Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pew Report: Asian-Americans More Satisfied With Life

The Pew report, titled “The Rise of Asian Americans,” finds that Asians are the highest-income and best-educated racial group in the U.S. Nearly half (49 percent) of Asian-American adults have a college degree, and they boast a median annual household income of $66,000 (versus the U.S. median of $49,800).
The survey says Asian-Americans are more satisfied than the general public with their lives overall (82 percent vs. 75 percent), their personal finances (51 percent vs. 35 percent) and the general direction of the country (43 percent vs. 21 percent).

Attention All "Racially Depressed People - Model Whatever The Asians Are Doing To Be Happy And Select The Elements That You Can Live With


Anonymous said...

"If you don't mind, I, a humble, non-threatening Black guy - who has supervised White people before and never needed Affirmative Action, having graduated in the "National Honor Society" in a 50/50 white/black school - have a question for you."

A sincere congratulations. Does someone in your position realize how AA hurts you, personally, as much as it does whites? For example, let's say that you had decided to become a surgeon, all on your own competitive merit, without the need for AA. Well, AA is very much implemented in competitive residencies. Knowing this, it is my duty to avoid black doctors to protect the safety of my family, knowing very well that minority doctors are admitted and pushed through med school despite non-competitive grades. Avoiding minority doctors, as long as AA is in place, is a matter of survival, not money. This extends to trusting in the services of black firemen, policemen, engineers, and anyone else that may have a significant bearing on the well being of me as an individual or the community at large. These necessary assumptions hurt blacks who do have the necessary intelligence to compete.

However, although I'll take your word for it, I've heard the negation of AA benefits, before, from intelligent blacks, only to learn that they fully intended to use it to their disproportionate benefit in the future. In upper level professions, the advantage that AA confers leads to millions of dollars difference in lifetime earnings between themselves and similarly or more competitive whites, many of whom also come from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds.

"(As if I need to guess, but) I am trying to figure out which of these two attributes are more disturbing to your soul:

* Liberalism - as suffered from White people

* Blackness - regardless of the ideology?"

The whites are more disturbing. They are akin to an immune system that attacks the body that they were born to protect and help flourish.

There is nothing wrong with black skin, only the average group dysfunction and behavioral statistics. Of course, no matter how blacks behave or are able to mimic/embody European standards of social behavior/values, I still see value in both the white phenotype as well as likely/experienced differences in thought patterns, emotional patterns, and interpersonal dynamics between whites and blacks. I don't see them as better, but just as valuable. Therefore, I champion the right of survival of the indigenous European phenotype and genotype, even if blacks are able to seamlessly integrate, in a cultural and behavioral sense, in the future. However, my knowledge and experience dictates that this integration is unlikely. The average IQ difference alone dictates this. Impulse control and values systems are, in part, shaped by this IQ difference. I believe that blacks have the right to behave as they wish, and prioritize values as they wish, only in a place where these values and this behavior does not affect the values and safety of white society. My experience with blacks comes from living amongst millions of blacks over a lifetime, as well as dating blacks an observing their emotional and interpersonal tendencies both with myself and their families.

Anonymous said...

The above two posts are reversed in order. I have quite a large response, and the system is giving me trouble by replacing posts completely with later posts. While most of my response isn't necessary to read in order, know that "comment 2" is the beginning. This should be "comment 3" unless it replaces comment 2 upon posting it...

Anonymous said...

"It seems that they HATE YOUR GUTS."

This is true. However, you may be surprised to learn that I was once a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. I know how they think, and at one time conservative thought was alien to me. I thought conservatives there the dumbest, most selfish, uneducated, backwards thinking blind idiots on planet earth. I thought that the entire world was sane except for approximately one-half of this country, which was certifiably bat-shit crazy. I couldn't conceive of the world-view of conservatives. However, I felt oppressed. This is important. I didn't know how the oppression worked, but I knew that I was facing a monolithic force that did not have my interests at heart. I assumed that this force was the evil conservatives. Then, one day, I had an epiphany and figured out "the problem". It's the same problem that you must figure out. That problem is "What is the taproot of political power?" To arrive at the answer, ask: "What is political power"? Once I discovered this, politics became clear. I became an instant social conservative. Immediately, the curtain over the nature of the monolith fell. The real, true politics in this country are accomplished in the social sphere. Everything else is lip service. Economics are almost politically meaningless, and fall into place as a result of changes in the social sphere. Economics can, and do, change with the current needs of the society. Without figuring out the social solution, economic policy is pointless to discuss. These DWL's are the result of a massive decades long propaganda/ psy-ops campaign. Their very unnatural existence is proof that they are the focus of the monolith. The irony (and deliciously Machiavellian significance) is that they believe that their politics are most conducive to fighting the NWO, "the man", or whatever a particular group refers to "them" as. However, they are the force moving the monoliths interests, rooted in complete political dis-empowerment of the populace (white, black, brown and yellow), forward. Once you figure out the problem, the reason for this will become clear.

"I am trying to understand the long running gun battle between "The White Progressive Cheshire Fox" and the "White Conservative Wolf"."

