Friday, June 08, 2012

As The African Assumes "Progression" By Adopting More Western Ways - Cultural Imperialism Will Rain The Next Wave Of Destruction Upon The Motherland

I am forced to compare this video of "Big Brother Africa" with the images that I grew up with regarding the "Unbought / Unsold African SPIRIT" that no colonialist could ever steal out of their consciousness and soul.

 Who dropped the ball?

What happened to the dignity that was supposed to allow our people to not get caught up in such foolishness because GOD made us a "Spiritual People"?

While I have long ago adopted the foundational notion that Black people are "100% Equal Human Beings" - able to produce the GREATNESS that we covet in any other people - it is also true that we possess the negative attributes of these others.

Without some governing principles that tend to promote "DENIAL OF SELF INDULGENCE" - even if it is based off of MAGIC - we will eventually perish based on the fact that we spend most of our time on lateral efforts rather than uplift. 

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