Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Post Is NOT About Mitt Romney As He Visited West Philly

This is not my political blog.
It is my blog for strategic analytical assessment of the means by which Black people (or any group) can develop themselves.

After this reference to Mitt Romney, for the sake of indexing a factual event - I will not key upon politics.
Republican Mitt Romney traveled to West Philadelphia this past week to visit a charter school run by music mogul Kenny Gambel.   During his photo-op with Black kids as the backdrop Romney pointed to three points that many people did not discuss fully BUT the people in the environment pushed back upon:

In order to produce quality education for children the following are needed:

  • A stable home headed by two parents
  • Disciplined children that would allow education to transpire
  • Acceptance of Economic Reality in regards to both the issue of class sizes and how money for educational services are used to motivate behavior toward effectiveness


These implicit concepts received push back from:
  • A parent in the room who indicated that a "Stable Two Parent Family" is not the norm in this West Philly community.   
  • A teacher who actually has to deal with these poor Black kids protested, noting that none of the teachers at the school believe that having more poor Black kids piled into a single class room would promote a more healthy educational environment
  • The protesters outside of the venue rejected federal educational cuts because they were anti-education - a sign that you don't in fact care about these children.

You are not going to hear any other source providing this angle of analysis of the "Dark Matter Zone" that is present, yet unaddressed in Romeny's visit to this school OR, at the time, Senator Obama who warned America in his "Race Speech" in Philadelphia in 2008, about the dangers of leaving Black kids in these type of schools ALL BY THEMSELVES.  

The point that few people want to talk about is how THE PEOPLE are the key resources in developing THE PEOPLE.

  1. The act of submitting your individual wants and needs into a married partnership, systematically adopting conflict resolution tactics - for the benefit of the consciousness and academic honing of the children that you seek to deliver into the community and the world
  2. The discipline that the children must enter into the room with.  Whereas one child has the power to confiscate academic instruction time from 30 others - your job is to make sure that YOUR CHILD is not the thief of this valuable resource of time
  3. The economics of education is resident IN THE ROOM.   Regardless of one's arguments about "Nationalized Social Justice" or "The marketplace of choice toward excellence" - the only thing that matters is when the door is closed and the teacher must communicate what is in her mind, over into the minds of the young people.   

Issues of teacher pay, class sizes, instructional tools - may indeed be outsourced by agency toward a grater political effort.  At some basic point, however, the definition of COMMUNITY 

The struggle for the people, seeking to live up to a given standard of living must be achieved by transitioning this movement from a consumer/political struggle over to a producer/managerial effort.

By valuing the individual resource in the final outcome the appropriate governance around the development of these resources will be exacted by the adults - who are the managers of these children's academic careers. 

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