Monday, May 28, 2012

Lady Gaga Cancels Show In Indonesia After Threats From Islamist Hard Liners

Lady Gaga Cancels Indonesian Show After Threats

In this case the "Islamic Hard Liners" should be applauded for the results they achieved, though not for the means by which they achieved them.

It stands to reason that if you have assumed the agency over the aggregate results within your society that it is incumbent upon your position to observe certain threats and prevent them from infecting your people.

How is it that on the one hand people talk about "Cultural Imperialism" as a negative thing, the force in which American culture steam rolls over many other native cultures, yet when the Indonesians are seen blocking a provocateur like Lady Gaga - THEY are seen as "cultural troglodytes" while Lady Gaga is not more thoroughly inspected for what she is selling?

Of course Lady Gaga has a message.  Yes she has an agenda.

To me - more disturbing than the sight of some self-appointed cultural force that has used threats to keep her off of the stage in their nation - are the other nations that have abandoned their obligation to relate the popular culture to larger, productive themes that are needed to be inculcated within the people.

What a thought!!!   Everyone's culture is not for sale to the highest bidder of POPULARITY.

Side Note:  I am working on a post that ponders the cost and consequences for an American "Urban Radio DJ" to refuse to play "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" music that he feels is too degrading to women or Black people.    If a song is #1 with his fans yet the message is over the top, would his refusal to play it in the "Top 5 Count Down" be detrimental to his career or would the artists be forced to change their content?

It seems to me that since it has reached #1 and is generating profits - those who follow have a road map toward success to follow.

Absent some larger consciousness - the genre will gravitate toward the gutter.

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