Monday, June 11, 2012

First Annual "Fathers Day Week Watch" On Black Talk Radio

This message is not to taunt the situation in the Black Community in any way.
It is an attempt to project my observations.

For the last few years I have observed that in the week prior to the "Father's Day" celebration in our country the conversations on Black Talk Radio prompt the few times in which transparent and honest conversations on the wounds that exist in our community take place on the subject about the relationship of the male figure head in our loving, familial  relationships.    The Thursday and Friday prior and the Monday following are when the most intense conversations take place.

The dynamics are:

  • The relationship between the Black male and the Black female with a child between them (ie: how the children are often caught up in the relationship problems - as spoken from the vantage point of these two adults toward each other)
  • The relationship between the Black father and his children (ie: as spoken from the vantage point of the father toward his children)
  • The view of the non-resident father from the vantage point of the children (ie: how a sense of abandonment projects itself into other areas of that child who is now an adult (or teen who is acting out)
  • The impact of sexual or physical abuse that stays with the person, impacting later relationships - possibly with the expression of "cyclical abuse" 

To expound upon the situation - The frequent use of Political Conquest in our discourse serves to give our people a "mission" which tends to obscure many of the unmanaged issues that prove damning to our psyche.    The wounds that are "self-inflicted" from within due to the benign neglect that is produced from our external focus are the "dirty laundry" that many would rather not talk about because it is embarrassing.

My view is that since these issues clearly have such devastating impact on so many people's lives, as proven by their own words that are said when they need not put up a front, many of the points that we seek external "respect" for our people via societal governance will never come until we sufficiently mitigate the great amount of disrespect that is generated from within.

This is not an "either/or", mutually exclusive issue.  It is more so an issue of priorities and the need to develop infrastructure for self-governance and protection.

Key Black Talk Radio Stations To Listen Into Over The Internet This Week - For You To See For Yourself

Atlanta -
Charlotte WGIV.

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