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What Track Record Does The "Bible" For Secular Progressivism Have In Creating And Retaining Well Ordered Societies?

Huffington Post - Lee Jefferson - What Does The Bible Actually Say About Gay Marriage?

Lee M. Jefferson teaches courses in religion and humanities at Centre College in Danville, KY. He earned his Ph.D. in religion from Vanderbilt University. His interests include the development of the Christian tradition, the early Christian interpretation of scripture, and art and imagery of Late Antiquity. His most recent research and publications focus on the image of Christ performing miracles in early Christian art.

What does the bible say about "Artificial Insemination"?

Here we have yet another Progressive - a Humanities Professor - who studies the origins of Christianity.

There is no problem in apply academic scrutiny to the Christian tradition or how the bible is an amalgamation of various narratives that appeared over time.   The problem with Lee Jefferson is that - from what I read of his works thus far - his agenda is to disassemble "Christian tradition" and its "MORAL FOUNDATION" so that what was thought to be settled is now opened back up for public debate.

Huffington Post James Peron On "Marriage 'EQUALITY'" 

Notice how they seek authority to their arguments by using the words:

  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Progressive 
  • "The Least Of These"
  • "The Vulnerable Masses"

The best way to confront such a person is to move them from their ability to make TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENTS of a tradition in support of their marginal interests - using the notion of "RIGHTS".

Instead force them to agree that there is value in the societal civility and social structures that were arrived at by adopting these standards - acknowledge the blood that flowed on this societies journey to get to our present place - and then challenge the person to move beyond their special interests and define a construct that has the ability to achieve broader development outcomes beyond the transactional issues that they wish to focus upon.

They will soon find that the imperfect traditions that they seek to attack in the name of "social evolution" are in fact more sound than the secularist alternatives that they seek to promote.

The truth is that the 'Vulnerable Masses" that need certainty, stability and order are the one's who are damaged as their joint venture partners who have the "leisure time" to engage in the matters of the intelligentsia are never forced to return to the petri dish  within which their genetically modified organisms grow.   Any dysfunction that is spawned is made a matter for the expanded central government to provide cover for in the name of "social justice" - thus another logical iteration of their grace upon society is created.

The fact that the bible did not exactly banish an action................
The fact that the bible does make prohibitions against an action.........

IN BOTH CASES we often find that the critic who calls those who look past certain biblical traditions that we do not enforce today (do not eat shell fish) would call those who DO attempt to follow the bible more literally - FUNDAMENTALIST EXTREMISTS.

Those who attack the Evangelical Fundamentalist for claiming that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and thus turn willful blindness to the apparent linkage between Africa and the landmass of South America would say the word "HOMOPHOBE!!!" to the person who makes the observation of the between the end of the human digestive tract versus a females vaginal canal.

The fact that the female's unique orifice SELF-LUBRICATES, indicating that it was "EVOLVED"  to accept its complement in the males penis - while the human anus indeed has a high concentration of never endings that produce SEXUAL stimulation - but a dispassionate analysis indicates that they are placed there to prevent lacerations of this delicate tissue as the host excretes solid waste from its digestive system.


Further as the popular Christian consciousness DOES accept a more selective set of prohibitions in the name of "tolerance" when the door of selective damnation is opened for practice in the real world - they also will be the first to call the church body HYPOCRITICAL.

They have little competency at governing beyond their marginal interests.

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