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From A White Man's View - If My People Were No Longer Influenced By "The Blacks" - The Great Reversion

The following post is a documentation of my sentiments felt after reading the arguments from "Anonymous" - a White male who reads my content and who observed my posts made in conversation with my "New White Friends" over at the "Stuff Black People Don't Like" blog.

I have control over my "offendability".
In fact I would rather have a "straight up" conversation with people who I have a difference of opinion/perspective with.  (Well except my wife - because then it can get frustrating as I am left thinking on occasion "How is it that women think like this?"   Then when her girl friends from her Caribbean culture come to stay with us and we talk - its like a stereoscopic attack on occasion)

Recall earlier this year when I had a conversation with a police man from Union City Georgia - a few weeks after an "unarmed Black man" was shot by one of his police force associates.   I said at that time that while I understood that this White male who was employed as a police man to patrol a (slightly) majority Black city was clear on his beliefs of what's "right and wrong" that I don't think that I could be a "beer buddy" with him as it was true that our world views were so different.  (Please note - I do not say that this is the case with all White people.  My family has dear friends who are White).

With the White police man - who mind you - kept disengaging from my conversation we where having at the "Subway" shop in the Wal-Mart to say "hello" to various (mostly Black) patrons of Wal-Mart - I felt that his attempt to impose his world view upon a city with a significant number of Black people who's cultural references and values were different than his would lead to the inevitable conflict.

You get no argument from me in saying that the de facto "Black norm" of today is far too uninspired  to serve as a rightful agenda for a people who's primary interest is ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT within their ranks.   At the same time this officer appeared to be an extremist in his own right.  His views of the world had one problem - they needed to be implemented in "The Real World".    AGREED UPON by the society as they bought into the benefit.  Not IMPOSED with an iron fist.

To be clear - the Black community today needs to become more clear on what we are collectively aspiring to and make it more of an ORGANIC STRUGGLE, dispensing with the present "OPPOSITION STRUGGLE".   We see that when the "opposition" moves out of town - the institutions that we have to operate with are not sufficient to develop our people.  It thus becomes easier to "Keep Struggling" at a higher rung of politics - engaging the "White Conservative Enemy" where he now stands.

The posting from "Anonymous" gave me yet another glimpse of the thinking of a "White male conservative" and how he sees Black people.

As I read "Stuff Black People Don't Like" its like a the omnipresent heat from a summertime day in which every square inch of my "Black body" is being attacked by a blast furnace.   "The Ninjas Did It!!!" is the ultimate conclusion of every post.

For a person like me who does not run away from talking about the problems that the present prevailing consciousness that is enforced among our people produces that are ultimately counter to our long term interests the 100% indictment of Black people and the belief that the source of our problems is both genetic and "IQ" based is hard to take.

I choose to resist the normal defensive posture by which people achieve mental pacification by "Pointing Out Members Of 'The Enemy' That Are In The Mud With Us Negroes".  This merely is an attempt to "shut your debate opponent up".   My goal is to get Black people to define standards of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that are in line with our desired "Standards Of Living" and from there - IGNORE any external criticism because - since these standards are in line with the long term goal and are managed as such - the views from the critics are with reference to THEIR OWN STANDARDS and/or OPINIONS.   If your own standards are sufficiently high and the results prove it - it doesn't matter what an outsider says.

Today, however, this defensiveness causes us to ultimately DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE.  To hear Black people debate for short term protection from external criticism behavior or (commercial) speech that is otherwise shameful or degrading is very troubling.   It shows that ultimately the THOUGHTS of this external critic are SUPERIOR to one's own thoughts.  Ultimately the void in that person's belief that he is working within a system that can MAKE HIM EQUAL - if he does all of the right things is what leads to this and other dysfunctional thoughts and actions.  Unfortunately THE SYSTEM IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE.  The network of people who are caught up in that system must change.  From this resolve to change, done so in the context of the properly aligned goals as stated above - the present feeling of inferiority will be displaced by PURPOSE.

Forcing "Anonymous" To Rethink His "White-Centric" Views

Table Cell White People
Black People
Anonymous' View Of The Present Female Specimen Per Today's Negative Influence From "Radiation" From Negroes
This Once Virtuous White Girl With Her "Hat To The Back" Has Been Unduly Infected By "The Negroes"

After The "Negro Element Is Removed" From The Sphere Of Influence Upon The Women They Will Revert To Their Natural State, Per The Genetic Assignments Made By GOD!

