Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Slave Graves" On I-75 At Cleveland Avenue In Atlanta

AJC: Gone and almost forgotten -- slave graves along I-75

I drive past this site several times a week yet I did not realize that this was a grave yard.

From I-75 - the lower road in the background- you don't get a clear sight of the crosses at the top.  You can only see what looks like a bunch of stone rods sticking up from the ground.

It does not look like a grave yard from that vantage point.
From The Article

Goldberg said the department halted the project after a contractor discovered a few headstones.
A federal court opinion, however, said that an investigation revealed that more than 1,000 people were buried there.
The investigation concluded burials took place for 100 years, but there were few headstones in 1980 to mark the graves, the court opinion said. Thirty-six families were identified as taking up lots, but "the names and descendants of those buried there generally were unknown," the opinion said.

 Based on the old graveyards that I have seen - it is clear that someone has moved these tombstones, placing them in a more exact order than what is likely to occur otherwise.

The state could accommodate the families by creating a drive up entrance onto that plot of land, allowing small groups of family members to visit the grave sites.

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