Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Is The Lack Of Physical Violence Evidence Of Effective "Conflict Resolution"?

If it is true that today a Black person receives oppression to his psyche rather than in physical form as was the case like back in the day - how is it that this "rap instead of fight" ritual a means of edification of our people?

No doubt - I would rather see this rather than a gun fight.
This statement does not resolve the question as to why there is so much hostility between these two (and others)?

There are clearly two educated young men.
They both have highly practiced verbal skills.

I strongly suspect, however, that there is at least one Black female for each of them - their child in hand, desiring that both of them find a more gainful means by which to turn their talents into a good living for the (at least) 3 of them.  (Man, Woman and child).

While this outlet is very lucrative for the exceptional lyricist with a recording contract - the other 99% are forced to rely on more traditional means of making a living.

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