All Women Like This Will Wait Until Marriage Before "Giving It Up"
We Won't Need Any Chastity Belts 'The Next Time' 

The De Facto Form Of The Black Woman, Thus Proving That Her Image Is
"Stuff Black People Don't Like", As,
Unlike A Tattoo, There Is No Way To Reverse The "Lip Ring" - Especially After 
You Tire Of Accidentally Biting Your 
Elongated Lips Once The Disc Is Removed
What About The Places Where THERE ARE FEW BLACKS Yet "The Whites" Still Are Misaligned From Anonymous' World View?
 Cal Berkeley Campus

Occupier Writes The Word "Greed" On The American Flag

White College Students Who Resist TODAY Will Likely Resist Anonymous' Attempts To Make The Women Wear Dresses And The Men Carry A Stick No Thicker Than Their Own Thumb To Beat Her With - Just As Was The Case Back In The Day

"The White Man In The Rear Left" Is No Doubt Responsible For Teaching These "Low IQ Africans" How To Drop Their Rituals And Learn Common Sense

Blacks Have The Lowest IQs Of All Races - The Cornerstone Of Anonymous' Beliefs

How Is It That He Explains The Present Predicament With The Nation Of Portugal, For Example? Portugal

Let's assume that his "IQ Theory" is correct.
Make note that there are more people who speak PORTUGUESE that live outside of the nation of Portugal than inside the nation today.

With Portugal as one of the "Once Great" European Empire Nations that is now stagnant in its growth and on the brink of economic collapse - DESPITE its "High IQ White People" there any chance in the world that the riches that once lined the pockets of the nation of Portugal came not just from their "Advanced IQ" but the fact that they had massive colonial holdings in Africa and South America by which these resources were shipped to the mother country?

Mr Kersey Says "White People Don't Owe Black People A DAMNED THING".
I am not arguing the issue of REPARATION or LIABILITY.

We are talking about how "INNATE IQ" - which they argue that White people have as an advantage over 'The Africa' is the reason for their greater stature.

My argument is - Why not compel today's Portuguese, Greeks, Italians, Eastern Europeans and large populations of Whites in America to use their IQ for ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTIVITY?

The Condition Of The People In East Germany / Eastern Bloc During Reunification
The Documentary Movie "Power Trip" details the CONSCIOUS CONDITION of the people of Tbilisi in the nation of Georgia after they lived for decades under Soviet rule.  Residential electricity which was once an ENTITLEMENT became a paid utility in order for the nation to function in a market system.
The film details the antics of an apartment complex full of White people as the world that they had been indoctrinated to believe as "the norm" was changed and they were now expected to pay for what they used.

I AM NOT ARGUING "YOU ARE IN THE MUD TOO".   The point is that otherwise INTELLIGENT people can be made to act irrationally with regard to the realities of the world that has changed around them.

More than the issue of "IQ" - it is a matter of "Self Determination" and the index of their ability to develop an economic system that works for their needs - without external molestation that prevents them from adopting a new CONSCIOUSNESS about themselves, allowing them to rise to the present occasion.

After reading my dear friend Anonymous' post I was brought to the point of having to ACCEPT the INFERIORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE as the necessary condition of agreeing with all that he said.

THIS NEGRO understands that 90% of the "Heaving Lifting" that will set the Black Diaspora is going to have to come from interested parties that seek to obtain a certain desirable end.
It makes more sense to invest time and strategic resources into INSTITUTIONS than into notions of "Reparation" or "Access To Resource Social Justice" as distributed from a central source that itself is a house of cards.

The more time spent on the "Grievance Struggle" the less conscious focus on systems that will produce ORGANIC COMPETENCIES.

In closing, Anonymous - I would LOVE to see you start your project with a select few Progressive-Fundamentalist White females, seeking to convert them to "virtuous women" once again.  I suspect that you will see that long before you successfully "get ride of the Negro bad influence" upon them you will need converge a "Soviet-style" totalitarian state upon them in order to "break them".

I see why SBPDL invests so much time into focusing on "The Blacks".  Just as "Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who focus on "White Conservatives" more than anything else - it seems that both of you understand how tough it is to make change THROUGH your own people when a scape goat works so much more efficiently as you are convinced "IF IT WERE NOT FOR THOSE NINJAS/CONFEDERATES .............."

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