upon their ample debates of why one team is better than the next.   My agenda is to ban their ability to gamble away the discretionary wealth resources that are starving their family interests back at home.

How "WE Are In The White House" Hijacks The Black Consciousness Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"
 This movie is an excellent piece of propaganda. 
In fact it should be "award winning" in its ability to tap into what the author knows about Black people - what we aspire for and what causes up pain, fusing them both together so that the consumer doesn't even realize what he got ensnared into.

  1. Black people understand the history of exploitation of our people in this nation.  From slavery to Jim Crow Apartheid to the racial barriers at the social level that needed to be picked apart as they flew below the radar of what the law could reasonable expect to change
  2. Black people understand that today within our own communities - there is a problem that harms our people, the fortunes and disposition of the Black male being the most acute example of this problem.
    1. Educational Attainment
    2. Incarceration Rates
    3. Gainful Employment
    4. Social / Media Representation of his character
    5. Familial Relationships between the Black woman as well as his children
  3. Black people have a definitive interest in AMERICAN POLITICS.  Despite the claims to the contrary and the associated "conspiracy theories" the Black Voice, through the voting process is secure from all UNREASONABLE threats

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