I understand your confusion. It's not easy to understand, even for the wolves and the foxes. What you must have is the perspective that the foxes are a relatively new phenomenon, present in significant numbers only in the last 65 or so years, with controlled breeding, in earnest, beginning about 110 to 130 years ago with the advent of communist idealism being fed to the masses. Before this time, DWL ideals existed, but almost solely as an explicit weapon wielded by self-interested groups against the interests of larger or more powerful groups. In other words, by individuals in smaller groups who would be internally conservative, within their group (to foster political power), and externally liberal in influence (to weaken community and social bonds of foreign groups). It was a rare phenomenon that an actual Fox was bred in the midst of the larger group, as group self-interest was until then a very natural, self-explanatory necessity for group survival and advancement. It just didn't occur to individuals to champion other groups at the expense of their own. Part of this was due to the more "close to the bone" survivalist, competitive nature of existence. It was obvious that you needed other people to survive and thrive, and those people were always your family, and by extension your greater ethno-racial group.

Anonymous said...

"I have already predicted that indeed after they truly do lose their "White Privilege" due to the numbers game and the attack that the Progressive Fundamentalist Multi-Special Interest Machine goes on an all out war on White (Classical) European Cultural Mores and Norms that their THEORIES going in to this phase will not live up to the actual and INDEED they will eventually re-encamp with you good "Conservative White Folks" as you continue your ideological shoot out on your own."

Agreed. Survival is the mother of necessity.


True, and not true. True in that those people will always be a potential threat, and false in that, without destructive Negros, they are without a weapon to do any real damage, no matter what their politics. You have to realize that cultural and behavioral tendencies is largely a product of IQ, absent real sociopathology, and so DWL's, while completely naive and brainwashed, will largely revert to conservative standards of behavior in terms of family values) in society, on group average. Absent black liberal behavioral/cultural influence, our white girls would largely revert to conservative values in practice, although they may still preach the merits of a bleeding heart. This bleeding heart is a biological impulse meant to benefit our children, and is completely misappropriated by the liberal machine to benefit those "victims" outside of our group. However, the drug addicts and whores, while they will always exist, will again only exist mostly at the very bottom of the bell curve and socioeconomic scale, once we are free of the cultural and behavioral influence of foreign groups.

Anonymous said...

"In my OBSERVATIONS of you "Kind Conservative White Folks" - who "Watch Black Folks" - you can't bring yourselves to understand the nuances of what is going on."

Conceded. Although, just as the various lesser factions in white politics don't matter to you as much as the politically STRONGEST faction does, that effects your lives for better or worse, we don't necessarily care about the weak factions. Furthermore, we see a clear, largely homogenous pattern of black behavior and values that are antithetical to our interests. There is no significant black counter movement to the rank individualism, and it's repellant emphasis on cheap status, violence, sex, and other values that serve to completely debase and erode culture and society. Blacks have failed to create a single social movement, other than perhaps NOS, that serves to create conservative, and therefore effective, social cohesiveness that will allow blacks to not only become self-determinate, but effectively and positively shape the behavior of your communities and group at large. The failure is so evident, widespread, and continuous, that most of us have concluded that you actually lack this ability, innately. Whether this is true or not, we don't care anymore. We are tired of waiting, suffering at the hands of, and giving to the endless black-hole. The rest of us are tired of seeing low IQ black women, who lack the ability to speak with proper grammar, drive Lexus SUV's around the ghetto, due to their AA acquired government management positions, while we are forced to break our backs and barely feed our families in the private sector, driving cars that we can barely afford to keep running. Even still, our neighborhoods are eminently more livable and safe, due to no other reason than our civic behavior, but we get pushed out when the AA queens decide that they are too good for the previous white, now black, neighborhood that she moved into and helped to ruin with her thug crime-prone kids. Once again, we are forced to finance our own relocation. Once again, blacks move in, ruin the neighborhood with crime and civic laziness, and they eventually repeat the cycle of looking for the next vulnerable white neighborhood. This is years of experience talking, living in a very large metropolis, on the edge of poor black neighborhoods that used to be poor but perfectly safe and clean white neighborhoods.

"Among Black people, as among AMERICANS AS A WHOLE - the break down of DIGNITY and the rejection of "Social Welfare" is at the root of the problem. NOT some intrinsic character related to Black people.""

We see black culture as central to that breakdown in dignity and rejection of social welfare. Such breakdowns don't exist in mono-racial white societies.

I hope this was informative, and not too offensive. I really did do it to try and improve your understanding, and not to attack. Most of all because I respect your intelligence, and find it important that intelligent and interested blacks understand. I spent about two hours writing to this end. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Typo correction: in one of my above posts, I referred to "Nation of Islam" as "NOS", when it should have been, obviously, "NOI"...

PS. While you certainly took away that I believe that the average black IQ is responsible for much of the continuous racial strife, as well as black suffering in general, in this country, I hope that the greater message that you take away is one of black community and family social conservatism. This is the only element that can ever possibly overcome your, and by extension our, problems.

Constructive Feedback said...


I have printed out your arguments, read them. I will respond once I have a chance to sit down and focus on a coherent response.

Thanks for your honest assessment.