Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Psychological Analysis Of Transactional Thinking

We Are Firmly In The Era Of "Transactional Foolishness" In Which People's Views On The Transaction At Hand Is Not Based Upon A Firmly Defined Set Of Principles But One In Which Their Opinions Are Made Up As They Go Along

This is not a POLITICAL analysis of the prevailing consciousness that has become firmly entrenched within the Black community. This is a PSYCHOLOGICAL analysis.

It is my view that in the name of "RIGHTS" we have expected the general public to increase their tolerance of an increasing amount of points that have been thrown out into the public.  Many of these same people have no expectation upon the individual to consider how their behavior might impact others - even if their responses are at the instinctive level.

From a societal standpoint - we are watching a slow moving train wreck that is fomenting.  Those who "Make It Up As They Go Along" will soon find that the pile of transactional judgments that they have made over time - has painted them into a corner as the norm that has arisen after their "no-judgement" meme becomes the prevailing order leads to anarchy and chaos.

When you add the 'Black' dimension to Progressive-Fundamentalism it becomes appeased when a WHITE REPUBLICAN is stood up as a hypocrite - worst a "repressed homosexual".   Those who receive appeasement can't see themselves as being in the lead of a society where there are no enemy Republicans and they are forced to define a system that has order and can produce the "organic social justice" that they desire.

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NY Times:  Homophobic?  Maybe You're Gay

The two diagrams below basically say the very same thing:
In the psychosis of some people - their ENEMY has a greater imprint within their consciousness that can trump all that they NEED to be doing to affirm their own worth by building up their institutions that matter.

The only way to more permanently cure this condition of "Transactional Judgment" is to assign a larger goal to the person with such thoughts.

No more seeking praise for advancing the cause of a "special interest" - your challenge is to go to a "green field" and make your societal theories work to lift up an entire set of people to the level that you desire.

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