Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Expanded Domain In The Talent Pool

Above is a list of responses to a real world project that I am working on.
I have redacted the key identifying information for confidentiality purposes.  This information is ultimately irrelevant to the point of this post.
Just focus on the country of origin, the pricing and the experience

These are the responses received from an Information Technology related project for a client that I am working with.  It primarily involves web based programming.

Notice a few points of information:

  • Country Of Origin
    • Cameroon, Central Africa - 2
    • Ukraine,  Eastern Europe -1 
    • United States - 2
    • India, Asia - 4
  • Project Quote
    • Low - $3,000 - (India)
    • High $5,600 - (India)
  • Estimated Turn Around Time 
    • One month is reasonable. 
    • Someone claiming 1 day is not credible
  • How Many Previous Jobs / Revenues Are On Your Resume
    • (Note: I don't believe that the revenue numbers are accurate)
    • Someone with zero jobs and $0 can't be trusted without some other documentation to substantiate their qualifications
The main purpose of this post is to make note of how telecommunications has "flattened" the world.  I will likely never personally meet any of these individuals.  95% of the communications will be via e-mail and review of their content via a web browser.

Any country seeking to utilize their human resources by plugging them into the larger world economy, seeking to obtain their share of the transacted revenues would do well to make more of their people apprised of the skills that are in great demand around the world.

A programmer in a poor nation who is able to draw in $5,000 for (what I estimate) what should take a competent programmer about 1 week to complete - including interactions with the customer - is head and shoulders above  the skills that the majority of his fellow country-men can draw.

I will likely reach out and tap more of the local Atlanta users groups that focus upon the product that this bid is based upon.   Based on the proposals that have been received thus far - I am not comfortable that there is a right mix of experience, price and competency to deliver as requested.

This is a new technology platform in which neither I nor the client have mastered.  Having the local presence to guide us through, in this case, is the best option.

Yes I have used contracted resources from India (both Indians who are H1B visa holders in America and those who have been contracted via the various professionals services matching services such as Elance or Linked In)

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