Monday, June 04, 2012

The Prioritization Of "Black Unity" Over Other Governance Themes Is A Threat To The Effective Governance Of The Black Community

I am presently listening to (and recording) WVON AM in Chicago.
The show host and guest are talking about "Unity Within The Black Community".

The guest talked about the history of "unity" in struggling for our civil rights.
The guest talked about the history of "unity" in getting Black elected officials in office.

Then the guest said that we need "unity" to come together to address the violence that is taking place WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

It is my assessment, from my active observations of the "gravitational forces" that keep the Black community going - despite having so many of our "Permanent Interests" having been violated that the drive for UNITY is the main culprit at suppressing challenges to the establishment authority.  (That which I call "The Black Racial Services Machine").

The only outcome that this "Congregational Unity" movement is that an "Establishment Power Protection Racket" is effected.

The twin brother of this effect is the need for an external boogie man to be stood up as the superior threat that acts as the consequence to our discord.   Regardless of the number of dead Black bodies that show up in Chicago and other "Mission Accomplished Cities"- the balance of the threat put forth by the "Unifiers" will be put upon the external threat.

When this external threat kills Black people - a SUPERIOR attack has been transacted upon Black people.

Even when the ratio exceeds one's own credibility for rational consideration - it is this SUPERIOR EXTERNAL attack that is used to unify Black people - in the name of "racial tribalism".

Effective Governance Through Institutional Transparency Is SUPERIOR To "Congregational Unity"

The most frustrating point to me is to listen to a person's argument where he stops short of a logical conclusion, mostly because he is at the foot of the large statue that he is trying to protect.

The show is now back from the commercial break in which the host is now demanding SOLUTIONS!!
"We know how we got there", he said.
I assure you that in their demand for "solutions" will cancel out this "constructive feedback" that provides a challenge to the status quo that they are seeking to coalesce around.

Absent transparent governance in which the two key measuring tools of:

  • TIME
  • The Y-Axis Rise That You Are Seeking To Index
    • IE: The Increase In Education
    • IE: The Reduction In Crime
IF the "Establishment Machine" AND every Adult Equal Human Being in the community is not measured with these tools - the only thing that we have is a Struggle that is ripe for exploitation.

The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is the overlay that comes in and exploits this bit of unconsciousness in which people are desperate for a savior.   They channel their grievances into their team and receive a temporary analgesic as to the pain that has never gone away.
Chicago and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" are examples of were this drug's effects are now wearing off and they are challenged to deal with the soft-tissue injury that was never repaired.

The Disconnected Beings Out Of Slavery

The present guest is noting how we as Africans had our legacy stolen from us and thus we are unmoored. 

I maintain that such references toward slavery promotes the reparation grievances associated with this troubling period while not producing ONE IOTA of connection to our African Ancestors IF the adoption of their ways would force us to turn away from any of the accouterments of this present culture IF it ran counter to a popular progressive struggle at hand (ie: Violent/Sex Laced Music, Gay Marriage,  Outsourced Health Care and Educational Services).

I am not inclined to accept a "unity movement" that does not focus in an immutable way upon GOVERNANCE, using well established management constructs that will remove the "Embedded Confidence Man" effect.

I at at a point of understanding of the tethers placed upon people to say that both "Jesus" and "the politician promising COMMUNITY SALVATION" can never be allowed to promise to span a gap that is not physically possible.

My faith in Jesus tells me that any group that is serious in developing itself must first adopt the disciplines that established frameworks such as Christianity already has in place.  The effective governance as such can lead you 95% of the way.   It is the 5% gap that remain that can be spanned by FAITH in sight unseen.

When that gap is 25% - however - many Negroes will die as they fall far short of the other side of the canyon after they ran as fast as they could to span the breach.

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